Aamir Khan’s Dangal is now officially the first Indian film to cross Rs.1700 cr at global box-office

Aamir Khan’s Dangal has reached yet another milestone by raking-in Rs.1700cr at the global box-office.
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Aamir Khan’s Dangal is unstoppable at the global box-office. After we reported Dangal stands somewhere near Rs.1500cr at the worldwide box-office, it is now being reported that the Hindi film has achieved another milestone by becoming the first Indian film to rake in Rs. 1700 crore at the worldwide box-office.

After Aamir Khan‘s Dangal pinned down Baahubali 2 to become the highest grossing Indian film ever, it has now also become the first Indian film to rake in Rs 1700 crore at the worldwide market.

The movie is currently on a magical run at the Chinese box office as it scooped another Rs 52.05 crore on day 25, taking it overall tally to Rs 941.51 crore. Apart from that, at the Taiwan market, Dangal has earned Rs 32 crore, while it has collected Rs 745 crore from the rest of the world.

Trade analyst and industry tracker, Ramesh Bala took to his Twitter account and said, “#Dangal is the first Indian Movie to enter Rs 1700 crore Worldwide Gross Box Office Collection Club! #China – Rs 942 crore. #Taiwan – Rs 32 crore. Rest of world – Rs 745 crore. Total – Rs 1719 crore.”

The movie released in China on May 5 across 7000 screens. With a good fan following and a decent word-of-mouth publicity, everyone knew Dangal would earn well.

 There could have been a big change in the numbers game after Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, the fifth movie from the popular franchise, got released on Friday, however nothing could stop the madness of Dangal.

And also, let’s not forget that SS Rajamouli’s Baahubali: The Conclusion, which was earlier the highest Indian movie grosser, is yet to release in China. 

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Dangal's a true story..Baahubali is not and it is too similar to old Chinese films with over the top characters.. in China too there is preference for male child..Dangal was a female oriented true story..

Wait for the movie to release and then enjoy when it doesn't work in China. Until then, stop predicting the future.

I watched Dangal with very high expectations and I was really disappointed. With all the great reviews and box-office success, I was expecting a flawless movies but it was the opposite of that. I know it's based on a true story but this story sends out a wrong message. His girls were never interested in "kushti" and the only reason they continued to do it was because of their father's dream, this was not their dream. This is just the same as fathers forcing their kids to do engineering/MBBS or get married because they are looking out for their future and they know what's best for them. Aamir's heart was in the right place but it sends out a message which has been a continuous problem in India...parents forcing on their dreams on their kids.

JEALOUS AMIR KHAN.....Seriously these KHANS r soo Jealous of Bahubali success.....Y didn't they take advantage of China market earlier and Y release in China suddenly out of nowhere wen Bahubali started breaking record ?? JEALOUS! JEALOUS!!

The numbers are real, why would Chinese and other international websites report fake numbers. Be proud of both films for doing so well.

How every Indian website is advertising money made in China and Ms Zhu Zhu. China is controlling the confiscated region of Kashmir, East Indian regions and is now involve in CEPEC with Pak.

That is why Dangal's success is even more impressive .

These khans are desperate to prove that only their films make the highest money. They can go to any extent to fudge collections.

It's the distributer in China who are giving collections and not Amir. Amir lives in India. Distributors have to pay taxes on money earned in foreign countries. No one is that stupid to give increased profits and double up taxes in both countries. Get a hold on yourself.

Pretty sure, if it was a Salman Movie....then all these commenters would be, "Salman makes us proud !"

these khans cannot take baahubali's success. jealous much. khans are done with, now move on

Wow. Aamir is miles ahead of everyone.

He just wanted more than Bhaubali. Even if it was a rupee more than Bahubali he is happy. Jealous guy. Used all the underworld connections to show its 1700 crore. Dangal is a simple mediocre movie. How can it make 1700 crores. I guess they will next say tubellight made 3000 crores.??? Dangal and tubelight will be released on the moon, mars, antartica and siberia next.......to make it 5000 crores......just do down grade bhaubali...............No matter ....what Bahubali will be on the top as its a dubbed movie with no Bollywood stars what so ever and still running in many parts on the world.

Bahubali can't do business in China with their tacky VFX and copied scenes, war costumes etc. China have only few Indians and Pakis who will lap up anything Desi. Dangal story is realistically shot and is liked by Chinese.

these uneducated fools. there's more transparency with china's box office than india's.

Yes, aamir "colluded" with boxofficemojo (the bible of box office sites) and the official chinese box office trackers. stand up and be proud of him for trend setting in a market, which usually give two hoots about hindi movies!

Hi Aamir!

Chup oye, liar Aamir with the fake numbers. Public should boycott this thug's movies for lying to the people.

Another attempt to boost Khans ego. Between, Baahubali 2 is yet to release in many countries and still running strong in other countries.

Baahubali 1 was a disaster in China. Most likely, the 2nd won't even get a release there.

It wasn't disaster, it earned 7 crores, compared to the screens available. There are many other markets other than Chinese market. Besides, it's not necessary that because the first part earned 7 crores, second will not earn more..

its called disaster only dear. PK did 100cr+ when it released before Bahubali. Just to get your perspective right

PK got more screens than Baahubali. Now get your perspective right.

They are using Chinese calculator to fake the collections. It's exposed.

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