Tough to do romantic scenes with Katrina Kaif, reveals Gulshan Grover

Gulshan Grover talks about filming romantic scenes with Katrina Kaif in Boom.
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Katrina Kaif is currently one of the leading Bollywood actresses with movies like Dhoom 3, Ek Tha Tiger, Jab Tak Hai Jaan, Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani under her belt. But there is one movie that Katrina would like to forget and that is none other than her debut Bollywood movie, Boom which then starred Amitabh Bachchan and bombed at the box-office. 

She shared many romantic scenes with Gulshan Grover and in his recent appearance on The Kapil Sharma Show, the Bad Man of Bollywood gave out an anecdote from behind-the-scenes of the movie.   

A source from the sets of the show revealed, "Gulshan said that he had to do a romantic scene with Katrina Kaif. Bachchan was in the same frame and they had to romance in front of him. Gulshan wanted to get the scene right so he and Katrina practised it many times before they gave the shot." 

The source added, "He shared that it was tough to do romantic scenes with the actress (who was making her debut in the film). But the scene turned out to be so good that it got 30-40 million views online."

We wonder what Kat has to say about this!?

Katrina will next be seen in Jagga Jasoos opposite her ex-boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor. The movie is directed by Anurag Basu and is slated to release on July 14, 2017

Katrina is currently shooting for Tiger Zinda Hai which stars Salman Khan and is being helmed by Ali Abbas Zafar. The movie is slated for a Christmas 2018 release. 

Katrina will also be reuniting with her Dhoom 3 co-star Aamir Khan as well as Boom co-star Amitabh Bachchan in Thugs of Hindostan. The movie also stars Fatima Sana Shaikh in the lead and is being helmed by Vijay Krishna Acharya.  


I liked this film and there's no problem in it.. DP's PR get a job and leave Katrina alone

she looks like sunny leone

Ppl- google terry stephens. There are pics of this guy hugging katrina and her sister.
Check out his imdb - porn director who made indian adult films

Get a job DP we ever mention Sid mallaya thing

Get a job kat. Its not Dp fault if you did this movie and grover talk about it yes yiu did mention sid thing every time. Post it

#1 Post. Congrats Katrina.

SRK never mentions Maya Mem Sahib but was quick to mention Boom.

Hahahaha kya post hai kya pic hai zabadast

Lover of diesel is on fire these days

Lover of terry Stephens is on fire these days. Post it please

Still better than Kat with her supershady past and current user friendly status!

Why would anyone choose this movie to debut in Bollywood??? Kat didn't know what she was doing, she didn't know Hindi, didn't know dancing.. the makers thought they could get away with using her as a sidey model for this movie with big stars like Amitabh Bacchhan, Jackie Shroff, Gulshan Grover and known models.. but Katrina became one of the biggest stars in India.. there are a lot of outside models who have been used in movies.. how many of them have made it so far?? Yes Salman has helped her but so many Indian girls have debuted opposite Salman Khan.. Sneha Ullal, Zarine Khan... where are these girls now??? Kat will always be Salman's accomplishment too.. PV plz post... !!!

The same thing happened to JLo's cousin, used like a tissue, good thing she bailed before it could get worse.

If Sneha Ullah was more ambitious she would have gone to places, girl was even prettier than Aishwarya in miss world days. I think Aishwarya now is better than her miss world days.

Sneha is doing well in the South.

Noone's even heard of Sneha Ullal outside the South.. and if she's doing so well why wasn't she taken for big ticket films like Baahubali???

She looks at least 26 years old....and that too a rode hard and put away wet 26...

This comment is distasteful. More distasteful than Katrina's past.

Katrina should be happy that at least this post is getting comments unlike her insta she can use boom along with salman to stay relevant.

Katrina is about Ash's age or even older.

This is the reality of innocent Katrina

Guys look at the pic.. Does that look like a 16 year old to you? Like she claimed She was


without salman khan this is katrina kaif

The scene got "30-40 million views online", sheesh LOL Indian men, the reason why Sunny Leone and Katrina are top searched stars .

It's ok if she did it, but I hate the fact that she constantly lies so blatantly about it. Check her BB interview where she continuously refers to MPKK as her debut film. Also in an interview with SRK and Anu for JTHJ where SRK was asked to name her films and he said Boom she was so angry and told him it's an English film so it cannot be counted. She put up all this sati savitri act just to seem like a good candidate for the Kapoor bahu tag, but her bf and would-be in-laws saw through it. Gosh PV, it's a harmless comment, stop being so biased to Kat and post it!

Lol, Kat must be burning after reading this!

Why he needed to practice? Katrina had enough practice from her old job.

If not for Salman Khan, you would still be 'practicing' with Gulshan. Be a little grateful.

LOL! Just wait for damage control by Kat PR.

she's done a lot worse behind cameras in her hometown

tell us more

What did she do in UK

Based on what she did in UK, a film like Boom wouldn't have been a big deal for her. Post PV.

now u know why the big family guys don't wanna marry u.. with u as a wife/bahu these embarrassing things will keep popping up for them to justify each time..

practiced it many times to get the shot right? ;) and Katty keeps fooling us with her sati savitri image..

Look at her sagging bossom and curvaceous belly and stretched skin . I have a 17 year old daughter, trust me Kat is atleast 19 or 20 in this movie.

She ll b 36 yrs old in july.she herself told in an inyerview with TOI day she was 8 years old when wall of berlin fall. Which makes her 1981 yr born..elder than RK. Got it!!! Dats y DP wants to see her passport.

