64th National Film Awards: A.R. Murugadoss accuses Priyadarshan led jury of partiality

Filmmakers A.R. Murgadoss and Hansal Mehta have openly expressed disappointment over the winner's list of National Film Awards 2017.
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Just when we had thought that the controversies around award functions are finally settling down, renowned filmmaker A.R. Murugadoss has alleged that the 64th National Awards were “biased.”

In a rather unflinching statement, Murugadoss has claimed that he can clearly witness the “partiality” with the name of the winners.

The director tweeted,” #NationalAwards Can clearly witness the influence & partiality of people in jury, it's biased.”

The doubts on credibility came up when Akshay Kumar was declared the Best Actor for Rustom over the likes of Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Aamir Khan and Dulqueer Salmaan.

Along with the many disappointed by the winner’s choice, Aligarh director Hansal Mehta has also expressed his dismay over the awards.

However, clarifying that the disappointment wasn’t directed at anyone, the director tweeted, “When I expressed my disappointment about the National Awards it was personal and not directed at anybody. I would like to believe that the jury has done its best within their understanding and framework. Aligarh was not considered worthy in the framework by the appointed juries just like Lunchbox was ignored in the year that Shahid won two national awards. I did not complain then and I am complaining now either. I’ve got to respect the decision and move on.”

 “What hurts is that in some statement the chairperson who I respect and whose films I’ve often enjoyed says  that (quoting Priyadarshan’s statement on films around homosexuality). This statement is disturbing and sensitive… Priyadarshan sir, Aligarh did not meet the standards set by you and your jury- I accept that. But your views on homosexuality not figuring as a ‘fantastic’ social issue rankles,” Mehta concluded.

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Aligarh was better than Lunchbox. Lunchbox was over hyped.

Last year Ramesh Sippy was heading the committee and Amitabh won for PiKu. Nobody cried foul. akshay 's performance in Rustom was really at par with Amitabh in Piku.why single out Akshay?

Akshay not even an Indian citizen. Only an Indian actor get national award.

Not saying Akshay's win is justified, but an Iranian actress won a few years ago. As long as the film worked in is an Indian production, anyone can win.

Just like Rishi kapoor did, Akshay kumar also bought National Award.

If he wanted to buy awards, he would have brought many commercial awards. He is not like Khans to buy awards. PV post it

Wow..that's well put Mr. Murgadoss!

This is their mistake. Akshay stood by Modi ji all this while. So he deserves it. Did they stand by Modi ji while serving the nation?

What on earth does political preference have to do with talent?!

I lost respect for NA when I have found out that Saif got it for Hum Tum and Karishma for DTPH

Fyi,Irfaan Khan won best actor award for paan Singh Tomar.nawaz won special jury award.ab won best actor for black.

obviously. no credibility to the wins this year. bad year for films in india. we will have to make our own.

You do not impress me in the credibility department

If it was awards from the film industry or art institution then they should focus on performances only. But I have no issue with Akshay winning the National Award, the governement should be careful whom they give awards to as it's important. Akshay is a politically neutral guy that is a good role model. His performances lately have been really good too and his production house is backing some good projects. Why did nobody create a fuss when Nawaz/Irfan never won in the past? AB Sr/Rani didnt get anything for Black either yet Sonam won a special mention. So people need to calm down. It's just an award!

Well said

lol one of the controversial NA ever, he did not deserve it at all.

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