Ranbir Kapoor: I need Katrina Kaif in my life

Ranbir Kapoor speaks about his relationship with Katrina Kaif and how has she influenced his life.
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Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif are currently busy promoting their upcoming movie Jagga Jasoos. Helmed by Anurag Basu, the movie is finally scheduled to release on July 14, 2017. 
However, their constant banter is what has caught media's attention of late. However, Katrina dismissed the rumours of any possible rift between them by saying that they share a 'tu tu main main' kind of a relation.  
Recently, during an interview with a leading news portal, when Ranbir was asked if his changed relationship with Katrina affected the film shooting in any way, he said, "Not at all."
Further, he said, "I have been working with Katrina since my third film - Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahani. I really enjoy my creative partnership with her. The people that we are, we come with the intention to give the best to our work. I don't think we have every carried personal baggage to the set and that's the way it should be."
He, in fact, went on to say that he needs Katrina in his life as she has been a positive influence on him. 
"Films are an expensive medium. It's other people's time and money, there are hundreds of people who are dependent on you. And my relationship with Katrina, whatever has been said or written by the media or the conjectures, it has always been a very positive one. I don't think I can miss having her in my life. I need her in my life. She has such a positive influence on me, as a person and as an actor, and she'll continue being that. That's what it is. There is nothing like not talking to each other or not showing up. It was a lot of hard work not just by me but also by her. She is equally as important in the film as I am. She has stood by this film for three and a half years. She is like the producer of this film. I am very grateful for that partnership I have with her. I admire it," he said. 
Are you excited to watch Jagga Jasoos? Let us know in the comments below. 

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Lol if ranbir deepika was true love just because they were public LOL then why he moved on with katrina and she with that joker?

Ranbir if he did publish his relationship with deepika taking her hand in the events, saying goodbye to a kiss at the airport, even deepika has his name tattooed on his neck, they have publicly said how much they love in their moment, in the present too They have been publicly affectionate .. I do not understand how they can say that with Deepika did not say that he needed her in his life if he showed it to the winds with katrina if it were not for the media and paparazzi nobody would have known that They were in a relationship, they were always hidden, I do not know if that is love.

I hi k Katrina deserves better than rabir. Ranbir is so gross and not attractive and on top of it a horrible guy who isn't even trustworthy. Atkeast if he was a good boyfriend you can excuse the looks but he has none of that. He's a little boy still Bc a real man doesn't cheat. Katrina seems sweet and she already wasted her prime years on that Jerk when she could have had any man she wanted. I hope she does not ever go back to him. She deserves a faithful man. We all do

We heard he had a WhatsApp group where where he and his sister kareenaa along with other ppl do gossip and put pictures abt other .. haha ..look at him now .. ppl are gossiping abt him ... His life has become such a gossip and not in a good way ..ppl would be laughing around knowing abt these things ...

KAT fans be like "he never said this for DP. DP must be crying ". DP said in an interview for Tamasha that they dated for few months when they were young and realised that they are romantically not compatible. Both of them said they have moved on. When he cheated on her with this lady what did she do ? Just grow up to be awesome to become the highest paid actress with multiple 100 crore films with many awards. That's what she did. All bikini pics , gallery kissing pics , Christmas party with families and incessant stories on engagement and Marriage between these two all that didn't kill DP. His lame session on KWK with his BFF and DP dissing didn't kill her. What does that indicate ? Why will she cry for whatever he does or says now ? Stop fantasizing on what will happen to her and focus on worshipping whoever is your icon. PV please post. You seem to skip sensible posts to focus on silly mean racist ones most of the time.

THAT'S NOT WHAT I SAW........Deepika was full of spite and went on a campaign to ruin both RK and Kat careers and did character assignations to both with all her lies about depression and ridiculous insinuations. She called getting dumped as cheating and what not and it was the naïve public who made her popular by sympathy love on the backs of this couple. Deepika acted as Sati Savitri in all this and forgetting her own bad reputation with men but went on to show us how she is with all her costars. Even though she has other lovers, she proceeds to make fools of them by acting life RK's lover....maybe she

