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Novak Djokovic's ex- girlfriend hints about his alleged affair with Deepika Padukone

Novak Djokovic ex-girlfriend gave some juicy gossip about her ex’s alleged affair with Deepika Padukone.
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It seems Novak Djokovic troubles have just begun after his family issues have come out in the open.

There have been rumours that Djokovic’s marriage has been in trouble for at least 18 months, with wife Jelena's stony face at the US Open last summer said to tell its own glum story.

And as we reported, BBC commentator John McEnroe has made the issue worse by comparing the 30-year-old champion with troubled golfer Tiger Woods.  Apart from this, one of Novak Djokovic’s ex-girlfriend has also exposed the alleged affairs of the ace Tennis player and sadly, one of them is our very own B-Town star Deepika Padukone.

Novak was linked to the gorgeous blonde Serbian pop star Natasa Bekvalac for a lot of years and now the Serbian beauty spilled the beans of his affairs to the media.

According to reports, Natasa Bekvalac suggested that her ex (Novak) would be far happier dating Bollywood film star Deepika Padukone. International media had gone berserk over some pictures of Deepika and Tennis star Novak Djokovic, clicked during their dinner date in LA in 2016. Novak and Deepika caught up at celebrity haunt - The Nice Guy in LA. They were clicked exiting the restaurant. They were also seen getting into the same car and driving off.

Djokovic has been linked with several women in last few years. Gossip magazines claim that he is also involved with a blonde lawyer from the Ukraine, named only as Victoria, whose Instagram feed shows that she follows him wherever in the world he plays. He is also said to have an 'emotional bond' with DJ Lady Lee, real name Lidija Popovic, whom he dated pre-Jelena.

The ace Tennis player and wife Jelena married in 2014 and are expecting their second child.                                              

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That ex just gave an interview to Daily Mail, saying she thinks Novak would never cheat. And Novak and Jelena instagrammed photos celebrating their anniversary. See, I knew this story was rubbish.

Deepika and her endless booty calls.

Omg .. deepika and ranveer their game is over now it is no longer necessary to continue pretending to be boyfriends, when they never were nor are they .. poor their fans, poor ranveer and if even so after seeing this news he is still with her, then It's just for fame. end lmao Please publish it

This desk is getting too cluttered. Can't find the truth in this mess. 1. The allegations of an affair are rubbish. 2. Stop dragging PC's name into this. She cares for DP and hates viral gossip mongers period.

Has anyone seen her Lux add. The level of nonsense she has spoken in it and she roams around saying this.

Shakuntela and priyanka are the biggest R...I . Period.

Nay. Rat tailed Shakuntela on her own is throwing shade. PC has nothing to do with this nonsense.

the affair doesnt make technical sense unless it was a very short lived fling around the time of XXX. i mean they were seen together once having dinner in a public place and didnt run away from the papparazzi when they were spotted. sounds more like two people who knew each other meeting each other when both were in a foreign city together. deepika has said more scandalous statements in jest about other men.

Do you guys understand the difference between Novak 'wanting' to date DP (allegedly, according to some ex gf) and actually having an affair or whatever? Jeez.

Ooo they went to dinner together... MUST have been a date.. its getting ridiculous... It's like a man and a woman cant have dinner and leave together... EVER... if they did.. they are "dating"... I'm sure both Djokovic and Deepika are laughing... Get with it media.. at least admit.. you don't know... just speculating... dont spew it out as the truth... Media is the reason everything gets blown out of proportion!

is ranveer still with deepaika or they just trying to pretend to be a couple ??

Deepika is typical spoilt brat. She is also over ambitious that's why never happy. She is after everything that other has. Muje iska role chahiye , Mujhe Uska Brand Chahiye, Main bhi Hollywood jaungee. Relax Deepu life is too short

So let me get this straight, crazy people are exploding over a statement by Novak's ex implying he'd be happy dating someone like Deepika. She didn't even say they had an affair. Simply wow. Its ironical that a particular rabid fan PC is calling DP shameless over a nonexistent affair despite her unconditional devotion for her favorite who actually had affairs with more than one married man. Tch Tch.

