Throwback Video: When Shraddha Kapoor and Farhan Akhtar got cozy at a party

At a party held for Rock On 2, rumoured couple Shraddha Kapoor and Farhan Akhtar were spotted getting cozy.
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Farhan Akhtar and Shraddha Kapoor's relationship status has been the talk of the town for the longest time. Neither parties have either denied or accepted the dating rumours. The rumours about the two became rife when they started shooting for their movie Rock On 2 which tanked at the box-office. 

Shraddha was even spotted last night at Farhan's residence and was seen leaving in her car by the shutterbugs. 

While the two are still mum about their private life, we came across a video of the two that may just prove that they are more than just friends. 

The video which is shared on a social media platform is from a party held for their movie Rock On 2. You can see Shraddha near the balcony of the building with Farhan later joining her. The two indulge in a candid banter and later Farhan is seen hugging and holding Shraddha close to him. 

Watch the video below:

If the rumours are indeed true, they surely make for a cute couple!

Meanwhile, there were also reports of a fallout between Farhan and Aditya Roy Kapur over Shraddha at an event recently. Aditya and Shraddha reportedly dated during their Aashiqui 2 days. When things got tense between both the actors, Shraddha had to come in between to intervene. 

But, a source close to Aditya told us, "Farhan and Aditya haven't met each other in ages so how can there be a reason for a fallout. There is no truth to these rumours." 

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On the outside, most stars in Bollywood look perfect. But on the inside especially at these parties, there's a bunch of drinking, smoking, drugs etc.

Their choice to keep it within their circle. Their adults. I think smoking is a very nasty habit and it makes people smell funny but it is her choice. We need to remember that these people are fabricated/ Manufactured by their PR companies. We don't know the real them and never will, so those sweet, funny, witty, charming, adorable, sexy, handsome, cute etc. The candy floss we see are just to fool our eyes they are humans just like the rest of us. And if these crazy STANS would understand that there would be less wars and they would stop treating them like they're gods

My farhan, you are mentally da sick my buoyy. Why r u with shraddha? You can do so much better!!

feel so sorry for bollywood kids...imagine seeing your father with a young woman like this...

double faced people like them wont ever face success!!!

lol at the people still in denial!!! everyone in the industry knows they're a couple!!!! face the facts!!! and yes she smokes, just like many others!!!!

They dont even make a bad couple!! Why dont they just accept their relationship in public. Public hate liars more than honest people, proof is outspoken Kanagna!!!

they r just hugging.

So what she smokes. It is her choice!

somehow this has dropped from the top story to disappearing from the main page! i detect some real under handling here!! PV POST!

All the time I was waiting for a passionate hug and got this.

shallow world behind the glam exterior, affairs are rampant and lust is everywhere. She puts across and angelic image which is why seieng her smoke is a let down. Smoke then smoke openly kike Sushmita did . Farhan- have lost respect for him. Seems such a dark world behind the glitz, fake and glittery...She is Shakti kapoor daughter after all and he ain't much of a role model by any standard!

farhan right now is not dating anyone this is their pr drama she and adtiya are in a relationship till date.But they have already milked it so this one day news will come she and farhan have broken up exes gettting close.

A white lie farhan right now is not dating anyone this is their pr drama she and adtiya are in a relationship till date.But they have already milked it so this one day news will come she and farhan have broken up exes gettting close.

A white lie farhan right now is not dating anyone this is their pr drama she and adtiya are in a relationship till date.

1- Rock on success party??? 2- this is super creepy. 3- who cares is she smokes? Every second actor smokes/drinks/does coke etc.

we are her fans and we will always stand by her side no matter what. You haters can write whatever you want to. shraddha is slaying

so what she smokes its not a big deal and its common in bollywood

she smokes and is dating farhan akhtar and you all hate her for that. Salman khan killed people abused and assaulted aishwarya and the list goes on and on but still people love him like he is god.