You are just a hater to say that when truth is out. DP didn't ruined Tk or kat career nor campaign for it. She speaks the truth. Rk was high on hos career and Dp revelations didnt hurt him or kat. Neither she did their character assassination what ever she said turn out to be true. She never did kat character assisanation kat broke Rkdp and rk cheated her. He admit it himself. Kat went to meet Rk in usa despite knowing he was with Dp later kat too said the same thing about Rk in GQ interview. Dp didn't lie about depression. How can you say that? Were you there with her? Or close to her? Don't assume when you don't know the truth. Dp is popular due to her talent and acting not sympathy. Kat lies a lot and fake a story about her dad and helping family and naive indians make her popular by sympathy and being salman gf not talent Kat acted as sati savatri in this and forgetting her own bad reputation and indecent profession in uk. She try to show she has no hand in hurting Dp or salman but shows how worst she is. Even though she has other lovers and clients she is manipulative to make innocent indians fool by acting ranbir loverz. Pinkvilla please please please post my comment . Its important fact . If you post this nasty comments by kat fans why not mine. Don't ignore this and biased towards Dp. I hope you wil coz you are neutral and honest


get married to kat if you need her inur life and u will miss her so much

OK Ranbir loves Katrina so much. He never loved any girl to this extent. He cares for her so much and wants her back into his life.
So ? What's this entire fuss all about. Why is Ranbir's choice so important to some people ? He is old and middle aged man who is rapidly getting bald. Deepika doesn't care about him or kat at all. They both can marry and live their life happily together and Deepika would still be happy with successful career and her dream man, who is yet to come in her life and not RS.

Rk is looking Katrina with so much of HaWAS.

Its sweet of Ranbir to say that. However I believe: if you are friends with your ex is either you have never really loved him/her or you still love him or her.. Ranbir its up to you again!

The promotions had nothing but RK KAT relationship drama. Nothing about the movies , it's story , shooting experience is discussed. The stars constantly talk about their equation that's all. In the past when they did the same with Tamasha the movie didn't become a hit just an average grosser. Will see what the fate of this one is

Salman is not interested in user kat and tubelight is a flop so again calculative kat runs back to Rk.

If Ranbir wanted Katrina so much he'd still BE with her.

Did u consider that maybe she left him? After being cheated on fir the 100th time?

It's not about who left whom & why . My point is when you say that you love someone & need that person in your life, u'd do your best to be with that person & make that relationship work. It's codswallop when he says he cares about Katrina & needs her !

Hello ! Where do you live ? He left and ran awsy whilst she was at work !

If that would have been the case then katrina too would have been behaving desperate like Deepika but she actually comes across as very secure and not interested in Rk anymore while he is still having feelings for her.

I don't get why you need o bring DP down to raise kat up? kat is behaving more desperate for her EXES. Be it sallu or rk. Lol kat is the most insecure and jealous person who is still not over rk. plz gets your facts right rk left her when she was out for her. post the truth plz

Maybe the movie is really bad...why else are they over-promoting it!

Stop RK...know u r a big Casanova.. no need to clean dat image using her from ADHM prom onwards...on da other hand katrina keeping it soo professional...now I agree she is class apart,not a single stupid statement she has given..

I from the beginning onwards don't like this guy at all. Good that others are seeing his real face now.

He can stoop to any low for film promotions. If I was katrina I would have openly exposed him in interview like Deepika but yeah she cant do right now but after film releases she should do.

Says a kat fan who bash and still abse Dp for speaking the truth. Double standards

It was written by a Deepika fan and then then replied by another Deepika fan.

How do you know its written by a DP fan? Every Anon is not a Dp fan. Kat fans bashing Rk. Its written by a kat fan not Dp. Post it

It was written by a Deepika fan and then then replied by another Deepika fan.

Are you serious ? Everyone can tell that the above comment is by a Deepika fan who is Praising her for her kwk episode which a Katrina fan will never do. I guess you are showing Double standards.

Are you mad? Above comment is by anon and he or she is a kat fan. See twitter and other rankat posts where KAT fans praise Dp for her Kwk and said we should join hands against Rk. Kat fans did that many times. Liars. Post the truth please pv don't ignore

Hi Deepika ! You are just fabulous and also at the same time jobless. First you write a comment on kat post Praising yourself and saying like you Katrina too should make the breakup drama a national affair.
Then after 2 hours you reply to your own comment blaming it on Katrina fans. Good going.

