EXCLUSIVE: Anushka Sharma joins Shah Rukh Khan in Aanand L Rai's next

It is confirmed that Anushka Sharma will join Shah Rukh Khan in the Aanand L Rai film.
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We saw Shah Rukh Khan shooting for Aanand L Rai's next, recently. While SRK has been vocal about his role in the film, there have been a few speculations as to the female leads of the ambitious flick of Rai. While there have been rumours that Deepika Padukone or Alia Bhatt would be joining this interesting cast of Shah Rukh Khan and Katrina Kaif, we now know for sure that the leading lady opposite SRK will be none other than Anushka Sharma.

That's right. A source revealed to Pinkvilla that Anushka has indeed locked the project. The source mentioned that more details cannot be yet revealed however it is very true that Anushka has jumped aboard this interesting project.

Now, what do you think of that?

SRK, who will be seen playing a dwarf in the movie, will feature with Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma in the movie. Well, we have seen these three together in the Yash Chopra movie Jab Thak Hai Jaan and we agree that they have a tremendous rapport.

Shah Rukh had spoken about the movie saying, "That movie is very exciting, very different. To me, it is technologically most superior movie ever been made in India. I don’t want to show-off, but it is one of its kinds and will start next month. I am very excited."

Shah Rukh and Anushka Sharma have already been working together for their Imtiaz Ali film for some time now. Anushka, who debuted with SRK in the movie Rab Ne Banadi Jodi, will be working together for the fourth time in the Aanand Rai film.

Excited much?


Fake News!

anushka sharma is a very hard working actress compare to katrina. anushka's acting is far better than katrina.

I am so happy that anushka is in lead role and katrina in supporting role.because anushka is highly talented actress compare to katrina

Poor Sonam, lol. Watch like Anushka and/or Katrina become his new muse after this movie. Ha ha, sucks for Sonam.

Eh, I already said this before, but Katrina's in Aamir's is probably one of her blink and miss roles, due to Aamir, Big B, and Fatima, plus probably other people, idk, cast keeps growing. Now, this one is probably one of her flowerpot roles, item numbers, looking pretty, while Anushka and SRK do all the acting (I DON'T want Anu playing second fiddle to Kat anymore like in JTHJ. They better not!). Finally, Salman's will be an actual role; can't have Tiger without Zoya.

Anushka is a very good actress so I have complete faith in her, but how can KAT fill a role meant for girls as good as Sonam or Kangana!?!?

Lol guys no hate but just because Kat has a really good line up for the next years it doesn't mean she's going to progress as an actress from what we all see and know is that she's going to focus more on her dancing and doing more work on her face rather than her actual acting. Stop tearing down actresses who turned down this film opposite srk when we all damn well know that they've outgrown him but Kat needs a superstar to compensate for her poor acting skills lol.

This film is disaster bound. Katrina cannot act so SRK will overact to compensate for the dancing corpse. Anushka will chafe.

Flop cast flop cast flop cast flop cast

The same people being repeated again and again and again. Why can't they take actresses from the South?

Omggggg, whyyyyy. So tired of anushka-srk now, why not aish or bipasha, lara, priyanka. Like something NEW PLEASE

How arrogant does this make SRK and Anu? Lame tactics like not announcing the title of their new film and now they're clearly of the mind that people love them as a pair. Garbage.

I don't like Katrina a bit but I am thoroughly enjoying this! Ha ha ha look at the comment section. This is so funny mare item girl has best film line up for next two years and out of this world beautiful international stars have no job except walking in some fancy film festival in some fancy gowns. And to add insult to an injury is this they are not just Khan films they are big budget ambitious films with top directors and top production house now enjoy!!

only because she has a sugar daddy who got her roles. nothing more

I think Kat is very blessed...that's why she keeps getting movies despite consecutive flops.

So very true. Salman Khan WAS and IS her biggest blessing.

pv pls dont ignore my comment or ignore everyone comments here...thinking is not related to always mind work,it is you feel either by mind or by heart she has seen stardom in male dominating bollywood industry it is because she is blessed lady... getting movies is not blessing it is your hard work now in bollywood.

sorry all my excitement for this movie is lost now. What a boring cast! I thought Anand could do better.

Excited for Katrina's comeback!!

Queen of hiding behind the Khans, the 4th Khan.

Katrina mostly gets along well with all her contemporaries..she is close to Alia, Priyanka, Anushka, Kangana, Sonam, Kareena, Aishwarya, Parineeti etc..she also has a close bond with all the 3 Khans..Katrina has a long way to go in Bollywood!!

