Kangana Ranaut: I love azaan but Sonu Nigam's opinion should also be respected

Kangana Ranaut reacts to Sonu Nigam's azaan controversy.
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Kangana Ranaut is one actress who doesn't shy away from answering any question that comes her way. The lady, who strutted the ramp last night at a promotional event, was asked to comment on the recent controversy involving singer Sonu Nigam.
Sonu Nigam grabbed headlines after he tweeted about being woken up by the morning azaan and the forced religiousness in India. His comments didn't go down well with many and the singer received lot of flak for it. In fact, a maulvi also issued a fatwa against him claiming to award 10 lakh rupees to the person who can shave Sonu's hair, make him wear a shoe garland and parade him in the country. To retaliate, Sonu himself shaved his hair off and went bald.
When Kangana was quizzed about this, at the post-event media interaction, the actress said, "See I can’t speak for anyone, but I personally love azaan! When we were shooting for Tanu Weds Manu in Lucknow, I loved the sound of it (azaan), I can only speak for myself! Whatever religious activity, may it be at the gurudwara, or Bhagavad Gita, or azaan, I personally like it a lot! And, I personally like going to places of worship like masjid, temple or church! We go for a Christmas Mass too! Again, as I said, I can only speak for myself, but that’s not to say that what he’s (Sonu Nigam) saying should not be considered, whatever he said is his opinion and he should be respected for that; I think that’s the idea of bringing it to social media, isn’t it, so it should be discussed! Does that answer your question?"
Well, we quite agree to what Kangana has to say!


Celebrities should be uniter not dividers..last thing we need is another controversy,so please let us stay away from the racist comments.lol

Sharp mind of a beautiful doll. Yes it should be discussed and at least early morning prayers on loud speakers should end. I'm not sure about Hindu and Sikh prayers time but I do know that Namaz-e Fajer is at 4:30 am. Azaan was initiated when there were no alarm clocks, DVD's, CD'S, TV. In posh areas of Lahore, Isloo and Khi one can't hear any Azaan at all. People have their alarm clocks and TV channels for Azaans. If you go down to old Lahore and outskirts of the city it's a sectarian feud early in the morning. Fifteen different azaans from six different sects of Islam overlapping each other. Religions must evolve or will end abruptly. Lahori.

This is beautifully put. Thank you.

Gosh she is the smartest way better reply than any of the other dumb girls like Sonam ! Kangana love you woman

There should be laws in place for noise levels. However there should be no law banning loud speakers at religious events. Sonu Nigam should have known better and be sensitive and show tolerence. Instead he in probable a drunken or hangover state went beserk on twitter and specifically pointed out a 3 minute call to prayer the azaan. So rightfully he got it handed to him. Now he has turned it into a noise pollution debate. Rolls eyes

very intelligent and wise response. shes genuine and doesnt deflect..im really considering her one of the most clever people in the industry...not to mention brave.

Very well said

someone who can be herself, unapologetically. i agree with her response.

There you go. This is what sets her apart from the rest. Very well answered.

Sonu nigam was talking abt the noise aspect!

Yes it was but that wasn't what the journalists asked her about.


A very sensible response!

Sensible answer ..To each its own

Finally a sensible comment by someone on this topic, well done Kangana

Well....The queen is always right

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