This pic of a young Deepika Padukone reveals who she was crushing on during her teenage days

Deepika Padukone shared a throwback Instagram pick which revealed how a 12-year-old Deepika had a major crush on Hollywood star Leonardo Dicaprio
Deepika Padukone,Leonardo DiCaprio
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Who doesn’t have a crush on Leonardo Dicaprio? Well, the entire globe loves the Hollywood biggie and our very own Bollywood star Deepika Padukone also doesn’t lag behind.

Yes, the Bajirao Mastani star had a major crush on Leonardo Dicaprio when she was a young kid. The Bollywood star shared a throwback picture on her official Instagram account where a 12-year-old Deepika can be seen sitting on a sofa with her younger sister and the entire walls of her room are filled with the posters of Leonardo Dicaprio.

She captioned the picture as, “#flashbackfriday #MAJORflashbackfriday.” Well, we are glad the long-kept secret has finally been revealed.

On the work front, currently, the talented actor is shooting for Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Padmavati, where she is playing the titular role. The actor has been working on the film in full swing as the film is set to be released this year on November 17, 2017.

Padmavati also stars Shahid Kapoor as Raja Rawal Ratan Singh and Ranveer Singh as the main antagonist Alauddin Khilji. The shooting is happening at a popular studio in the city.   

For the unversed, Deepika recently came across a restaurant named after her famous dialogue while driving through Mahim in Mumbai.

An insider informed a leading daily, "Deepika was on the way home (in South Mumbai) when she came across a South Indian restaurant named Thangabali. She was pleasantly surprised, and couldn’t help but wonder if her dialogue inspired the owners in any way to name the restaurant that. She shared it immediately with her team members, who were also amazed."

The actor is currently busy shooting for her upcoming film Padmavati, however, she is keen on visiting the place soon, revealed the insider. “Chennai Express and her character in it are still among her favourites. Now, the new restaurant has given her a reason to revisit the film as well as her character, Meenamma,” says the insider. 


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how blind are her fans? she looks 15 shades lighter now. though they are blind enough to think she's pretty

not pretty then and not pretty now ps starlight and the chanandler bong person are the most delusional and hypocritical dp fans. all of her fans are like quirkbox

Why did she delete this pic!???

Its a pattern with her, everytime they had a movie releasing, she does everything to draw attention towards herself or randomly negative news about katrina starts making rounds. Petty and immature. Oh btw, her self obsession was evident even at that age, that poster of herself is evidence enough.

Her movie is like 5 months away. At least have some logic when rolling,

People commenting about her skin colour.... Look at her father he has light skin and she got her father skin colour. As a kid I was light skinned but once I started going to school and college got so much tanned became dark and now I live in UK am back to my light skin colour which people sometimes ask if I bleach my skin. In pics she looks even lighter due to light effects etc but otherwise she looks her normal self.

She regularly does intravenous sh treatments, which can cause lighter skin or reduction of melanin production as a side effect. Its India, it doesn't have fda restrictions or regulation on its use.

she was so pretty even at 12

All our walls looked like this lol. In my room, you couldn't even see the ceiling or the wall, it was wallpapered with Leo, Titanic, Kate, BSB, NSYNC, Britney, Christina, Celine etc. I'm very proud of it too. Go Deepika!

Pv why are you only posting negative comments from miss kitty 's camp ?. Why no positive cimments from dp's fans ? I know because you did not post my comment. Its the one which says dp has been there and done that ......
Post it please or prove that you do not post anything resembling the truth.

Is this even important ? NO!

"She has always been light skinned and didn't get bleachingn'


Why did she take down the pic???? Any insecurities?

She had a privileged upbringing. this pic is from around 1998. I have the hard copy:) I am 37 yrs old now...she is pretty and versatile, perfect successor to Aishwarya rai...both are south Indians with heroine looks( though average talent). Deepika needs to stay away from controversies and she will surely make her mark.

Queen Deepu is so cute! OMG always so graceful and talented

Deepika Padukone the most beautiful woman ever

She looks absolutely gorgeous and cute

Queen Deepika.. thank you for posting this

dont let a moronic section of fans ruin this post for you people,I am a katrina fan and some of the crap here is unbelievable!Anyways how gorgeous was deepika back in the day as well ,LOVE

DP lie about her age? She's 32, it adds up plus her dad is so high profile there's no way she could hide it anyway. I know prople hate on dp but this lusting after rk narrative is getting old, rk is aite but she has rs who's hot af, it makes no sense.

I remember DONALD TRUMP back then 80s in India......

No she is not trying to link herself with rk. Just showing that she has been there done that.......the rest are just johnnys come lately ! But then maybe I am wrong and Titanic is a movie that both of them loved and maybe talked about it......remember she was in a relationship with him and they do share a history. So cat and her pr and her fans can do and say whatever they want they cannot wish away the time rk and dp spent with each other.

lol been there done that? RANKAT were 6 years in a relationship and deepika less than 2 years! and RK said so many times that katrina knows him very well...he never say that to deepika...because mataji is so desperate that RK run form her rofl

Clearly, you did not understand the comment......I will leave you in your ignorance

Ranbir please go back to her. She is getting crazier with each passing day

Nah ! Kat that is you dear.

Titanic released in 1997. This picture must be from around 1998. Deepika was 12 years old then. How old is she now? Did she also lie about her age? Because going by the age mentioned here, she must be 32 years old.

You literally make no sense. If this picture is around 1998 and Deepika was 12 then, that makes her 1986-born, which is what every website says. She's 31.