Really happy for Katrina..she has a very promising line up with all the KHANs-- TZH with Salman, TOH with Amir & this SRK film. Also she has JJ with Ranbir. Prabhas is also keen on working with her. Very few actresses get to see this phase in their career which Katrina is seeing today

Because other actresses have a sense of self-worth and will not be humiliated for the sake of roles. Katrina must learn this

Fresh Pair

Anushka is always the last choice of any film maker. Deepika not available,alia not available ohh then let's take Anushka.

At least Akshay Kumar is appearing with different actresses in his forthcoming movies: Bhumi Pednekar, Radhika Apte.

As long as he doesn't do any more movies with Sonakshi, she irritates me. I'd rather him go back to Katrina. They're like the one pairing where I like her almost all their movies together. They gel.

You wrote my thoughts !!! I also get annoyed by Sonakshi and I hope that Namaste England will be without her .... I do not like Katrina, but I adore her couple with Akshay. But I do not think that Akshay will work with her again, alas!

Akshay Kumar appears with every new actress in all his latest films, whether it's Huma Radhika Bhumi or Nimrat

and thats why his movies are all hits

I am laughing my heads off! Yes Katrina's career is over! She has best lineup for next two years after three flops .

Wish it was Anushka and Deepika, or some other new combo. But, NO ALIA! YES!!!

Sonam wasted lot of petrol coming nd going to anands home. Wish she haf gone to acting school instead.

Sonam wasted lot of petrol coming nd going to anands home. Wish she haf gone to acting school instead.

I wanted Aishwarya

Fresh pairing please

hi sonom

Is this anushka taking risks, is it?

Rani was also approached for this role but she declined..its a small supporting role!!

This is funny. Nobody approaches Rani except her husband.

Even though Rani begged, she never landed any role.

Poor Sonam. I'm sure Anand wanted to cast her but not directors but actors decide on the female leads and she was vocal about it too so that must have pissed off SRK even more. How I wish she was on board for this one.

How I wish they had taken Sonam in this!

Would have been a lot more excited if deepika was there. What is happening to deepika why is she loosing out on good roles. Will she only work with irfan Khan and Ranveer Singh ?

All the eggs in one basket, unfortunately. She made a super stupid decision to go to Hollywood to compete with PC, and Anushka took her queen spot. Now, when she needs to get back in the groove, she picks yet another SLB movie, which is taking years to complete and taking up all her time. Her last Bollywood movie was Mastani in 2015. Look at how many movies Anushka has made since 2015: Sultan, ADHM, Phillauri, Imtiaz's, cameo in Dutt, her next production Pari, and now Aanand. And Deepika... XXX. They're saying Padmavati might even get delayed til 2018, it's possible.

Far out, I wanted Kareena or Vidya :(

I want Vidya to do a special movie with SRK, you know, kind of like Parineeta.

Poor Sonam, no one is ever going to want to work with her, cause they're too close with her dad, it's weird.

nope, excitement over. love u srk but over this repetitive casting. anushka has a narrow range and her plastic face is inbearable

Even if you tell me Anushka is playing a village girl impaired she will manage to be annoying, two actresses I cannot stand in one film, what is wrong with Anand Rai can't he see trainwreck ahead

Wasn't Sonam getting this movie????Is that why she looked so upset in the pictures going to K Jo's party?????

All the other actresses rejected the role for a reason. Even Alia didn't wanna be a part of it

No, only two, and they had stuff to do. Alia had Gully Boy and Dragon, plus she's way too young. Ha, I'm sure Deepika was DYING to be a part of this, but Padmavati is taking up all her time. And Katrina and Deepika would never work together. At least not now at this point in time. If Deepika had said yes, I bet Anushka would now have Kat's place.

I wanna be part of this movie. Because I need to save my career

Anushka is nowhere near katrina's stardom or beauty but I have to admit she is a zillion times better actress than her, I saw jab tak hai jaan two weeks ago and her performance overshadowed katrina's even though it was a little forced and loud but at least she can speak the language and move her facial muscles to give expressions. Katrina is honestly a very irritating and insincere actress who keeps blinking her eyes in the whole film and really needs to quit bollywood and give place for talented strugglers. Pv post

Katrina CAN be good, if everything is right. And oh, Akshay, Ranbir, or Salman are necessities. But Anushka is by far a more talented actress, and so cute and lively in comparison. Katrina shouldn't pick love triangle movies, people are always going to want the other girl to "win".

