Priyanka Chopra switches her traveller mode on after landing in picturesque Prague

Priyanka Chopra has landed in Prague and we are going gaga over her new Instagram pictures.
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Priyanka Chopra is always on a travelling spree and after enjoying her home stay in Mumbai, the actress has landed in Prague.

We informed you a few hours ago that the Bollywood star will be leaving for Prague and thanks to her new Instagram pictures, we know the actress has landed in the picturesque Prague.

In her new Insta snaps, the 34-year-old actress has channelled her inner vagabond and can be seen enjoying the view like any other traveller.

In one picture, she can be seen sitting beside Vltava river in a restaurant and getting nostalgic. She captioned the pic as, “Nostalgic.. the beautiful Vltava River #praguediaries.”

In another Instagram post, PeeCee can be seen posing with a huge statue and she captioned it as, “Being a tourist.. #CharlesBridge #praguediaries in @camillaandmarc @tanyataylor @cristinaehrlich.”

Priyanka’s first Prague pic was of a magnificent view. She wrote, “Omgeeee beautiful view. Will keep u posted on my #praguediaries #nofilterneeded #makingnewmemories.”

The actress was juggling between her brand commitments, reading scripts and spending quality time with her family and friends in Mumbai. Priyanka will soon be heading to the US to start shooting for the third season of Quantico which will have 13 episodes.

She is also in talks to star in two Hollywood projects. One is A Kid Like Jake which stars Jim Parsons, Claire Danes and Octavia Spencer and the other is Isn't It Romantic which stars Rebel Wilson, Adam Devine and Liam Hemsworth. Priyanka is yet to give confirmation on both the Hollywood movies.


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Why hurting giving hints come with some real proof I can also buy jacket like that and say shahrukh is my ex common priyanka u r just lonely person desperate on social media no life

What should she "work" there? I also think SRK in there no doubt :/

They never broke up.

Priyanka the only one the people care about her personality life toooo much stop this obsessed ugh

She sooo beautiful God blless her

I think SRK is also there. He tweets to much about "I'm working here and I'm working there". But no one has seen him in the last two days. Finally he's the king of deception.

Perfect! Such a perfidious plan would fit to them. Interesting ;)

I thought she dumped SRK as per her blinds. What is up with these attention seeking tweets then?

Anyone noticed PC's latest tweet about being in Prague again and Déjà Vu... There were no reports of her being in Prague last year for work... But "Jab Harry Met Sejal" shoot was in Prague in August 2016... First Jacket... Now this... She is going ALL OUT to titillate and prove she was with SRK... Damn the break up must've been bad!!!

Sorry but she was last year August in Prague. She talked about in Karans show. That's why she tweeted the Déjà Vu tweet during SRKs Q&A. Pure intention to hurt his family in public again.

What a blatant lie. *Slow clap

check Karans show than come back!

Priyanka is one of the most popular stars no doubt. Even a simple travel post on her elicits so many comments. And to all the "guardians" of gauri and the kids, get out of your dreamland and get a life. Fact is they don't need you to "protect" them or be their spokesperson. Or may be its just Kjo ranting. Remember the ill u wish upon others will always boomerang on you. So better watch what u say.

Hi Priyanka, daily check? :p And pls don't speak about boomerangs. Can't wait it comes back to you soon..hehe

I don't understand the fixation of people with shahrukh and priyanka. If they are so mean and vulgar towards her and shahrukh. Either they are jobless trolls who are paid by her or his contemporaries to malign them or they see themselves in the same old inexistent situation and grieving for their own lives and abusing others. To the trolls, you also clearly see how they are rollin' in their respective lives, so stop being jealous because your particular favourites aren't and if you have to grieve there are lots of relationships in Bollywood to be grieved about ( where something actually happened) rekha amitabh jaya, boney sridevi, aditya rani, dharmendra hema malini, vikram bhatt sushmita sen, kangana hritik. So stop this abuse when you can clearly see and already know that they are living their lives wonderfully. And instead of reading between lines and tweets, stop being paid stooges and find a job..pv post please

bla bla bla, they only should come out finally! they should stop to fool fans and stop hurt Gauri and kids in public! nothing else! why do they have to lie all the time? where's the problem to be honest?