Her date of birth everywhere is 1986 and has been since she debuted. So she WAS 12 years old in 1998. I think she is one of those rare actresses who haven't lied about their age. I've seen Kangana and Katrina's date of birth change through the years, both of them are in their late 30s. Even Aditi Rao has recently changed her age to 10 years younger!

Read it long back when she debuted...she is definitely 85 born..hence 32 years old..btw whats with age...she looks 5 years younger anyways

are you dumb? she is going to be 32. she didn't lie about her age

Go to Denmark and check the records !

Dude, the math is really not complicated. If she was 12 in 1998, then she would be 31 years old in 2017, which is what she claims to be. 12 + 19 = 31.

Shock horror, log kya kahenga! Man, people these days are ridiculous, it says she is 31 is it really the end of the world is she is a year older? lol!

Why must it be from 1998 and not 1999 or 2000? Was Di Caprio only famous for one year after the film? Genuinely curious.

She was born in 1986. She is 31 years old and doesnt lie about it. Going by your claim that the article is from 1998, 1998 minus 12 (her age then) is 1986. The math is pretty simple, im surprised by the foolish comment.

You literally didn't make any sense. If she was 12 in 1998, that means she was born in 1986, which is her actual date of birth. She's 31.

One person commenting again and full of hatred! Get well soon...!!

lol the comments are so dumb. so deepika at age 12 liking the titanic proves she is obsessed with rk and kat because they did some wannabe pose copying titanic? do you know how stupid that sounds? it's ironic timing yes, but really, use your brains people. geeez -_-

Her sister is a huge fan of ranbir lol

Toh main kya karoon? Nachu?

But Right now she is fan of only and only rk. Rk is her love, obesssion, Fitoor, and her God. She cant think of any other man however she has bfs like sid and Rs for showoff.

not just sid and RS...yuvraj and nihar as forgot her long term relationship with nihar... her first boyfriend in mumbai..his family helped her in her struggle days and she easily dumped him when she was introduced RK on sets of saawariya by there make up artist! now she is not able to get over it when RK dumped her after dating her for lesser time than she dated nihar. hadh hai is gold digger and status digger ki #realstory

Gosh all of a sudden she has to do this when rk told about titanic. Seems Despo to me. Pathetic

She was just lusting after him.

Padukone might have felt the heart ace when rk and kat made the famous titani pose.

With that Botox thing it was cringe worthy so I doubt she cares

Deepika was and is a superstar. Beautiful and gorgeous. I love the Padukone family.

She is beautiful

Mr and Mrs Padukone made some cute babies. I want some of those genes ;)

At that age, i looked like a potato. heck, I still look one. How can anyone be this gorgeous at just 12 years old? #Foreversalty

Everything about this is soo soooo cute. The Leonardo posters, that big ass computer, that mini Connect 4 (at least that's what I think it is), their interview!! What a lovely throwback.

Look at that computer lmao. It's so old. I remember having one of them.

What a pretty girl. I'm 16, but I wouldn't mind looking like that now tbh. LOL

Lol she was so dark..this proves hw many skin lightening injections she has taken

Loved this blast from the past. Deepika at 12 looks the same, incredible genes.

Girl in picture wearing yellow dress is DP?

Yup :)

I used to have Hrithik Roshan posters. Nice DP. beautiful always

Not pretty then and even less pretty now

I bet irl you'd be wishing to look 12 year old Deepika now

Love the gals so poised at such a young age! you all have already decided why she posted. Applying your causal effect logic of recent events, an important event happened in her life this week. She was invited to the Academy (oscar awards). She could be celebrating with her family and then they may have reminisced on her Hollywood crush at young age. She may have posted with those memories...
Hope you would post this PV...;)

So tall and poised even back then, cute.

lol deepika fav dialogue - I LOVE YOU RRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAANBIIIIIRRRRRRRRR i think even anushka dialogue of bombay velvet will suit deepika for RK -tumne much akele choda toh mardalungi deepika ......really dangerously obsessed with RK...wat happens when he marry someone? pv post


if she's trying to impress RK telling she also likes titanic and is favourite movie then really deepika is very desperate . lol

she seems to be obsessed with RK still....recetnly RK said titanic dialogue as his most liked english movie line and soon after deepika puts out this article lol she is always behind RK...telling she is the one for rK and his wife will have to deal with that or she and rK share special bond or now telling the world she also likes titanic hinting RK she is the perfect one for her lol this woman is so desperate for the kapoor tag and the status...this is really shocking! why will girl be so crazy for a guy who don't give a damn for her and who she said cheated? shows deepia was dumped as RK didn't love her and deepika was offended and struck at him ...however she has dated and dumped guys more than RK!!! double standard miss deepika

One word that's desperate

OMG in recent facebookk chat RK said titanic dialogue is his favourite line. now deepika has to announce she's titanic fan and love leonardo dicaprio!!! lol

ok. now this is a little crazy. Im not RANKAT fan but deepika must be stalking RANKAT JJ pros. RK quoted the titanic dialogue as his fav english movie line and now deepika tell the world she is fan of titanic and leonardo dicaprio!....what is deepika try gin to tell the world? she is the one for RK? deepika needs to move on...this is very desperate for RK...only proves its his money and surname as nobody will be so crazy for a guy who cheated ! pv post

you sound delusional

Love u deepika.

this looks like a follow up by deepika after RANKAT did the titanic pose when RK said the dialogue from titanic as his favourite english movie. Deepika's obsession for RK is only increasing day by day,

precisely what i thought

Deepika got lovely hair.

So sweet. I too have a his poster in my cupboard. I paste it when movie came. Love you deepu

RK and katrina recently did the titanic pose on Facebook chat and DANG!!! deepika proves she is fan of leonardo dicaprio!!! deepika needs help! ......this is a dangerous obsession deepika has

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