Superheroes Vin Diesel and Gal Gadot are babysitting in this adorable pic

Vin Diesel and Gal Gadot chill together with their respective kids.
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Vin Diesel and Gal Gadot became best of friends after they starred in the Fast and Furious franchise. Both the A-listers share a great on-screen as well as off-screen bond.

Vin and Gal have earned fat paychecks for their Fast & Furious franchise, and on their own in Wonder Woman (Gadot), and the Chronicles of Riddick and xXx series (Diesel).

Vin, who has a humongous fan following on the social media, uploaded a picture on his official Facebook account where he can be seen chilling out with Gal Gadot. However, both the stars also got their respective kids for their meet-up.

The picture has broken the Internet after it got more than 1.6 million likes on the social media account. In the picture, Diesel's 9-year-old daughter Hania Riley is bundled up in a towel and looks fast asleep on her dad's lap. Next, to him, Gadot is bottle-feeding her baby Maya, who she gave birth to in March.

He captioned the picture as, “When we aren't playing superheroes... All love.” Vin Diesel, who is already a big Hollywood star, keeps his fans posted with his professional and personal updates on his social media accounts on a regular basis.

Gal Gadot is currently in the best phase of her career after her superhero film Wonder Woman was crowned as the top box-office earning movie in the world a week ago.     

Earlier Vin shared an adorable picture of himself along with Gal and congratulated on the success of Wonder Woman. Vin wrote, “There are no words I can Say that can convey how proud I am of you…Your recording breaking weekend is nothing short of incredible”.

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I wonder why people link Deepika to this idiot? He is a married man with kids, not sure why people are starting this rumor?

Imagine what's happening in deepika's head right now (if it hasn't exploded already)

You took thought right out of my head. JMJ, telling an American TV show with global distribution you are dreaming of having his babies--with his partner already with him for years, children. Now happy Mom Gal Gadot chewing breeze with him.

This would have been Deepika's dream picture.

I didnt know Vin had kids and was married.. Wow, deepika made such an embarrassing statement back then about having babies with him.. i don't know in india / bollywood, but out here in hollywood such a comment is looked down upon

When its your own child, its called parenting. They are parenting their kids. You babysit others kids.

Deepika must be crying in the corner


What will deepika give to replace Gal in this pic

She is not KAT to do that. DP has some sense to not do that.

Deepika will burn with jealousy.

No.. That's PC's nature to burn when she sees SRK with someone else.

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