Man ıf some people read the comments Deepika have affair with eveyone in bollywood Haters talk about homi her oldest friends why they stopping She have fling with ayan to thats why He cast her or better She is SLB one true love

Sad part is Priyanka fans spreading this rumours her idol is finish her movie guess how manny day She shoot 4 day

Hey hater Novak just followed Deepika They having affair alright and Her wife post picture how everything s lie

PC fans love to hate Deepika She stole pc limelight everytime Just wait and see how pc gonna talk about her ex boyfriend

That anyone believes this is tragic,and media turning it into a fake affair is more tragic.

she is always a kabab men haddi.....for RANKAT, now novak , homi and anaita adajania.....many more to come...she always hooks onto a guy even if he is in relationship without a minute of thinking....despo deepika always jealous of committed couples...karma will backfire... pv post plz

Priyanka and other fasn trying to demolish deepika name because people never gonna froger how pc is cheat and lie and nearly broke two homes nobody gonna forget

Displacing blame and paranoia much??

No honey telling the truths and nobody care this news only PC fans talking about well thanks for 200 post

archana come her and leave comments this girl truly dont have life full time in twitter now in pinkvilla sad that her idol is letting her down everytime

Deepika try to build a career which she can work when She is older thats the reason she go to hollywood and this rumours is just nonsense Nobody belive that fact is people gonna remeber this girl who is desired

Katrina fans completely lost it Ranbir and Kat love story is not epic movie Ranbir cheat her so many times and kat herself admit it They suffer form that not Karma Deepika is firend with so many sport people There are so many pictures but Kat fans need someone to hate because they dont realy love eachother

Sorry DP no more your Fan, you seriously a big attention seeker. You can do better if you concentrate more on work instead of being in news for no good reasons.

Now that she is/was dating Djokovic (read: married man), Vin will not offer her films. :P

Thats Something called Katrina...

In your dreams haha... Lol your funny.... And when did people start not giving you roles becoz of your dating history.... She got her role because the directors /producers wanted to cash on her popularity in Indian sub continent.... So chill... You're negative views won't affect her career like lol.....

I want to ask Deepika fans if still they have guts to say Katrina and Ranbir did any wrong to her.
Novak a married man cheated his pregnant wife with Deepika, RS girlfriend.
Rankat were not married and neither was kat in a relationship.
It was all Deepika's Karma. In future she will suffer from Karma more for doing this.
Atleast Rankat loved each other and had guts to go against entire world for each other can Deepika and Novak do the same ? No their relationship will always be there in their bedrooms.

If you really believe this crap, you must be super gullible.

This women has her eyes set on all the married men. First Vin and now Djokovic. SHAME!

And i believe you are DP's best friend to know all about her dating history..... Get a life man... Don't make a fool of yourself in the comment section... If daily mail or any other tabloids are to be believed prince william should already be divorced from kate Middleton.... So chill none of this is affecting any party in negative manner....

Ranvir is just a doormat. He is slave of dpika only for success.


Going by comments from yesterday, the whole story is Faff.
However, it works for Deepika. I am not judging her at all. It's not like she started the rumour.

I don't understand how is she the Home-Breaker here. Novak is entirely to be blamed for the crumbling of his marriage.

New born brings enormous strain on any marriage. Throw busy career into the mix. Recipe for disaster. Celebrity marriages are the worst. None of the seem to last and those that last seem like both parties are suffocating in it.

Sad to see one more marriage biting the dust. All parties are financially secure though. His wife wont stay in this marriage if he did cheat on her. Anyone with sense of self respect would do the same.

my love for Deepika increase so much even though people dont know her still ship with people

Guys stop linking deepika to fawad...he consider poor comparing to other men she dated and she way bigger star than him...deepika won't waste her time on him...
post pv don't be biased guys...thank you...

Exactly...deepika is so ambitious and successful...while fawad is just a tv actor who came to India and started to hang out with kjo to get movies and make some money...even in Pakistan his wife and her father helped him in his work...

I love how Shakuni's back to spread lies. Just because your global rani screws around with married men, don't mean everybody does. Get a life!

Way to go, PV. The ex didn't even hint any affair. All she said was "Deepika would match him better. She has her own career and he has his."

So you want me to believe Novak's ex who hasn't been in a relationship with him for 13 years?? The one who's been described as publicity hungry? Oh, and you also want me to take Daily Mail as anything but an unfounded gossip column? Yeahhh, I call BS.

Deepika fans will obviously call it BS because it exposes Deepika.

Shame on you Deepika. It took his ex girlfriend to expose all of you. Knowing well his wife is pregnant and you are also in a committed relationship with Ranveer who BTW is a doormat. Deepika milked the meeting as she wanted to become famous. She had said she was friends with his wife but this ex girlfriend has now also revealed that his wife was not at the dinner date and that Deepika left with him alone in his car. I never believe in these things but now that others are exposing this man as a player and knowing Deepikas history I can't help but believe it. PR misfire. You shouldn't have an affair with someone just to get popular especially not if you are already at the top in India. So sad and desperate for fame in the West. Why not happy and content in India and Indian Subcontinent middle east etc. Why. Why. Why.