No one could convince that katrina is not in her forties !

She has no Indian genes at all

She didn't look 16 in this movie.. and yes she was totally clueless.. she didn't know where the camera was or how to dress for an Indian audience..she regrets this movie.. the makers of this movie totally used her..

Until she arrived in India she grew up watching English movies, what we saw in Boom is nothing for her compared to the nudity you see in English movies(I don't mean to belittle English movies or people, everyone has their own culture ) so she agreed to do this movie and clearly she is not a teenager and is old enough to decide what to do

She is more than 16 in this movie. Makers didn't use her it was her decision to do it. She is girl from a first world country and very clever and manipulative.

She's stayed in London for only three years.. she's grown up mostly in Asia...born in Hong Kong too..

She lived in 13 different countries including europe , hawai poland etc. Asia too have first world countries. Her real profession gets her the true understanding of people and world.

She grew up with four bears in Siberia...went to grade school on the Isle of Wight...trained parrots in Colombia too...

It is also tough to watch! The scene is all over YouTube. And she definitely did not look like a teenager in that movie.

Kat was apparently 16 lmaoooo

Uh no. She herself said she's born in 1983, signed the film in 2001, shot for it in 2002, and it released in 2003. That would make her 19 at the time of filming (according to her claims).

Katrina Kaif is very talented actress ,, and she is any one movie selected in Bollywood industry in his life.

She did this on camera. Imagine what she did off camera...and she wonders why ain't closer to the kapoor family

I fapped to this scene when I was 14-15. Happy memories :)

He "practiced" the scene with her multiple times if you know what I mean *wink wink*

The man has a reputation for his 'ungentlemanly' behavior . Gulshan pulled the same stunt on model Helen Brodie in some movie . He insisted a scene would be improved by her going topless for a scene (where he gets to pull the top off) & she protested . He went complaining about her unprofessional attitude to all & sundry , today he wouldn't be able to get away with it so easily.

yes. but Kat isn't uncomfortable. u are mistaken because she has this same weird expression in all her movies, even till date.

Yes. And Kat's no saint either. With all that she did in her home country before trying in Indian movies, this kind of a movie wouldn't have been a big deal to her. Had Salman not found her and given her big clean films, she'd still be doing films like these.

You do realize your comment is equal to " She's asking for it " or " She likes it" excuses men use to justify their behavior ? Yes , the lady does have a shady past ; the Salman part is also true , but she's done her best to overcome what she used to be . It's so obvious Katrina looks so uncomfortable in that scene, she was not big enough a star then to refuse which I think everyone has the right to do . Have you ever spoken to an actual commercial sex worker ? I have met quite a few of them ,one thing that really stands out is they seem to despise & hate their customers . Age , dissipation ,bitter cynicism takes a toll on everyone in the flesh trade , they have nothing at the end . It makes me sad that we are branding & judging another woman without knowing her true circumstances, nor do we give them a chance to forget their past .

As a woman I find women are their own worst enemy. I have been reading the nasty comments here about Kat. They are absolutely disgusting. No matter what her past was, she is attempting to live a decent life. She has worked hard to get where she is. I am a Mom of two teenagers and I would be more proud of my son if he responded like you to these trolls then to say the nasty things that are being said here. Kat refrains from mudslinging so i wish these people would give her the same respect. I am a hardcore DP fan by the way but I am a woman first. Respect to you sir for calling them out for their backwards mentality.

Calm down mate. Don't make everything into a feminism issue. This is a film scene where they are both consulting adults. You are talking as if Gulshan raped her and she's been blamed her for it. Basically Gulshan may be a shady guy, but Kat has her own history in her hometown. She wasn't forced in to it and agreed to do it for a fee. So technically yes she is asking for it and being paid. And if you have even a little respect for rape victims do not compare them to a woman like Katrina who does everything out of will and without force. PV can you please be fair and post it.

Thank you . I am definitely no fan myself of Katrina too , but there's no need for unnecessary personal attacks . Otherwise there will be no difference between us & the lynch mob.

Chill man!

Take it easy and stop over reacting..

now u are too flop for Gullu too, haha

gulshan grovers THINGY kept going UP when he saw her

Katrina Kaif will forever be a Boom actress

Didn't she say she was around 16-17 during this time. She easily looks in her mid or late 20s..

Just coz you are malnourished and underdeveloped ...

Frame it however u wanna, men always go for younger and youthful girls than mature-looking old women. Maybe that's why all your bfs leave u without putting a ring on it.

whatever helps your old sagging behind sleep at night Kitty

She has European genes. Come to France please. Stop commenting from inside your Indian bubble

I thought her father was Indian and had gone on him as she claimed. Kat fans lie as and when it suits them. even for a foreigner she looks TOO mature to be 16. Everyone can see she lied about her age but Kat fans live in their own bubble.


Yes, she was not a teenager doing this film as her family and film makers would get into some serious trouble. I also think she isn't Indian at all. Fake story

Katrina Kaif's mkes the perfect pair with Gullu, lol. Even their ages match.

she definitely doesnt look 16 or 18 as she claims

How old was she then?

The scene referred to was crass & vulgar , definitely can't be termed 'romantic' by any stretch of the imagination. Katrina must have agreed to do it only because she was a newcomer.

Never saw the movie (did hear it was awful) but man she looks so uncomfortable in this still...


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