lol you all haters need a life even alia smokes and she is younger than her

I want to say ..... guys, remember there were blinds that Shreddha is very jealous of Alia's popularity and asks PR team to run more rumors about her? Do you remember so many Shraddha covers? Relations between Farhan and Shraddha did not begin yesterday or today, but why did they become so active just now? If earlier Shraddha (or Shakti) stubbornly denied the rumors of their romance, now they seem to promote him. Shraddha and her PR thinks that if this news is made public, will it immediately become more popular than Alia? I just do not understand the meaning of all this. Everyone has long known that Shraddha and Farhan lovers, why prove it again and again? And is Aditya still interested in Sraddha? Is Farhan jealous? It reminds me very much of the love triangle Varun = Alia - Sid, Varun and Sid quarreled because Sid is jealous of her to Varun. Sraddha PR seems to be copying news from the PR team Alia (or Sid) only my comment is ignored? Pinkovillа in his repertoire, so biased (

All the famous and rich bachelors are seeking Hindu girls then who will marry Muslim girls. Ladies , drop your burqas and get your share of pie. The world has changed.

What's the big deal. Farhan had separated from his wife before his fling with Shraddha started, he was rumored to be dating Aditi Rao and later Kalki... I don't find their relationship scandalous, other than the age difference.

In fact, Farhan divorce With his wife only from behind Sraddha, like Alitya because of Rani. About Kalki and Aditi there were only short-lived rumors, while conversations about a affair between Shraddha and Farhan become stronger day by day

Ofcourse if she wants to smoke she can.. dont worry cancer is not sexist!!

Arjun and Mehr, do wear seat belts next time and I hope Arjun was not drunk while driving.

Everyone here bashing her because she was smoking but if the case would be about a male actor caught smoking no one will say anything. What a sexist and unfair way of thinking. If she smokes or not is non of our bussiness. No matter what media does I will always be a Shraddha fan. We know she is not an angel but a beautiful human being.
Best of luck with your upcoming movies, Shraddha!

I dont get the hype around her smoking! more than 70% of the media (TV/Movie stars/production crew/directors/PR/etc) smoke in the industry. Im not promoting it but its the fact of life. Most actresses also smoke to supress hunger. As for Farhan and Shraddha, I dont get the hype and criticism either. Their age gap is 13 years which is now recently a pretty common trend in Bollywood with Kareena/Saif; Mira/Shahid; Iulia/Salman and has been so common in Hollywood so who cares!! its not like she is 20 and he is 50.

Sharddha looks 19 year old but actually she is 35 years old. She was my sister's class fellow in 5th standard.

Eh? This is 2017... Not 1987. Do all commentators here live in villages?? Many many many women across ages, professions smoke in urban India. Often people are occassional smokers where they smoke 1 or 2 over weekends while drinking. What in the world is there to be shocked or even surprised about?

The problem is actually everyone who puts women or actresses on pedestals in the first place. No one is perfect... not sure why everyone thought Shraddha was an "angel" to begin with. This is why I admire someone like Kangana who is unapologetically herself.

Wat rubbish? "unapologetically herself" Give me a break! Everything about Kangu from her salary to her age to her "affairs" to her poor background is a LIE. She is just tries to take digs at successful persons to come in news like Rakhi Sawant.

Kangana is one of the few actresses in Bollywood who are brutally honest. Calm down,KJo.

So you guys are saying that if they admit they are together then they will be no criticism against them?people judge you irrespective of whatever you do,so y bother?

What do u expect from shakti Kapoor's daughter?

Lol!! This video proves nothing. She is just there standing near the balcony talking to Farhan. I didn't see a wrong behaviour. And if she wants to smoke that's her choice, is't it? People is always judging other's people lives.
As a die hard Shraddha Kapoor fan this will never change the opinion I have of her both as a great actress and as the lovely and kind woman she is. Her fans will always support her so stop trying to bring her down because she has more than 15 million people having her back.
Stay strong, Shraddhie!!

It is so clear from the video that Farhan is hugging and kissing her. Shraddha's fans need to get their eyes checked hehe..Stay strong Shraddhie, like she is weak, she is an opportunist, Shakti thought her well.. He did same thing to young girls, now people like Farhan are taking advantage of his daughter. what goes around comes around . She is not a baby although she behaves like one, she is a 30 year old woman.

oops alia fan spotted

Farnhan is on vengeance for getting dumped..shraddha needs to be careful.

she smokes too

Can't wait for Shakti's reaction. Gonna be lolwa

Wow. And this is exactly why actors and actresses should not try so hard to appear all perfect. One day the image unravels and it does more damage. Just be yourselves, smoke, drink, date who you want who cares. No one cares that much, as long as you do your job on screen properly.

