Karan Johar: I felt spineless after having to apologise in hostage video before ADHM release

Karan Johar talks about the apology video he released just days before ADHM release.
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Karan Johar ran into a huge trouble a few months ago over the release of his latest movie Ae Dil Hai Mushkil after the political parties threatened to replace Pakistani artists Imran Abbas and Fawad Khan in the movie following the Uri attacks. 

Several political parties even warned the filmmaker against releasing his film. After much discussions, MNS Chief finally agreed to allow the smooth release of the movie in Maharashtra, after a compensation (read- extortion) of INR 5 crore was demanded.

Karan even released a video of himself wherein he apologized and assured of not working with Pakistani artists henceforth. Well, while it was a serious situation for him then, the video did receive a lot of flak on social media with people criticizing him for having succumbed to the political pressure. His good friend Twinkle Khanna even made fun of it on his talk show Koffee with Karan.

In an interview to a leading news portal, Karan recalled the incident and said, "I felt spineless after having to apologise in 'hostage video' before Ae Dil Hai Mushkil's release," said Karan.

Earlier too, talking about this, Karan had said that he felt terrible to be in a place in his life where he had to "sit in front of the camera" and speak about his "nationalism and patriotism". 

Amidst the political tension, the movie starring Ranbir Kapoor, Anushka Sharma and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan released last year to good reviews. 

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Poor him...he can't get over fawad...the moment he saw him he wrote a whole movie(ADHM)where all the characters are Pakistani talking in Urdu except the main hero (ranbir character)...and during all that time kjo used to release this blind about how straight and desirable he is...
And please guys imagine what will happen to Bollywood if a big producer like kjo will starts to make movies about Pakistani people,and hire them bc he thinks they are hot while other producers will hire them bc they are cheaper...and desprate actresses like richa chadda will promote how north Indians are closer to Pakistani more than to south Indians... I think slowly Bollywood will become Lollwood...
I don't think that mahira is better than radika or huma in look or talent,but srk took her while he ignore the outsiders and if an indian actress caused a trouble(like mahira when she provoked the MNS )they would have dropped her out but mahira got a special treatment ...the same for salman who wanted to take fawad but when they ask him about sushant he was like I don't know him...sonam brought fawad and promoted him later he ignored her...but instead of taking an indian actor for BFB...she was waiting desperately for him...
Simply the industry treat Pakistani actors like starkids...but at least starkids are Indians who won't make fun of Bollywood and India...
Post PV...I know you biased towards the pakistani but it's an INDIAN site so no need to ignore...and please dislike guys bc truth hurts...

Make a movie with Fawad, Kajol, Ajay and Kangana.

I bet this interview was done in UK or USA. He wouldn't say these "refined non discriminatory lines" in India.

Fawad completed your abandoned project and made you earned over 135 crores nett. One can't deny how ADHM became popular by targeting dancer Fawad. You didn't even said this truth.... you don't have the guts to say that Pakistanis make 2nd largest audience of Bollywood worldwide...Be it concerts, movies, CD's, music downloads, website hits ....India earns money from Pakistanis. All you said....we should exchange culture blah blah.... like you guys are doing somekind of charity to Pakistani talent. what culture are u trying to exchange btw? Bollywood represents North India and Pakistan is real North India......

Make a movie internationally with Fawad and Mahira.

well that's you and most bollywood stars are...desh jaye bhaad main bus tum sabko to sirf money dikhti hai

He is just a money


Please, he said nothing about the ADHM/Shivaay clash and only released the video talking about patriotism only because he wanted people to see him as the victim and take his side so that ADHM can be a hit.

After which he released a book trashing Kajol and Ajay and now he's taking back his words. Spineless. Should have done all these before ADHM released. Coward.

Everything's for drama dint you feel spineless or shameless while lettings 2 pakis in your movie i can understand khans prem fr pakis but why him you don't deserve an ounce of sympathy

its the money that can make you dance to any tune karan aunty. now that your film is a hit you are clarifying all this. but bet you will post a similar video if the situation again arises

Spineless, shameless, tasteless - the less said about Karan the better it is!

Baby you were already spineless, you just proved it to the world with that video!

He still is! If it were to happen to his next film, he'd do it again.

There she goes again! Karan Aunty playing the victim card! I wish he knew people suffer him only cause he makes movies. The day Dharma shuts - he will lose his entire coterie! Please post!!

Do not give a morsel of sympathy to him...He doesn't deserve it ...especially after the way he treated kangana and priyanka

Yes he was and is spineless.

Everybody knew it was just an act . If he really wants to take on them , all he needs to do is take Fawad for yet another movie.

such a drama queen he is

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