Kat has so many filmfares and national awards at home in her study room I saw them

The old man is flop and does overacting in all his movies, he can't act naturally even in a simple scene, I need desperen whenever I watch his films and over the top performances my god

I have never seen a girl in this world more attractive than Katrina Kaif, Oh my gosh just look at that baby face and that innocent smile, I love her the most, she is my dream girl and I wanna marry her ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

The biggest box office disaster Indian cinema will ever witness

Its anushkas 4th movie with shahrukh and katrina's 2nd...tell me what new are you giving to the audience...request to directors when you get a superstar, you always ought not to have pretty faces with him, sometimes you should also go for acting chops

Now SRK needs to use Sallu like katrina to save his dying career haha I made a LOL


Nothing to do with anything, but, I LOVE their outfits in this pic.


Rani's Hichki will be a blockbuster and this film will be a flop because of Katrina floprina

Rani was the first choice for both Kat and Anu's roles.

Why can't this man start doing some meaningful cinema? We are fed up of his pathetic films, the last good movie he starred in was Chak De India back in 2007, I am sorry to say but you are no more the Bollywood king you used to be years ago because of your choice of movies and collections

I would say up until My Name is Khan, but yeah.

Brace yourselves people, an over dose of overacting and bakrane in on the way by the so called Badshah

I wonder if anyone knows that the two female lead roles were originally written for Sonam Kapoor and Kangana Ranaut (Anand's heroines). SRK had them dropped because debt they aren't part of of his camp.

Yes true fact Anand sir wrote that story kangana & salman khan on his mind, But salman rejected And kangana will never doing bcoz so many exclusive movie's lead role offer on her hand. There were report that anand rai upset with kangana........ indeed her schedule too busy, Almost, she is all set to do indian pride huge project QUEEN-Of_Jhansi with lots of homework, as well as simran promotion & also news seen her first directorial venture TEJU shooting will be start end of 2017. BUT i would like to see them together. SAME old boring casting will be annoying. i think SRK+anand should cast Vidya & parineeti OR huma quareshi & nimrata kure !!!

Because they aren't a part of his camp*

That's definitely fake. Kangana would never do this movie.

Kangana would never do the film, true. But that doesn't change the fact that Anand wrote one of the roles for her.

It's true. Anand wrote this role for Kanganа, but she refused. Then he harbored anger and recently accused her of saying that everywhere she said she would work in the new film Anand, although this was not. Kangana even gave an interview in this regard. But the fact is a fact, this role was meant for Kanganа and Sonam

One was for Kangana and one was for Sonam. His plan was to bring his two muses (the two actresses who worked with him and helped him establish himself by giving him blockbusters like Tanu Manu and Raanjhanaa) together.

This old guy needs to retire. I mean look at him. He was really good until few years back. But now unbearable.

I used to think SRK is good friends with anushka but he doesn't follow her on social media. It's all about business and promotions, they are friends in front of the camera and on sets only. Sad.

Anushka has zero looks and zero star power and that botox queen can't act everyone knows that

We want queen of bollywood the begum kareena kapoor khan with king of bollywood Shahrukh khan. All time blockbuster

That british aunty cannot act to save her life, please spare us tge horror and don't you dare cast her the film will be a huge washout hahahahahaha

He is losing the plot. Period

Cast shabana azmi and rekhaji opposite him wohoooo

I request fading star shahrukh uncle to move to some chacha or daddy roles, he is no more in his 20s to play the lover boy who romances actresses half his age this is repetitive and boring oooh gosh!!!

We want kuch kuch hota hai trio, Aannd sor please take gems like Kajol and Rani who know how to act instead of these two talentless overrated heroines, srk needs to act opposite older actresses close to his age coz he looks odd with these kids lol

Flop flop flooooooooooppppp super duper FLOP!!!

lol people still think Kat is not in it? She has been linked to this movie consistently and hasn't changed

Thanks to her PR that they are consistent in it like they were during Tubelight and Aankhen 2. They even made a fake poster of Tubelight starring at with release date.

SRK, Kat and Anu had zero chemistry in JTHJ. I am sorry but i have no good feeling about this one.

Rumors that SRK is a dwarf, Katrina is a movie star, and Anu is mentally impaired village girl... so bigger version of Barfi with dwarf instead of deaf. Ha, I can dig it, I love Barfi.

boring!! all these actresses & they pick these two! ugh

Hi Sonam

We knew DP wasn't going to be in this because of Padmavati, and her next one is with Irrfan Khan again, which also seems good. But I kind of want to see Anushka and Deepika in a movie together like this, just to compare. He launched both of them and they both have nice chemistry with him, and we could really compare acting, like how Priyanka was better than Deepika in BM, Anu better than Kat in JTHJ. Maybe someday.