She smokes???? Omg my god, I'm not even a fan and I'm shocked

Woahhh. All those blinds! Proof they're not all rubbish

Shraddha farhan just admit you're together and move on. It's because you act all guilty people say bad things about you

For years shraddha fans would only ever point the finger at Alia...and boast about 'angelic' see. Don't judge people ever, karma is a bitch

lol what karma are you talking about. Not even a single guy in this industry is attracted towards alia. varun is in a relationship with natasha, sid has always acted disinterested in her. Look at shraddha she is so pretty that even married men like farhan is attracted towards her adi was in a relationship with her and varun had a crush on her when they were kids and even tiger was attracted towards her

Shakti is not going to be a happy man . Proof all the blind items about these 2 are true. Shradda's not the innocent she looks like , Farhan's girls must be very proud of their daddy.

Mr. Shakti Kapoor has starred in far more shady and sleazy videos in real life. Why should the apple fall far from the tree, and why should the rules be different just because it's his daughter this time?

Farhan wasmts Shraffha only for one thing and that is obvious. I must say Farhan has finally goof taste in women.

This is real side of Bollywood

Men like younger girls if their previous relationship was with an old woman

if you don't want to have troubles after troubles stay far away from the rampal couple.

you are absolutely correct, I have heard really bad things about Arjun R, apparently he provides all the drugs to bollywood, it is the truth, PV please post.

Wasnt Rock On 2 a flop? This looks like a failure party to me.

This is a disaster for Shraddha and Farhan. Shameless couple.

Lol biggest joke is they call it rock on 2 'success' party..the movie was as flop as shraddha

angels image ruined.

Her team will delete the video soon.

Lol, 4 kisses on the nape of her neck. Farhan, serving in 4 brings bad luck, don't you know that?

Funny how an actress who had the most loyal fans and the best like to dislike ratio on this site gets her reputation tarnished so quickly. She is a good person, an amazing singer, a humble being, and someone to look up to.
This stuff will all be silenced once she shows how good she is at acting with half girlfriend and haseena.

can't understand nor believe Shraddha the most innocent girl does this :( I fel betrayed. She is a big liar

Fake news, don't invade her privacy

Seriously, she isn't smoking, and. Even if she does, it's. Her life. Don't invade HER privacy. All I know is that she is a great person, and I shall stand by her in this fake news

You have two daughters who look up to you Farhan. Behave your age please.

I didn't know she smokes. I think that's why she can't sing properly

all actresses do, to lose weight i guess

Nearly all the actresses smoke , they are very careful not to do it in public nor do they let you write about it .

Yeah, many actresses smoke but for someone who was promoted as a good singer ( though in reality she hardly can sing) smoking is not good. Actually smoking is not a crime not matter man or woman, it's just a bad habit, the problem is Shraddha's PR created an angelic image for her, you know " too good to be true" kind of image which was ruined by this video. It proves that she is no better than other girls who can drink, smoke, cheat, have affair with married man etc

OH Gohar please take your shalow minded hate somewhere else!!! Aditya is STILL crazy about her so is Frahan!

I think the singing star bit for Shraddha was promoted because of the Kholapuri relationship to the Mangeshkar sisters . Yes, smoking or not ,her singing is atrocious :) . Professional singers typically are very careful about their diet & avoid certain food like ice creams. My only point was most actresses & star wives , even those from the much older generations too - from Meena Kumari , Rakhee, Tanuja (who is a chain smoker ) smoke . As you said , Shraddha has this Lil Bo Peep vibe , I guess that's why people are shocked at the smoking & what's more serious - her contribution to the demise of Farhan Akhtar 's 18 year marriage.

hawww hwat will shraddha- that sweet girl who is always innocent say to this?

Both are broke and sore losers... LOL

Always knew it! LOL!

Hahaha.. Is it her own PR or someone trying to tarnish her name? But so stupid of her to smoke & drink near the balcony

Wow this reminds me of heroine movie. Pleas settle the matters and don't wash your dirty linen in public. Farhan you have two daughters who will look up to you. Keep that in mind

Wow this reminds me of heroine movie.

youre so right!


Awwwww! So cute!

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