Vishal Bhardwaj: Deepika a rare combination of superstar, good actor

Filmmaker Vishal Bhardwaj is all praises for Deepika Padukone.
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Actress Deepika Padukone will share screen space with Irrfan Khan once again after "Piku" for Vishal Bhardwaj's yet untitled production. The filmmaker says the actress is a "rare" combination of a superstar and good actor.

"I think Deepika is one the finest actresses that we have in the country. She is combination of superstar and good actor. It's a rare combination that a performer is a superstar and at the same time has great acting abilities. Deepika is one of them," Bhardwaj said at a screening of short film "Kajal" in Mumbai on Tuesday.

The film will be directed by Honey Trehan who is a casting director and assistant director known for "Omkara", "Udta Punjab" and "Kaminey".

"I am more excited for my friend Honey Trehan who has been with me for last 20 years and he is very lucky that in his first film itself, he has got such fabulous cast. I am so happy and excited to produce this film. The film will go on floors in January," Bhardwaj added.

The Irrfan and Deepika starrer is based on one of the chapters from S. Hussain Zaidi's book "Mafia Queens of Mumbai". Deepika will essay the role of feared mafia don Rahima Khan popularly known as Sapna Didi, while Irrfan will play a local gangster.

Deepika will be working with Vishal for the first time and will start shooting for the film after completing Sanjay Leela Bhansali's "Padmavati".

Bhardwaj also spoke about the web series format.

"Web series format is really exciting, especially for filmmakers, because in films, we have to compromise in terms of detailing as film's duration is generally two to three hours, but there is no such limitation in the web series space. It's a great platform to experiment and I would like to make web series as well."

The last film Bhardwaj directed was "Rangoon".

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This wud kill Kangana, who is 24/7 jealous of Deepika! ROFL

Iam not her fan, but even an imbecile would know who is the better actress

Poor rekha bhardwaj...she is breaking bharadwaj family :P
This is the poop logic of dp fans if it was katrina priyanka or any other actresses

Amir shahrukh amitabh hritik kangana Priyanka are also superstars and far better actors than her

Calm down kat. Vishal is talking about Dp here. You are so jealous and insecure because no one has said this about you. Btw srk aamir kangana pc hrithik all are far better dancers than you. Post it please pv don't ignore

If i would have to mention i would have mentioned Katrina's name as well, i amnot a fan of her, and she isnt a great actress o know.. but what does your comment even mean??? Deepika is indeed a factitious superstar, holding on to coat tails of boyfriend sagas....hritik is a far better dancer than Katrina, iam not sure about others. Incoherent comment of yours.. What are you smoking?

kat must be burning lol

lol deeika is average actress and superstar. pv post don't be biased

lol kat PR . Kat is not even call an actress or a superstar. Dp is a good actress which is said by entire BW. Only jealous kat fans say this. pv post don't be biased

So many insecure Katrina fans

No one ever said that about Katrina

Well said Mr. Bhardwaj!!!

hahahaha what a joke! mr vishal today is not April 1

I don't agree with you but you're funny! LOL!

WHy are all the DOn or Mafia's 'Muslims' ?? Muslim youths should do something abt it so all are respected....PV pls post this without being biased..

What's VB smoking? It's not a rare combination. except for Katrina almost all superstar actresses were good actrors.

i dont trust this guy anymore....he plays extra safe and say good things about all people. lol

dp pr in full swing


You realise you don't even make any sense? Like, how can her PR put these words into his mouth? Sour grapes!!

she must have given him something in return to say that!!

Just like kat has given salman something to give her big movies in return. POST IT

You're right, she did. She gave him the opportunity to see masterclass performances in Piku, Ram Leela, Cocktail, Tamasha, Finding Fanny, among others :)

You just downgraded the word "masterclass"

Why is he lying ? Hmmmm

Deepika a rare combination of superstar, bad actress

You have mistaken her as katrina. Its kat who is a rare combination of superstar, bad actress

He is so pc it's not funny! He says the same exact things to everyone!!

Wait till she ruins your expectations..!

She's probably keeping him warm

Such lovely words from a talented genius. All the best for this project

I am so excited for this movie. I've read Sapna Didi's chapter and she has such a captivating story, and what an interesting character for Deepika to play!!

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