Hi Sonam

Maybe not the best actresses ever, but currently, the queens of the screen. The only other ones are Kangana, who lives in her own world basically the equivalent of Aamir and has to be the star herself, Priyanka, who is in Hollywood a good chunk of the time now, and Kareena, who was on maternity leave. Everyone else was or will be, but is not currently. Therefore, directors are going to approach these 4 first to make their movies hits.

Katrina got with all 3 Khans, and Anushka has back-to-back with King Khan. Khantastic!

Thank to her EX salman khan :p

Anushka's manager followed Aanand Rai, that's what gave us all the final hint on Twitter.

Anushka can beat Meryl Streep in the acting department.

Anushka can what Meryl Streep?

another boring FLOP movie

Anushka is fast on her way to becoming Shahrukh's new Juhi Chawla; besties and doing movie after movie together.


YAY! Hope Katrina and Anu have more scenes together this time, they're friends in real life.

You are too naïve to think like this. Kat cant be anyone friend. She is pretending to be Anushka friend. She should be very careful from manipulator kat. if kat cant be loyal to her mentor she cant be loyal to anyone in life. Pv post

Team Jab Tak again, whoo! I'm not super crazy about that movie, just because I myself have memory problems and manipulating someone with memory issues is evil to me. But they still did a good job. Kat was good in that movie, you know, for Kat, her dancing, the stuff with the parents, the only big issue was the romance was lame. Anushka is great with SRK. I just hope Katrina doesn't get the guy this time, lol.

So, at least for this role, they approached Deepika first, then Alia, neither had dates, so then Anushka, who said yes. Sonam was never even in the running. I don't know about the Katrina role, or if any one else was approached for that, but her name was always attached to this.

Clearly you know nothing about this film. Anand's original choices were Salman Khan as the leading man, alongside Sonam Kapoor and Kangana Ranaut (he considers them both his muses, and they are his leading ladies from his previous works TWM and Raanjhanaa). Not sure what happened about Salman, but SRK stepped in and he had both the ladies dropped because they aren't part of his camp and 2 other reasons. Anand and Kangana had a discussion and she was okay with being dropped, because she understood Anand's point - he didn't want a clash of egos between Kangana and SRK as both like to involve themselves behind the scenes, and Kangana would rather focus on women centric films with characters she hasn't attempted before and this character was in a way very similar to her work in TWM. But Anand was adamant on Sonam but SRK wouldn't budge (the second reason for srk being against her was his rivalry with anil in the 90s). Then came KJo who wanted Alia in the role, and several other ladies began vying for the project. Anand eventually realized his project will never take off and gave in to SRK's demands and his choices of Deepika and Katrina were signed. The trio even met and had a discussion in SRK's vanity van. But then SRK got cold feet over Katrina's recent poor box office streak and almost had her dropped, but she was able to talk it out with him and retained her role. And then Padmavati got delayed and DP had to drop out, and Alia began to vye for the role once again but Anushka has eventually been signed. I know this because my friend is actually a part of Bollywood working as an assistant director, and gets all the gossip first hand (they're in the inner circles).

Your friend does not know much. It's Katrina who begged to give her a role in the film Anand. She even came home to the SRK at night and asked for it, she cried. SRK felt sorry for her and promised to talk with Anand. Anand was very much against Katrina, he had other actresses in this project, but the SRK persuaded him

Clearly you've no idea how to read. It clearly says Katrina had a discussion with SRK. Aka, she begged him to not drop her after her spate of flops. The person above just wrote it in a nice way.

That's really confusing. Does that mean Katrina got Kangana's spot and Anu got Sonam's or vice versa?

So. That's why Sonam made that comment about SRK not wanting to work with her. She knows what's up.

Thanks. I did not know SRK has a problem with Anil.

what can you tell us about katrina?

Ooookkay... hey, so you can confirm that this is definitely true?

What's with KJO, man? He drives me nuts. Such petty favoritism constantly. Yes, Alia is BECOMING a good actress, but get out of here, dude. She can make it on her own. Go make some movies, I want more KKHH or K3G. Or go help Sid, the boy needs it.

Hai, my Anu is real queen of Bollywood, face it haters.

what a bad decision , an average looking girl with no star power ; you will pay it in box-office anad ji

Dismal two flops and Flop yaaaaaaaawn

They have 0 chemistry. She's too young.

I hate repetitive pairing,new pairing adds freshness to the movie And the chemistry is also different.they should have thought about kangana for a change or diana or esha gupta or sonam or Jacqueline or radhika or sonakshi..... there are so many that haven't been paired opposite shahrukh...

Confirmed by whom? I didnt see any confirmation from Anand or makers yet.

katrina isn't in the movie.. its from her over enthusiastic PR who linked her with it.

Yeah kat of this movie according to her PR.

Anushka PR

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