Hi katrina you are clever and obsessed with Dp. Kat already made her break up a national news and now want to expose Rk like Dp but is a coward this hiding behind sources and PR. You even made your relationship a national news and blame media. Stop blaming Dp and her fans. We all know you love to blame others. Pv plz post it don't ignore this and biased towards Dp . I humbly request you pinkvilla. Be neutral

Hi katrina you are clever and obsessed with Dp. Jobless enough to assume things . First you want to expose Rk like Dp and later blame it on Dp and her fans like always. Please you already made your break up a national news . Even you made your relationship a national news. Stop blaming and talking to Dp in imagination. Post it please pv don't ignore this and biased towards Dp. I humbly request you to post

Nope Deepika. Katrina is a smart and intelligent woman. She is so brave woman who came to India alone in her teenage without knowing Hindi. A coward woman like you can never do that. She can do a film like phantom without caring about hate from Pakistan but a coward actress like you can never do that. She can immediately after her break up six years long bf can promote Fitoor with smile on her face facing harsh questions of media such as is she faking it for film promotions but she courageously faced it. U need to learn from her how to hide your pain and depression from world and smile in front of world .

Nope katrina , you are a fake and manipulative woman who hide behind others nd do all. We don't believe your made up stories. You are not the only one to leave your land there are 100000 of people who go abroad alone and work hard without using people and lying to them like you do. Dp is not a coward actress but a brave one who speak her mind and speak about depression in public despite knowing she will be hated and questioned about it . A coward woman like you will never do that. Working against any country is not cowardness but hatred towards them who love and support you. its your job to promote your film and people knows you are fake. Hrithik to promote his film after his divorce with a smile and face media questions. Dp hide her pain and depression from the world no one knows it. after she cope over it and her friend commit suicide out of depression she choose to talk about it. its need of a time to talk about such things and help people. You need to learn from her how to help people and give other instead of using them all the time. POST IT PV. I REUQEST YOU TO POST IT. ITS NOT OFFENSIVE BUT TRUE. PLEASE PLEASE PV DONT BE BAISED TOWARDS DP PLEASE PELASE

Btw phantom was not a hate towards Pakistan from directors producers or actors but a harsh reality that it was their government and secret agency who attacked in India. Dont deny it for the sake of Deepika. Many people lost their dear ones. phantom was the best and bravest film of 2015.When Kabir went to Pakistan people were shouting, abusing and were not letting him to leave airport for making phantom. It's not easy to make films against these big terriorist as they can very very easily kill you. The entire team of phantom deserves an applause and salute for being brave.

I am the biggest katrina kaif fan ever and I want katrina to move on and stay away from this guy as much as possible. I hope its their last film. I want to see katrina opposite Hritik, Sidharth, Tiger.

I want to see Katrina only paired with Akshay Kumar, this is the only actor with whom I can perceive her! With Hrithik she has no chemistry, they are both cold as ice (

It's always something with these two. Let's get realistic, if they really want to be happy, Ranbir needs someone other than an actress, even if she is still from the industry, and Kat honestly needs to be with Salman.

Apart from everything, Katrina looks divine in that picture!!!♥️ Just wow ultimate beauty.

Ranbir n Kangana shud date. In KWK, he took her name twice.He is clearly obsessed with her. And she also sent her pics n mails in 2015. She loved only him but Kat was the Kabab me Haddi. Now that both are single, they shud start seeing and get married. Queen shud be Kapoor Bahu.

In KWK episode RS pulled RK by taking Kangana' name. RK went very quite and was uncomfortable. KAngy has an eye on him for a while.

I thought the marriage rumours, engagement rumours, breakup patch was a job done by kat pr however I am amazed that in all the interviews she comes across as not wanting to gain any headline with rk. The very first promotional showed how uncomfortable and quite katrina was. Later when everyone noticed then they started to fight in promotions so that it can be called chdmistry. I guess rk is the pr king of bollywood.

Like Deepika was his dalchawal during tamasha promotion. Now nobody believes this man.

Lolol RK had said Deepika is a big time flirt...He has never said I want her in my life or need her..Instead he has always said that we have both moved on and we aren't friends who stays in contact regularly.With Katrina he said I call her everytime for everything.I need her in my life.Big difference.Haters can take otherwise but he clearly loves her

Why bring Dp here? Kat is a big time flirt and a user. Haters het a life. Please post it

is that why he kicked her out of the house but she didnt wanna go so he had to run away when she was out?

he only needs her until the film releases. then he wont care

Can this movie release and become a flop already! Their promotions are exhausting!

Like XXX did?. and no one is forcing you anyway.

