Kangana Ranaut on Rangoon's failure: I felt like sh*t

Kangana Ranaut talks how she felt after Rangoon's failure.
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Kangana Ranaut's last film Rangoon failed to work wonders at the box office. The movie, which was directed by Vishal Bhardwaj and also starred Shahid Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan in the lead, released on February 24, 2017 and opened to negative reviews from critics and audience alike. Given the kind of buzz that surrounded the film, it was rather surprising to see it not perform well at the ticket window.
Kangana was recently asked about it by a leading tabloid and in the interview, the actress admitted to have been heartbroken. Says Kangana, "I, for one, thought the film had all the ingredients to be a profitable business proposition. It [film's failure] was heartbreaking. Before this film, every time people asked me if failure throws me back, I knew the answer was no. Do I go into a low zone? Well, this time around I was affected. Maybe when you are bigger and grow more, both success and failure become more of your responsibility. 'Rangoon' was mounted on a humungous budget and publicised around my character. When something like that doesn't fare well, you do feel like sh*t."
When probed what led to the failure, Ranaut admitted, "The last few minutes didn't come together. We missed our shot at creating a glorious film by a small margin. It was indeed a difficult time dealing with that phase, but not as much as it might have been for a few other people involved with the project."
Meanwhile, on the work front, Kangana will next be seen in Simran which is slated to release on September 15, 2017.

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anupam singhal founder of book my bai has said that he will not provide maids to bollywood stars because they are abusive, he has given examples of mainly female stars who are abusive saying one of them is a national award winner, was wondering if that is Kangana, after all she and Rangoli had beaten up their driver for losing the way !!!!!

This w(b)itch is a garbage that needs to b thrown out of BW asap.

Right..Karan is a w(b)itch..

Right..Karan is a w(b)itch

Constantly whining and everything is unfair for her.

Marouane Fellaini when her hair is natural

"Deepika has been asking me to write a script for her for a long time. She has heard this script and loved it." VB -MM

If Kangana goes both ways Id like to see her with the new girl from Dhoni - The Machine

I dont think she contradicts herself....she just holds back before she gas to say what she really feels.


She looks like a guy bcoz it is true that she swings both ways. She had stalked with her dirty pictures to Ekta and Reema Kagti too.

Hi,Kjo, do something for the lgbt community.

Its about time Kangana.

Another blockbuster thread related to Kangana! Disappointing that the movie didn't do well due to flawed writing. Beti was at her best and this is all that matters. Future looks good with lead roles in Simran and Manikarnika. Can't wait to know about her directorial debut.

I am Kangana fan, but please stop embarrassing us with ur contradicting and biased comments.-__-

hhhhh good one

Sure you are. :) :)

I don't need a certificate to be a Kangana fan from u..:) :)

she looks like lauren harries :p

I don't like Kangna because, basically, she is pretty dishonest. And all her fangirls and fanboys know it ...

Deepika naagin fans also came here to spew negative comments . Kangana's a lot better than deepika in terms of beauty,acting,accent and yes, she's is fair unlike deepika who goes for skin bleaching.

Kangana 's main problem is she's not a good team player . Every one contributes to a movies success or failure . People were nasty because of the way she promoted herself over the other stars & even the movie itself. When you build yourself up so much , u tend to also fall a long way down. Her work is top notch as always ...a little grace goes a long way.

Making a movie is a partnership. Teamwork. Kangana doesn' know how to do that. Queen worked because it was such a great script.

Except it wasn't Queen worked purely because of Kangana. The script was just ok. A deepika or a priyanka would have been bad in the role. Alia and Kangana are the only ones who could have pulled it off.

The film wouldn't even be half as good if Deepika was cast in Queen.

So says a Deepika fan..sigh

She looks like a Guy wearing a wig and lipstick

I was going to say exactly the same thing. She looks weird

Still she looks much better than DP and Karan.. But she is narcissistic like Hrithik.

Thousand times better than ugly u...ROFL

She is trying to woo VB after he took DP in his next film. LMAO

VB is not directing the movie. Hehe

Which makes it even better! 100% blockbuster guaranteed then! LOL

Lmao people can keep hatingher on PV but she's the most admired celeb in BTown for normal-non gossip site folks

This is why i like her. Every other actor just tried to put up an image and say that they don't care about box office and that they aren't affected by films doing badly. Good on her for being real.

She faked an entire engagement and her fans think she is real. As delusional and dumb as her! ROFL

This one hater is replying to all comments supporting Kangana and calling others dumb...it shows this hater is more dumb..lol

If her fans think someone, let them think. Why r u raising ur blood pressure for that? PV post it


Nice words, but don't be so hard on yourself Kangana. You're an incredible talent, and such a strong, determined, and motivational individual. You are truly admirable.

Stop talking to urself, u idiot

Stop calling names,moron!

it's sad to see people lose alot of money when their movies fail, but here i am very happy for this movie's failure, this woman tried to ruin many innocent people just because their refused to satisfy her needs, she deserves whatever is happening to her, #karma.

Lol. She has won more awards and accolades than these so called innocent people.

