Here's why Katrina Kaif's driver had to step in when a fan was asking the actress for a selfie

Katrina Kaif made headlines when the reports of her driver indulging in a physical brawl with a fan went viral.
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Katrina Kaif has been in news ever since she has made her debut on Instagram. Just today, the reports came that Katrina's driver slapped a fan who was reportedly following her and shouting her name in order to click a selfie with her. Going by the reports, the fan broke down and left the spot. 
Our source told a different angle to the story. The fan forcefully tried to break into the building, flouting all security rules and jeopardising her safety. The source added, "Katrina Kaif has always been very respectful to her fans and even interacts with them whenever she can, both over social media and when they approach her in person. It was only recently that a fan followed her vehicle into the building premise and forcefully tried to break in."
The source further said, "When the fan broke into the building and entered the gate, he was given a warning. When he continued, despite several requests, Katrina's driver had to step in and keep him away for security reasons as she does not roam with personal bodyguards. Katrina or her entourage would never consciously hurt or offend anyone and this episode was a pure breach of security and entirely for her safety as a woman. It is unsafe for any woman in such a situation and Katrina's driver merely stepped in to warn him. This media report is quite irresponsible as no one asked Katrina or her representative for an accurate statement."
Anything and everything around this diva hit the headlines. Now, her pictures on Instagram are creating a storm on the social media. When she made her debut on Instagram, her Tiger Zinda Hai co-star Salman Khan welcomed her. 
When we asked about it to Katrina, she told us, "Salman Khan's post on Instagram is a compensation for the fact that the film's title is Tiger Zinda Hai. When the film was announced and, all were like great title. Then we started shooting in Austria and everything was good. Then somebody brought it up to me that 'Why is the title Tiger Zinda Hai?' and why am I not there. Like why isn't it Zoya Zinda Hai or Tiger Aur Zoya Zinda Hai or Tiger aur Tigress Zinda Hai. I think it it is a compensation.. Chall... Don't feel bad!"
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What?! Katrina actually has fans left?!

Yeah right! A whole team of security guards wasn't enough to deal with one man so the driver had to step in to rough him up. How was it endangering Katrina's safety if she was already in? Anything to hide her arrogant and mean nature.

Kat and her driver getting physical with the paps and media have happened just toooo many times to believe her made up nonsense.

Are u kidding me? Now she's saying the fan was a threat to her safety? If he was screaming at the gate and she drove in with her car, how so? Besides, I'm sure the building would have at least had two-three security guards at the gate. And if the fan was doing all the drama, they would have called more. If those many security guards were handling a single fan sans any vehicle, why did the driver need to come out and slap him? This woman and her driver have always abused media too.

the most surprising part of this story is Katrina still has fans

Most other sites have posted about the driver incident, but only u haven't PV. U just directly posted her justification. U are definitely a part of her PR. Now at least be unbiased and post this.

I noticed that too.

Don't make up stories just to hide that you're actually a 'mean girl'.

Once a liar, always a liar!

Who is not a liar in BW

true, but at least they don't go so low and lie about their past and their own father! PV can u please be fair and post?

but according to kat fans she is an angle who never lie and do anything wrong.


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