Naseeruddin Shah: My wife Ratna is Hindu; we were married much before the term ‘love jihad’ was coined

Naseeruddin Shah opens up about on the communal tension prevailing in the country.
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Naseeruddin Shah is one of the most talented actors we have in our industry. However, his talent is not just limited to acting, Shah is also very affluent in literature and is known for being quite opinionated, that perhaps is what sets him apart from his contemporaries.

At the time when the political crisis is engulfing the country like never before, where rampant saffronisation is plaguing mindsets and 'gaurakshas' are left unpunished, when lynching has become an everyday affair, Shah voiced his concern and opinions in a column published in a leading daily. 

From abandoning religion at a very young age to marrying a Hindu to promising their children the religion liberty, Shah has bared it all out. 

"My wife Ratna [Pathak Shah] is Hindu, and we were married much before the term ‘love jihad’ was coined and acted upon. She and I both have no more than a ritualistic connection with our respective religions. Eid and Diwali are joyous occasions for us and we celebrate both with equal gusto - so our disparate religious upbringings didn’t merit a thought," wrote Shah, adding that the first tricky moment was their decision to not fill in the column asking ‘religion’ at the time of their children's school admission. 

Further, the senior actor raised concern over the rise of communal tension in the country and said that even though he is a non-practising Muslim, he fears that someday his children might be confronted by a misled mob demanding to know their religion. 

"When Ratna and I decided to marry, discussing conversion and anticipating the social problems we might have couldn’t have been further from our minds. But over the past few years, the nightmarish possibility of my children being someday confronted by a mob demanding to know their religion could be inching closer to reality," he said. 

Touching upon the topic of India and Pakistan, Shah expressed his sentiments saying "Evidently, as a Muslim, it should not be my concern to urge India and Pakistan not to hurt each other and if I did I was pro-Pak, “because we are going to bomb the shit out of them” proclaimed one desi troll whose ideal obviously is the Donald."


Bollywood is quite a secular place, There are so many inter-religious marriages like saif-kareena, srk-gauri, soha-kunal etc.

Which movie is he promoting now?

Sad that we still have to talk about these issues in 2017

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