Most Beautiful Women 2017: Priyanka Chopra trumps Angelina Jolie, Emma Stone and Emma Watson

Priyanka Chopra makes it to Buzznet's of Top 30 World's Most Beautiful Women of 2017.
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Priyanka Chopra's global domination knows no bounds. The actor who became a worldwide phenomenon when she starred as Alex Parrish in ABC's show Quantico has been making India proud and how!

Recently, Buzznet honoured Priyanka Chopra amongst the Top 30 World's Most Beautiful Women of 2017. Priyanka was bestowed with the second position with the top rank being clinched by Beyonce. Priyanka herself believes that Beyonce deserved the first position. 

She tweeted, "Thank u @BUZZNET and all who voted. @Beyonce is my number 1 too!!" 
Priyanka trumped the likes of major Hollywood beauties like Angelina Jolie, Emma Stone, Emma Watson, Margot Robbie, Blake Lively, Alicia Vikander amongst others. Supermodel Gigi Hadid, as well as Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton, made it to the list too. 
Priyanka will soon be making her much awaited Hollywood debut with Baywatch. Directed by Seth Gordon, the movie stars Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron, Alexandra Daddario, Kelly Rohrbach and Jon Bass. The movie is the remake of the hit TV show Baywatch which starred the likes of David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson who will both have special cameos in the movie. The movie is slated to release on May 26, 2017 in the US. 
The cast kickstarted the first leg of promotions last week when they all appeared on CinemaCon 2017 much to the delight of their fans. By the looks of the pictures shared by the cast, PeeCee is surely bonding very well with her co-stars especially The Rock and Zac Efron. 
Priyanka will mostly start shooting for Quantico's season 3 from mid-July or August. 
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In USA the most beautiful is not giving the same importance as in India ! The actors performance in the movie,is what is giving respect and awards!

wow pc

I bet you its the same hater commenting again and again coz everyone else loves Priyanka

very beautiful one and only peeccee

I dont understand the reason behind all this hate. why do you guys hate her so much

no except 2 or 3 hater no one hate priyanka. she is so beautiful .well deserved

2 minutes silence for all the haters who are jobless and only know how to post hate comments

lol you bunch of losers keep posting hate comments because that's all you know. She knows how to slay and she ll keep slaying

seriously people why so much hate for priyanka. Shame on y'all being Indians can't support your own Indian girl who is making herself and her India proud everywhere.

people love priyanka so much

priyanka chopra is the world most beautiful women i agree, but kat is also very beautiful and sexy

Priyanka is so beautiful.

The most racist voting ever !

True. Whites are full of guilt and non whites are ganging up on them.

Priyanka was in People's Most Beautiful last year and now this! awesome!

priyanka is stunning! congrats to her!

All my friends are new Priyanka fans and they are obsessed with how beautiful she is so I'm not surprised got 2nd in this US poll

they forgot about me
-aishwarya rai

aishwariya is not beautiful now i think rani is far away better then aish , and priyanka chopra is really beautiful

Aish has won 1000s n lakhs of polls for her beauty which actually have credibility....she doesn't need validation from this bogus buzz whatever net !!!!

nobody remembers Aish anymore

Ofcourse U do....dats why d desperate need to mention her in comments n get some attention to ur employer PC !!!

You just cannot stand the glare of limelight on PC. The votes totaled 7 million. It is a legit site btw.

my amazing body and face are still everything!
-aishwarya rai

She sooo gorgeous love her sooo much

You call this beautiful... then god save the definition.

Jealous much?

My baby rocks l love her

SRK is such a sweetheart. He buys her everything she wants.....muuuaahhh ;-)

Awww, don't worry someday vin uncle will also buy some for your deepika...muuuaahhh ;-)

Awww, no better idea than this LAME comment ten times a day? New record pls Priyanka!

says the person that stalks and spams Priyanka's topics 24/7

pc is amazing beauty

Well deserved.....

