Parineeti Chopra on her singing debut: I have gone through heartbreak; helped me understand the lyrics

Parineeti Chopra admits that it was a heartbreak that made her understand the music and the lyrics of Meri Pyaari Bindu's Maana Ke Hum Yaar Nahin.
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Parineeti Chopra has grabbed our attention with her soulful voice she has given to  Meri Pyaari Bindu's Maana Ke Hum Yaar Nahin. The song has also become a rage on YouTube and people have been appreciating her for her singing debut. 
In an interview with a daily, she was asked about how different was it from actors like Alia Bhatt and Shraddha Kapoor who have been also singing for their Bollywood projects. Responding to it, she said, "I swear I didn’t even think of all these things. I am so obsessed with music in life. When I was at that recording studio behind that mic, I was just thinking about me singing. And I just wanted to sing as technically sound as it could be. I didn’t want any autotune. What you hear in the song is my take. Nothing has been ‘fixed’. And I’m proud of the fact that it wasn’t required because I have learned music. Using autotune would have been a slap on my music education."
She also opened up on the fact that it was a heartbreak she through that helped her understand the music and lyrics of Maana Ke Hum Yaar Nahin. Parineeti said, "I have gone through a heartbreak and that really helped me understand the lyrics. I was emotional during the shoot of the video as well as during the singing of the song because it resonates when you’ve gone through pain or any kind of lows in life. Even professionally, I have been through a low, it reminds you of all those times and brings in a lump in your throat. It was hard for me, but it has made me a stronger person today."
As she has been trained in music, but what took her that long? Talking about it, she said, "It’s a professional thing. So you have to go about it professionally. We have to decide on a song and then, record it. No such opportunity really came my way. But when Bindu came and we thought of this song, especially when we were doing it for this announcement video a year ago. We decided back then itself that I would sing the song. We waited for a year to record it and that was it. I’m glad that it’s the perfect song at the perfect time for the perfect character in the perfect film and it has happened."
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@Pari-I totally loved this song and firmly believe this is your comeback.I wish for your rise henceforth.

Glad she cleared the air about no autotune, Sachin-Jigar also said this and said she finsihed in 2 takes cos she's trained in hindustani classical but people prefer not to read before jumping to cynical conclusions

There is no "no autotune". It is about "how much autotune". Autotune is used even for well renowned and big singers, in whose case it is used for slight corrections.

The point is that most actor/actress - turned singers can ONLY sing the song in tune with autotune. She doesnt need it. The music industry isnt happy because these actors have started taking their jobs, which would be fair enough if these actors were good at it. Since Parineeti is now the nth actor to sing, she's getting the brunt of the abuse when she's the only one who is actually trained and qualified to sing. People don't do their research so are directing their abuse at her instead of Shraddha/Alia/Sonakshi and the potential new besura actor-turned singers Salman/Nimrat/Kiara etc.

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