No one forces you to comment on DP's post. You do it anyway. Btw, DP's flop made 340 million$. How much did Ranbir's hit ADHM make?

like you bad mouth RS and DP. take ur own advice for once...

not XXX like Bombay velvet. who forces you to comment on RS articles then? preach yourself first. PV pls post...people need to be shown a mirror

and can you just stay away from RK posts and just concentrate on the "DEEPVEER" or "Padmavati" ones....you obviously hate RK and no amount of talent, performances n movies is going to change that

Its a print interview. Wait he will deny it soon. Like he said i will marry katrina by the end of 2016 but two days later he denied saying it. Said i was misquoted.

I think ranbir is in love with katrina secretly , but he's scared of commitment and she must have left him for good after she was done with his ways that's why he keeps pulling her leg and taking digs at her, there's some unresolved emotions from his side

Good answer! I thought so too, that he still has feeling for her, hence he's so invested in these banters with her in the first place. I wished they got back together. I didn't see ranbir sharing this type of equation with any other actress.They have Crazy chemistry on all the youtube video interviews, like the rajeev masand one. They must not be as bad as people credit them for.

Why kat fans always drag DP on Rankat posts? how she is related to it? That woman has move on in life and elated with what she got. She even don't think or follow Rankat. Kat fans grow up and stop assuming untrue stuff. Enjoy what Rankat posts.

Which interview is this? video link?

I have to say that this promotion of Katrina and ranbir has shown a completely different side of Katrina to me. Like everyone else we were so used to the playboy image of ranbir that we thought it was him who had left Katrina and basically kicked her to the curb. But it doesn't seem that way at all. It just seems like two people parted ways but still have great Caring for eachother. I admire Katrina deeply for being how she was in the interviews. She's almost like a unreachqble star that you want to get close to and she lets you but then suddenly stops and you feel like you want more. She has this aura about her. She hasn't once used promotions to feed people love stories about her and ranbir. In fact when ranbir starts getting mushy she gets annoyed and makes him change the subject. She is a great woman maybe that's why she is so deeply loved not just by her ex's but by all in the industry.

Well said
Kat is graceful lady with high reputation

He also said it in a face to face interview for gulf news whilst in Abu Dhabi :)
I think their relationship is so lovely. You can see all through their recent interviews how much he loves her perhaps if not as a lover but as someone he cares deeply for. Sometimes you can't be with someone but it doesn't mean you don't care for them and don't want them around. Even in interviews you can see she is a positive influence on him she is there to calm him and guide him. It's lovely to see. And I love how Katrina has not been over powered by ranbir and that she holds her own. She is not bowing down to him and begging for his love. She is graceful.

Hun, Ranbir cares about all his heroines/exes when it comes to his movie releases.

He has never said this about Dipika ever. Shows the amount of respect he ever had for Dipika.

so graceful she leaked all the pics and personal info including silversands pics...lol

Jagga jasoos release hone ke Baad asli rang samne ayega sabka ..kon kisko kitta pyar krta .. agar film hit Hui to they will come out as couple again ..and flop hui to fir part ways ..this is how they live

Ranbir should now marry Katrina Kaif so that he becomes Ranbir Kaif and Katrina becomes Katrina kapoor . And Deepika marry ranveer to become Deepika Singh and ranveer becomes ranveer Padukone. Final judgement

There are ppl like Shahrukh who dnt need to promote films on personal basis using gf etc ..and then there is this .. using Deepika Katrina ..all a Listers to be in news ..sometimes even Aishwarya....

I think Karishma and Kareena are the only sisters who took the kapoor Khandan forward
Or else it would have been over by now
.. I think instead of Ranbir ..his sister should have tried in films .. she would have more brain

He is uttering the same statements for her what Deepika used to utter for him ... Unbelievable .. Deepika got so much embarrassment for behaving like that ..and he is like saying this ... He wants all girls in his life ..he is wierd .. I think his mind has stopped working

Ranbir Katrina please get back together, Ranbir will never find more beautiful girl like her. She has class, beautiful soul and she can act too. People are so mean.. Actually as a second language she has done very good job with her career. These two look made in heaven couple.

hi katrina :P

kat is two timing both salman and ranbir for her own benefits.

Lol at kat fans who said neither kat nor her fans want Ranbir back in her. We have move on. Now what happened?

no ranbir. ever since she came in your life your life and films have gone downhill.

He loves her marry her Ranbir..She isn't toxic like your other ex and she has been with u since six years.Just marry Katrina Kaif

Lolzzz kat bashers he even admitted he only woman he truly loved and has huge influence in his life is Katrina..So though they may be or may not be together he loves her..

you cant love someone but run away from them! stop being delusional

If he can treat a superstar like katrina so badly infront of whole media shameless and fearlessly despite being backlashed for mainsplaining her, dominating her as a man and also as a starkid dominating an outsider.
one could only imagine how badly he is gonna treat his future wife of his mothers choice who will be about a decade youger than him, not much educated, no self identity or career.