Amazing Queen pri

Proud of PC

She deserves every bit of it. I feel so proud to see her doing so well. People like Satya Nadella, Indra Nooyi, Pichai and others make the Indian community so proud.

Priyanka just keep getting bigger and better.  She truly deserves every bit of the glory she is getting. 


congrats! this is awesome.

Priyanka is beautiful and doing to well globally. it makes me so proud seeing her.

God, stop it finally! In every topic more than the half your boring comments! Desperate and insecure!

nothing wrong with appreciating someone

very curious..i would say pc is not even number 2 in bollywood so the credit for her making this list goes to her fans. i was looking at some of the lesser known women on this list and they were STUNNING but Scarlett Johansson, amber heard, charlize theron, jennifer lawrence, jessica alba, penelope cruz, marion cottilard, amy adams, olivia wilde, gong li, halle berry were not even ON the list!

7 million people were asked and Priyanka came in2nd! Amazing !

These are the same people who voted for Obama.

And people truly loved Obama just like we love our Priyanka

People didn't love Obama, its just they were not allowed to criticize him and his no policies. It was the most racist election.

Looool, always the desperate comments and replies by this poor one and only Priyanka fan.

More power to you Priyanka!

No matter how much she achieves, haters gonna hate. It's almost like each time some dissed her, she rose and showed them how much she can go.
Way to go, girl!

to much beauty pc

yar yeh tu bahot sunder hai.

U deserve pc god bless u

she is opular just because of her looks

priyanka is a very beautiful i accept it but another indians actress like alia . katrina .jecquline. kareena is also beautiful .these actresses are should be included in that list.

I saw Hillary clinton as well on that list...What kind of retarded list is that...

Total bogus need to bother about this bogus list

Beauty is body related ? How non-progressive!

Hilary, Michelle and Priyanka------- just great. Sweetie no one cares, no one heard of such posters, or polling. keep it yourself.

No one cares yet to came here to read and comment. Ouch!

get a life.

yes she is so sweet. and don't worry nothing could be change now. and your dp is not here

Now thats called global domination!!... wonder why so many thumbs down on PV... u guys should be proud that an Indian is number 2 on that list!!... and definitely no other Indian woman can reach that high in the coming years
except PC so be proud of her!!

The people that are clicking the thumbs down are fans of Aishwarya who are jealous that she never made it big in Hollywood and is currently a has-been.

Such a joke lol

Joke is Deepika making baby plans with Vin.

yes if dp name included in that list that it must be a joke. but here is a second most beautiful women. she is a beautiful because she looks beautiful

Ummm no

Chill girl! You are taking yourself too seriously. No one actually care about these things!

you dont care about her but her millions fans care about her. the world is care about her. her beauty and talent has been spread every where

you are right only her fans care about such bogus awards. Whoever heard about buzz net? today hollywood will shy away from calling anyone the most beautiful, only her 'Fans' care

Just because you don't know Buzznet, don't assume everyone does not know, pinhead. Buzznet has been around the block for years, it was owned by SpinMedia now by Hive Media. I used to think it has just a music focus but now it seems to be branching out to all things media.

Wtf hell no.

Priyanka > Margot Robbie??? LMAO.

In the world she is No. 1 most beautiful but I will not argue. No. 2 is fine.

If surgery is all it takes to be the most beautiful, then yeah of course!

Hi Deepika! Didn't you go to the same clinic?

No, I didn't. coz i don't need to.

pc is a gorgeous its true but after that dP IS A BEAUTIFUL BOTH ARE MY FAVROITS

Another paid list by SRK to help his sweetheart cope with her low self esteem !!

ok aunty hater srk is your family problem . just look from srk to harshwardhan everyone want her.she is like a magic masala. please don't be stress lets dance with me on who is the hottest girl in the world my desi girl my desi girl

pc is a super gorgeous . yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy love you pc

priyanka chopra is onre of the most beautiful women ever . i like shardha also

Indeed the most beautiful woman in the world


she is very beautiful .

beautiful priyanka

Slay bae slay

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