First of all why are they answerable to you, or anybody are you their granny/grandpa or mother/father or relative for that matter. 2nd its their circus their monkeys, why are you being hypertensive about it. Third, what is "honest" here and what is not is a very subjective matter mr/ms troll !!

LOL, as usual a weird comment by a desperate PC fan. Dream on in your SRK/Priyanka lalaland ;-)

Even Prague's beauty will diminish in front of this successful and gorgeous lass

Rekha for this generation. She will not only rot in hell, she will on earth too for trying to break a family. SRK is also equally bad person, god has plans for him also.

All these people you are talking about are famous millionaires.....and the family isnt broken and why do you pretend as if its your problem.

Life on the show is I have breakfast, it's me in the plane, it's me in Prague, Priyanka knows how to use the Internet so that she will not be forgotten))

It's called desperation. No work, no movies, no friends! Great life.

Priyanka is literally in Prague for work and works 24/7 so this is really funny

why she keeps saying memories!! SRK was there months ago for his film! Was she with him?! I think they broke up by that time since many news about his new german gf appeared.

Yes she was with him at this time. She also told it in Karans coffee show.

They never broke up. "..If only Prague could tell stories lol!"..that's what she tweeted yesterday during SRKs Q&A on Twitter. A reminder for SRK. This german gf friend story was only a try created by their common PR to hide the affair. Same with her "jacket drama".

"Such déjà Vu.back within the year..If only Prague could tell stories lol! Love this city. Exploration time.... again!! ❤️""...Priyankas tweet during SRKs Q&A on Twitter today. Pure intention, everybody knows that they were together in Praque last year. Again a public humiliation for Gauri and kids. Shame on this woman!

Priyanka is a boss. end of story!

She looks stunning! Prague looks stunning too!

Even SRK is shooting for Imtiazs next in Prague

shooting ended for that movie months ago. it's releasing soon.

Yes that's right. But Priyanka was also there last year. That's what she mentioned in her tweet during SRKs Q&A on Twitter today. A reminder for SRK and public slap for Gauri. Think the revenge for SRKs visit in Gauris new styled restaurant yesterday. That's our power girl! :/

who cares about Gauri?

SRK and Anushka shot there last year.

Waiting for SRK


No they don't. We all should believe it after her "jacket drama" and his "german girlfriend story". All created by Mandvi Sharma leading person of the common SRK/Priyanka PR. They are still happily together. Believe me ;-)

no, they actually broke up for good. Priyanka is already talking to other people. SRK's ego won't be able to handle it! in the past they only kept getting back together because she was still loyal to him but now she's moved on and this is too much for SRK.

I heard he died

The background and the foreground are both beautiful..

no one is going "gaga" except poor AKS....LOL

who's AKS? are you ok?

Priyanka's hollywood makeup artist flew to Prague today too. Seems like PC is shooting something there.

Priyanka looks great

keep updating the same old, same old news. pl bring something new.

i wish she was still in mumbai... i like that she is globetrotting but wonder why she is never in mumbai

it's her time to make it aboard. she's already done almost 50 bollywood films, lived in Mumbai for 15 years... she can do more movies there anytime but now's the time to focus on Hollywood.

Very simple. No one wants to work with her.


who would work in Bollywood when you can work in Hollywood

more like Priyanka doesn't want to work here!

very simple, Priyanka rather have the world

I love disillusioned PC fans....lolololololololol

their loss.

She's a jobless woman and no one will give her work in Mumbai, this was also the reason why she gave two hints of her affair with SRK on Twitter today when he was also on. Revenge...hehe

why would no one give her work? because of jobless Gauri Khan that has no power anywhere, not even in her own home?

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