Rishi Kapoor: Tabu's sister actor Farah Naaz would have made it big if she was a professional

Rishi Kapoor took to his Twitter to share a beautiful picture of Tabu's sister Farah Naaz.
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Rishi Kapoor is known for his 'Khullam Khulla' attitude. Not among those to mince his words, he has at several occasions stirred a number of controversies. 
Taking to Twitter, the veteran actor while remembering actor Farah Naaz said, she could have made it big in the showbiz industry only if she was a professional.
Well, for the uninitiated, Farah is the elder sister of actress Tabu and was a popular name in the late 1980s and 1990s. She debuted in 1985 with late filmmaker Yash Chopra's Faasle.
Sharing her photograph, Rishi wrote, "One of the prettiest heroines and a wonderful actor Farah Naaz, elder sister of Tabu. Eccentric, would have been big if she was professional."

Rishi Kapoor and Farah shared screen space in films like Naqab, Naseeb Apna Apna and Ghar Ghar Ki Kahani. She was last seen on screen in the 2005 film Shikhar.
The senior actor had recently hit headlines after a few Twitter users had alleged him of sending out abusive tweets to them. speaking to us, Rishi had said, "Yes, I don't deny those accusations.You don't mess with me. I am not amongst those to allow such bullshit. You bloody don't like me? Unfollow me. But you try and mess with me, I will hit you below the belt and screw you."
The actor was last seen in Kapoor and Sons which also featured Sidharth Malhotra, Alia Bhatt and Fawad Khan in the lead roles. His role among others was the most appreciated.
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Farah was not in hungama yaar it was hulchul lol ......................................

kuch kuch hunda ve

And you wouldn't have made it AT ALL if you weren't Raj Kapoor's son.

I don't think there is anything wrong in his tweets. He is nice guy. Why all this unnecessary hatred comments? He is actually praising her.

"Professional" AKA sleep with me! The guy is disgusting!

And you would not have 'made it' if you were not a Kapoor with the the kind of b.s you spit out frequently.

Rishi and his tweets!! God bless neetu!!

Ms.Naaz now Mrs.Saigal, was a name to reckon in the 90's. She was popular, talented, and very beautiful. She did not play by the rules, and was very vocal about casting couch.


and the same holds true for Manisha Koirala

Phirse peeke twit kiya hoga

Whether u are professional or not by the time u reach mid 30's your career is over if you are an actress.

Rishi's comment must be because Farah had a huge temper & would fight with people . She knew Karate & would keep threatening to beat people up (some of whom definitely deserved it) . She dated Rajesh Sethia who became AD to Yash Chopra . Had a fight with him & allegedly slapped him , then married & divorced Vindu Dara Singh. Did a small role in Hungama as Paresh Rawal's wife.

Nah, her career would have been over when she hit 35 anyway, bollywood is a sexist industry, no matter how professional the actresses are.

Farha Naz did lots of movies,supported financially her divorced mom and sister tabu. She achieved success and earned money. She was eager for a family of her own ,she fell in love with a wrong guy vindu Dara Singh and married him ,had a baby and retired from Bollywood. When she was in show business she was professional. Vindu fell for a foreign model and divorced her. That was not Farha's fault. Rishi senile kapoor has issues with everyone.

Hatred comments proves why celebs being fake. This man is frank and voice his opinion what social media is for.

Rishi kapooris the most honest person among celebrities.

Rishi kapoor is fun.

usko kisne poocha?

No one asked him. He felt like sharing and you cared to comment on it; spending your precious time on planet on him and now I am doing the same with your comment. See he cared to post a random comment , then you cared and now I care...so much care in the world. I am happy.


beauty def runs in that family. but i would say she did make it big.

She's ex wife of vindu dara singh.. how can she marry such a loser

Question isn't why she married such a loser, the questions is how he keeps getting these gorgeous girls with that face of his lol his current wife is really pretty for a white girl and Farah was too.


he is COMEDY!

She was ( still is) very beautiful and could act well

faasle was one of my favourite movies

This is how people behave when they grow old and senile :D

he had all the fun in his heydays. romancing hot and pretty ladies. now hes fat and ugly n not getting attention. so this is bound to happen. at his age, hes cranky n angry for no reason all the time!

Good for you! Trolls think they can get away with anything. I like his frank nature.

Farah Naaz did make it big ... she did countless films with substantial roles and starred in many hits ...

He needs medical intervention

u made me lol :D


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