Thats the problem man, You NEEDS her at bed on nights, show off your friends and world that you have the India's Dream girl( Till a few years back not now) as your Girlfriend and later to be your dutiful wife raising your children staying at home cooking food for you, washing your clothes without having any career or identify of her own . Men like you cant see a woman beyond your needs and think they cant have any choices of life and you have full rights on their life.

AAAAAW Deepika fans are burning for saying this too. Anyone watching their interviews can clearly see how still in love with her he is and a little insecure. While she seems annoyed at times, their bantering back and forth reveals a dependent level of intimacy they share that he can't break. It's so different than Deepika trying to force intimacy with him and trying to hurt his partner after 7 years of breaking up an 8 month relationship and after her having different partners, still she and her fans are talking about it as if it were yesterday and here, these 2 people shared a recent 7 years together and the realness and love is so palpable even though their interviews are classy and respectful. I wish them well.

He will surely be the worst husband of the world. He is simply using her name from Adhm time to JJ promotions only to clean his characterless cheater and not a marriage material image and wants to potray himself as an ideal commited boyfriend. I bet he wont see katrina's face after promotions and will never work with her however if jj becomes a hit like yjhd then he will desperately work with her.

True that!

Ranbir changes his words just like earth rotates

I will simply say that after watching JJ promotions video he takes dig at her in every place possible and humiliate her for her acting and accented hindi ( Thats ok as Rk wont be able to speak english in british accent). During Yjhd promo he treated Deepika badly as she was single but during Tamasha he gave her full respect as she became a much more bigger star than him and RS girlfriend.Since katrina is single and Ranbir isnt getting any new girl of kat/Dp standard even after trying so hard so he is taking katrina for granted and hopes that she will come back to him. If she was having another boyfriend then Rk would have been quiet like Tamasha promotion.
However my perception towards katrina has changed a bit.she is still the same bad actress, botoxed faced woman but She dont want rk back in her life instead she is focussing fully on her career right now.she is a professional lady.

Ha ha ha ha jali na ?

We know you need her for what *naughty smile*

How can Katrina ever became an actress???such a wooden piece.she used salman and thrown him away.used ranbir and did the same and now..returned to salman to save her drowning career.I think definitely in her upcoming 3 films she will have a cameo or otherwise.. all know about her role choices.expression less fdce and role .
Post PV.its the truth

If you see RK & DP are quite similar. ;)

And I see RK and KAT are quite similar :) liars, cheaters and no respect for fans and mentors.
post pv

Hahahahaha! Yea right!

Yeah, Ranbir. You sure need Deepika and Katrina in your life. As you dont share any chemistry with other actresses. U need them to save your flop career

I like kat. But he is lying ...like he did while promoting Tamasha.

Oh! I am eager to know when this movie will release so that the promotions of this film will end? Ranbir went on and on with sugary quotes on Deepika before their earlier flop film (I don't even remember the name!) and now he is doing the same with Kat. Please spare us this torture Ranbir. PV please post. Thank-you.

no wonder sonam said he will do anything to prmote his movie

deepika PR trying to negate RK new love interest by once again saying RK is fooling around still! lol

no its kat PR who is trying to say he has new girl in life and she has met her. Don't drag DP PR into this. she is over RK. But you ppl are still stuck into rkdp. POST PV BE NEUTRAL PLEASE

no its kat PR who is trying to say he has new girl in life and she has met her. Don't drag DP PR into this. she is over RK. But you ppl are still stuck into rkdp. POST PV

no its kat PR who is trying to say he has new girl in life and she has met her. Don't drag DP PR into this. she is over RK. But you ppl are still stuck into rkdp. POST PV

no its kat PR who is trying to say he has new girl in life and she has met her. Don't drag DP PR into this. she is over RK. But you ppl are still stuck into rkdp. POST PV

no its kat PR who is trying to say he ha s new girl in life and she has met her. Don't drag DP PR into this. she is over RK. But you ppl are still stuck into rkdp. POST PV

Ohh just SHUT UP Ranbir!

Yaaa. Rk. We need u too lol

Chill bashers it's from interviews and deal with it till JJ releases it would be Rankat everywhere

After JJ Rk will be everywhere coz he is a fantastic actor even if movie flops but kat will be no where. She cant act and will ruined the role. She will be the weakest.