That still wont write off her crimes. She will still be known as a despicable person.

Crimes?? She didn't kill someone or loot a bank..Geez!

Whatever you wanna call her go ahead if it gives you relish. But it took a girl from village to take a stand on not making us all brown skin people feel over looked and beautiful. ***KR***

No company will ask this Disaster queen to endorse their products. So, all she does is to make others look bad. Look at this pic and see how much makeup she has put to look fairer. Hypocrite. I remember her saying in a interview that she is "beautiful" bcoz she is from North once

She is endorsing many top brands...popat..:P

Agree 100%. It takes brain, intelligent and selflessness to let go of cros. She also let go of biscuit add, where there were visible sugar grains on the top.

Wat next? Am a woman n am ashamed that a person who is an Anti woman as her is being shoved down our throat. Just see her comments during Rangoon promotion to understand her Vile nature. She says stuff abt Bigwigs or costars or other actresses not bcoz she is fighting some cause but out of her own jealousy n desperate attempts at publicity.

Lol what is anti woman? Learn your vocabularies. I have and found nothing wrong just like you are doing now she is also allowed to voice her opinion where she finds fit!!

All 3 DP, KR and KK are beautiful so u get a mirror and observe urself

VB said deepika has been asking him to pen a script for her for over a yar now. I wonder who did the begging. Ha! This tea is gd

Where and when VB said it? dont make up things in your head like kangana

In the article that said vishal would be working with DP it specifically said that she had been asking him to write a script for a long time. Nothing wrong with it but it was written

Yeah she is queen of lies and hrithik's papa is actually baap of all lies. And I will sign off as Kr's army "slayy Queen slay!" "All the best beti" "yay! Beti"

Shahid, Saif and VB were able to get out without taking any of the blame. Truth is movie was all over the place. VB needed Nadia's approval and blessing. Whats up with the end?

100%. I really don't get fans! Why would anyone go to see movie just for star or actors but happens in India, they go to see their star gods.

With a face and body like this, her fans have the cheek to comment on DP and Kat. Get urself a Mirror first.

Kat fans love Kangana, shut up DP..l

She looks like Bobby Darling in this pic

Disaster Drama Queen of Lies

Who is she?

She is a 3 time National award winning actress. Hrithik, Karan and Deepika can only dream about a national award, but she actually won three. Kya baat hai.. PV please post

She is a 3 time National award winning actress. Hrithik, Karan and Deepika can only dream about a national award, but she actually won three. Kya baat hai..

Stalker of Ajay, Sanjay Dutt, Hrithik, Ranbir and Reema Katgi. Yes, she swings both ways.

Supporting actress of PC films

Female version of Om Swami LOL

Well, the film wud hv done better if only you had kept your shitty tongue under control. Bcoz of you, entire team had to suffer.

Yah keep it all under the carpet!! Well done!! WTF! After all those rape trolls and profanities how could anyone tell anyone to shut up!! Ignorant!! It failed because of VB's direction and narrative. Actors were fine even Saif.

She doesnot endorse fairness cream bcoz she does not want her rivals like Swara Bhaskar to become fair. The only thing she has is her fairness. Else, she is ugly AF. No features.

Rangoon wud have been a Blockbuster if Katrina or Kareena or PC been the lead. Nobody cud see who Two Hot men wud fight over this plain Jane!

LOL Black magic backfired on her own movie i guess

After insulting DP and Kat for having star boyfriends, she secretly stalked Ajay, Ranbir and Hritik with dirty mails. But when nobody showed interested, started spreading lies abt Fake relation between her and HR as well as her and Ranbir. Both guys including Ajay retorted her claims. Am sure both DP and Kat must be having the last laugh now at this joke of a woman. Bwahahahaaha

Ha ha ha DP insult thousands of people by advertising fairness cream and obesity with drinks. Just shows your ignorance and stupidity just like the one you worship.

Hhaha kat too insults thousands of people by advertising fairness creams, plastic surgeries and obesity with drinks (see her ads for olay natural white, coke and slice). Just show your ignorance and hypocrisy just like the one you worship. PSOT IT PV Y ARENT U?

No company will ask this Disaster queen to endorse their products. So, all she does is to make others look bad. Look at this pic and see how much makeup she has put to look fairer. Hypocrite. I remember her saying in a interview that she is "beautiful" bcoz she is from North once.

you dumb what is wrong with fairness cream u can buy & u can't buy like cigarretes it is a product in the end / if u feel insulted i think its users don't feel so it is a personal choice /and u blame her for cocacola ad because u will be obese hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what a logic !!

Fairness cream and Tanning cream have a market bcoz people buy them. How can she "reject" such a deal when she is too small to be asked to endorse a product? Must be a publicity gimmick or sour grapes

She is big enough to win 3 National awards. Hahahahaha

Keep those awards with you. Entire India is laughing at them now LOL

Hhaha kat too insults thousands of people by advertising fairness creams, plastic surgeries and obesity with drinks (see her ads for olay natural white, coke and slice). Just show your ignorance and hypocrisy just like the one you worship. PSOT IT PV Y ARENT U?

