Saif Ali Khan on Rangoon's failure: Couple of great scenes of mine never made it to the film; That was disheartening

Saif Ali Khan talks about why Rangoon did not do well at the box-office.
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With a stellar star cast like Kangana Ranaut, Shahid Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan and backed by an amazing and artistic filmmaker Vishal Bhardwaj, Rangoon was expected to be a sure shot hit, but unfortunately, it had an underwhelming run at the box-office. 
When Saif was asked what went wrong with the movie, Saif stated to a leading daily, "It was great reuniting with Vishal, and I think we made a good film but somewhere in the second half, we went wrong. Although I shouldn’t say this because no filmmaker does this deliberately and all decisions are taken for the betterment of the film, a couple of great scenes of mine never made it to the film. That was disheartening but I got some good reviews, so it was not all bad. My mother called and said she liked my role. We tried to make a film that was about the Indian National Army and had Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, etc. It was a bit esoteric, and I heard one guy in the theatre said, “Arre, yeh Chinese kahan se aa gaye?” (laughs). Maybe we made a film that went over people’s heads. It was too clever for the audiences."

A while back when Kangana was asked by a leading tabloid about Rangoon not doing well, the actress replied, "I, for one, thought the film had all the ingredients to be a profitable business proposition. It [film's failure] was heartbreaking. Before this film, every time people asked me if failure throws me back, I knew the answer was no. Do I go into a low zone? Well, this time around I was affected. Maybe when you are bigger and grow more, both success and failure become more of your responsibility. 'Rangoon' was mounted on a humungous budget and publicised around my character. When something like that doesn't fare well, you do feel like sh*t."

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Salute the honesty of Kangana.

saif was force to be reckoned with in rangoon. he brought amazing passion and strength to the character. really memorable performance.

I just started watching the movie and seriously it is over indulgent. Acting isnt great either so far. Vishal has made better films and these actors have acted better

Rangoon was horrible. It was choppy and seriously very idiotic. Blaming the audience and saying that it went over their heads is foolish if you cannot give historical movies the research or production value. I am a history buff and the overacting, poor script and lazy direction made me cringe. Stop underestimating the Indian audience. And Sorry Kangana was sooo bad and a complete miscast. I liked her in queen but this movie she was bad.

I wonder why film people think that the audience is stupid and that they made something too brainy for people to understand, they are not showing rocket science, how difficult is it to understand a story if it is told the right way. Glad to know that Rangoon was indeed edited and some scenes were cut because it felt as if we were shown the unedited version :-) [PV please post]

Lol, like the film would be a blockbuster if those scenes were not deleted. Saif, Kareena and Sonam live in a bubble thinking they are great actors.

not sure about Sonam but Saif and Kangana are very good actors

The movie was average. None of the characters drew you in. I think saif was the best one while there was no believable chemistry between shahid and kangana.

I found it odd that Shahid had the same amount of screen time as Kangana, who plays the protagonist in the film. The film was even supposed to be called Julia. Even Vishal called him an insecure actor. Now it all makes sense.

Both Saif and Kangana said their best scenes were chopped. Kangana saw the film in 2015 and said it was her best and she was really excited for everyone to see it. Couple months later Shahid and his family had a few screenings without Kangana and Saif and suddenly these scenes are cut? Seems like Shahid was the insecure one. That's probably why Saif and Kangana didn't want to promote the film with him.

Saif is so underrated as an actor man. I like him so much.

Yep if those scenes would be there months movie it would have broken all the records

I, for one, really liked Rangoon. And it was hardly that complicated that people couldn't understand... it was probably a bit confusing or unexpected at times, but I found it a decent watch. What's the point of watching the same crap Bollywood churns out over and over... at least someone is trying to make something new!

He never talks bad about his co stars or the director. He is so classy compared to Shahid and Kangana

Saif is always blaming others after his films flop.

Saif was one of the better parts, they shouldn't have cut him out. Shahid looked like he was just sleepwalking through this movie, he looked totally bored and his character was totally boring.

rangoon was such a lousy movie. vishal is only good at remaking shakespeare novels.

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