Lolzzz it's from interviews by media and jobless Deepika fans think it's Katrina Kaif's PR..Such an illeterate lot

PV pls post what he clearly said that the only woman he has ever loved is Katrina

Oh my god he still loves her

Most boring promotions ,,, JJ hope be better

Hmmm he loves her

Rankat slays

Rankat forever and ever till eternity

He is still in love with her

Lol when he says I am over it no wish bring back negativity. Now he says she good influence on him ,,, rk can u say ,,, what about movie of jj ? Concentrate on movie ,, stop praising each other or talking how u hate or love or joke ,,,

Exactly rk must praise her. She is heroine of jj ,,, he can't start cheap talks ,,,

Actions prove :))) how possible need her if u all time avoid any topic on marriage with her ,,, yaa as actress u need her. But try use other word. Don't mess people mind,,, or kat will really believe u need her :))

Whats this nonsense?? Promotions ke liye kuch bhi..

ranbir will run away from her as soon as the movie releases! he will say anything to promote his film and well he needs a happy katrina, not a crazy ex on his side!

Has she really influence your life positively? Remember leaked pics of ibiza? Remember GQ magazine interview? And much more..

Ranbir is a joke, he will say whatever when it comes to movie release.

lolololol at kat fans who think he means it ! he's only saying those things for promotions. he knows she's worthless..

Oh please! Just chill KAT PR

Says a guy who walks out without telling her when she was out for work.

He Needs her not love her. Flop ranbir

Please shut your mouth.. you do not even mean a single word you say

calm down deepi....it hurt RANKAT exactly when you were all over him during tamasha and laughed at then in kwk 2010.....karma

Calm down katrina. it hurt RKDP exactly when you were all over him and went to meet him in NYC and broke them in 2010. karma
post the truth please pv

Calm down katrina. it hurt RKDP exactly when you were all over him and went to meet him in NYC and broke them in 2010. karma
post the truth please pv

Calm down katrina. it hurt RKDP exactly when you were all over him and went to meet him in NYC and broke them in 2010. karma
post the truth please pv

I all time hear the same ,,, I need all exgfs ,,, he needs he bz she in past but so he no wants mess up with her. He even never acknowledged her officially ,,, what talk on need ?

in sha Allah the film will flop that ranbir never work with this monster

God make up your mind

Didn't he said i am OVER her. He changes his words every day. Its better kat stay away from him.

Now katrina fans will believe him . Lol they call him a liar and went on saying don't trust him. He changes his stance on other Rk posts where he took a dig at her acting. When he disrespect they said he is joking and shouldn't be taken seriously. Oh katrina deserves better. Haha. P.S i would love if he marry katrina.

She's bad news

Remember when she was in your life and you ran away

Yeah you need her until the movie releases and flops

Now kat fans will ship them together after bashing him and his family. And I bet they will drag DP here and assume things on their own. lol common bring it.

Katrina has no worth of her own. She gets all praise or I say KJO gang due RK . She is nothing without her star BFS.

Now desperate kat will be running back to Rk. Despo.

Lamo at kat fans who call her REAL and not FAKE. Also it proved that she can do anything for publicity and her career.

Gosh katrina is so fake and manipulative. How she still has fans?

I don't understand him, sometimes he tries to ridiculise her in front of the media and now, he needs her in his life. Are you so worried that Jagga jasoos will become a flop that you start to say anything for people to show interest in this movie?

So there was no breakup. Kat did this drama to use her EX salman to save her career. She has no respect for her current BF.

Their comments are so bipolar!!

I always imagine of me being in the movie industry & taking a side of Katrina in any controversy surrounding to her in media n all. I really love her.

But katrina only needs your Surname Ranbir.

Proves RK is loyal to her but kat is not loyal to RK as all she cares is money and fame. On your face kat fans.

Awwww Ranbir marry her. No point in looking for someone better, there is no such thing. We are all flawed but if you can say such positive things about her after a breakup then there is something precious there.. Don't give it up

Just as an influence....please read that before all you stupid Kat fans(PR) start congratulating her!! hahaha

why taking those two wordsonly as headline need,))) he respects her as actor and person and he wants say he needs all his exgfs ,,, deepika including,,, )))

Deepika probably fainted after reading this

You wish Katrina. Dp is enjoying life and don't bothered about rk or you. post pv

Lmao not even together and still more romantic than deepveer

You can tell he's still in love with her


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