Exactly, Such a hypocrite she is.

whoever writes negative comments seems so so immature. worried for the health too. can't be fan i am not a fan of certain actors but i don't have that kind of hate.

Rangoon's fail has nothing to do with actors. But direction and narrative was so so bad and i am a VB fan.

I saw Rangoon n sorry to say but you were the sore thumb in the movie. U were still behaving like Rani of Queen and hamming thru out the film. Only Shahid was outstanding. Shows why National awards are a joke. Both she n Saif sucked. And only Non awardee Shahid acted well

one film wonder n she thinks she is female Aamir khan. Kangana, Aamir khan is humble towards co_workers. its not his fans alone that whatches his movies. there are other idol fans who contributes to make u people who u are. learn to tolerate others. your arrogant is what brought this movie down. I like Shahid n Saif a lot, but refuse to watch Rangoon just because of u. just cant sit n watch u. Arrogant has drain u.

100 % agree with u she battled all actresses fans by saying she is the best & no-one showed improvement! / then she faught with hr & salman was the cause of her katti batti failure hhhhhhhhhhhh - don't forget shahid and even srk wasn't spared who now will go for her??

Real Queen PC is back. Supporting actress like her will shut shop now

Too late for damage control, Vishal already signed DP for his next Hahaahahaha

Vishal is not directing the movie. Lol.

And her fans says she is just 30 and not 35 yrs. Just look at her. Even pancake is not able to hide her wrinkles. She looks older than Vidya!

We are waiting for you to make your Boyfriend public. Didnt you announce to the world that you are in a new relationship? Or was it your 100000th Lie for publicity? Or are you stalking some other guy now?

Those whispers of yours are as lethal as whispers of death.

She is in a "four walled" relation with married man Saif now :p

One hater is posting repetitive comments..lol

Yet another victim and whiny story. Enough, nobody is buying ur shit!

I saw Rangoon and could not figure reasons of its failure at box office. On many occasions Kangana was outstanding in the movie. May be masses are not ready for such movies.

Negative review from Audience? When audience didnot even go to theatres, how can they give reviews? They got repulsed by her nonstop jibes at each and everybody

She looks like a Shemale in this pic. Maybe thats why no guy is remotely interested in her. Even when she sends her full monty pics to woo them like a despo LOL

Sonam was so right abt her. Her interviews are good for bathroom reading and flushing it down the toilet later LOL

Sonam never said it. Liar liar, pants on fire.

She blamed the director on day1 itself. Like a rat running out of a sinking ship. Dumbest person ever

Disaster Queen, other than ur Paid commentators n some Fake feminists. Nobody in Audience gives a damn about you or your neverending lies. Even Swara Bhaskar is more talented than you.

Rangoon washed out just like your Katti Batti, Revolver Rani, I love NY, Ungli, Rajjo. Zero Stardom n has Attitude as if she is Madhuri Dixit, No wonder she is dying to get hitched with Top stars from Ajay to Ranbir. Bcoz she knows she is 35 yrs and her career is finished. Gold digger!

Main phi bahut ajib ho itna ajib ke bas....khud ko tabah kar lia or malal bai nahin: John Elia.

Bahut pakati hai yeh Rotlu

Yet u r reading it..hahahahaha

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Still better than Deepika and Karan. ROFL

Waht DP and karan has to do with it? Obsessed kangana fans are s***t like her. Dp and karana are way better than this woman

even if kangana sneezes ,,,,the paid army will shoot comments like GO GIRL!!!!! I love her BLAH BLAH BLAH........pr n all sucks

ahaahhahaha, that is her paid fans only tune. go girl and beti. ahahhahahaha

Plz Kangana... Admit that your career is already finished

Cant stand this retard. Hope she gets hit by Karma bus and dies.

Now he is gone I don't know why, untill this day sometimes I cry, He didn't even say goodbye, He didn't take the time to lie. Bang Bang he shot me down, Bang bang I hit the ground, Bang bang that awful sound, Bang Bang my baby shot me down.......

I hate her more than u. but dont wish your enemy death.

Why katrina fans always wish for others death? they earlier wish for DP and her parents death as well. Have some shame katrina fans.

Wow... Wishing death upon someone...great parents to raise a child with such values.. PV please post

Sudhar ja ya guzar ja

She is very honest

Honest, my foot! We saw her honesty last year when her mails exposed her blatant lies.She will sell her mother for publicity

I recently saw Rangoon and was mighty impressed by the story and the performances, specially Shahid and Kangana, so it is very surprising that the movie tanked like that...good content needs to be appreciated!

Kjo was bang on abt her. She keeps on playing victim n invents a fake sob story for each n everything. Whiny Drama Queen

Hope Karma doesn't stop n hit you even more harder in the coming days for all ur Vicious n Vile actions. May you rot in life n in death.Aaakthhu

Please listen to me: I have an intuition of mine as well, I do not know why but it occurred to me that God has let you free to spend life as you wish, but at some point of time you will start living as God wishes. Might be who knows??

I love her! Great response.

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