Lots of Love Shakuntela

Don't drag.Ranveer don't call him doormat he is honest and loving he trust her

Being a Ranveer fan, I think he should leave this user Deepika.

Let me clean all the lies this woman just wrote:

1. The ex girlfriend didn't expose anyone. You wrote that you read The Sun. That newspaper didn't write anything damaging. All the ex said was he would match Deepika better because they both have careers. Where is the reference to their affair?

2. The ex didn't reveal that his wife was not at the dinner date nor that Deepika left him alone in his car. That was the paparazzi.

3. The ex you're talking about is described as publicity hungry. You're going to believe her, really? And you're going to believe The Daily Mail as a reliable source?

4. Nobody is carrying any stories of Deepika breaking their home.

5. Shame on you, Shakuntela. I was a fan of Priyanka's. But not anymore. I'm not going to stan someone whose fans spread lies about other actresses. If you wanted Priyanka to lose fans, then you're doing a great job!

When you comment Shakuni, your line of argument loses all credibility.. You have zero credibility!

Shakuntela your love is NOT returned. You are despicable assuming you know this story is true when it is obvious pure heresay. You should be ashamed not Deepika. GTH and don't come back.

Like Shaku could let this opportunity to slide..Sigh

Shaku, slide out of Pinkvilla and don't come back.

I am sure it hasn't taken anyone by surprise!


Why do people here expect stars to have the same kind of morals and ethics as their fans? Are you living your life thru them? Deepika has never once admitted to dating Ranveer Kapoor. Yes, she plays "coy" and they do act like they are a couple but she has never once said "Yes, he is my boyfriend" It's pretty obvious she is not in a serious relationship with him. She is free to date whoever she likes and when Ranveer does not seem concerned or heart broken with this, why do their fans attach themselves to these thoughts? Let it go! Your favorites are not here to please you.

No one cares about Ranveer...but bc this guy is married...that's it...

Deepika was involved with Ranbir Singh and any dinner or ride with anyone doesn't mean she is in love with that guy.
On other hand this is entirely her matter - why media is trying to gain TRP using her name - are they ran out of subjects ?

A cheater who's now cheating indians by giving fake appearances with Ranveer to promote Padmakaty

anything to stay in news deepika.. novak - in your dreams :)

Anything to start posting hate comments on DP's article huh PeePeedika....... Even when the gossip is one year old and the gossip is rubbished by jacovics wife..... Way to go PeePeedika..... Much love and you're such a little kid and not in a cute way....
Post it pv..... Send love to this kid.....

And her fans have the guts to call Rk a casanova

Lost all respect for Deepika. Her PR jumped on the opportunity so she gets international media attention despite knowing Novaks wife IS pregnant. How low can you get? How desperate can you be?

Well if Padukone can call Ranbir 'PALANGTOD' and his Boxers as 'CUTE' in front of camera then she can do anything.

Despite of being having a committed boyfriend she openly flirts with Vin, Novak Ranbir and fawad. Hopes so she gets married soon
But unfortunately she won't
Because She openly said She can have sex outside marriage.

Ranveer ko chor ke duniya ka koi b aadmi chalets Deepika ko.

omg the list of the men she dated she's really khiladi no 1 . Lol akshays movie name khatro ka khiladi, international khiladi deepu play gal.

As a huge fan of Dp i personally thank all all kat and PC fans for all the hate in the comment section.... While this whole so called affair is rubbished by jacovics wife one year ago you're hate is only bringing attention to Dp while mostly upcoming dud of a film jagga jasoos is losing all the attention.... So thanks Kats fans for indirectly or unknowingly promoting dp.... Much love

WTG deepo. Why not? You are young and a beautiful gal. Go and get some more....

Deepika fans believe everything and any blinds about others but when it comes to news about their favourite then it's not true. Double standards much? This article is more credible than blind items Deepika fans believe about others at least

Lol at all kat, PC, etc fans who always defend their favourite actress in various articles with tooth and nail and spew great amounts of hate in any article that's written about dp.... But you don't want us dp fans to defend her when you can clearly make out that the article is a Damn clickbait and issue is rubbished by jacovics wife.... Yeah so now talk about double standards.... Anyways thanks for all the attention you guys are bringing dp,it's only promoting her.... Thanks people....

Yep this article has a lot of credibility because the source is daily mail (lol known for its unimaginable gossip and yellow journalism) while the other source is also credible as its jacovics publicity hungry ex from 2005 where all she does is speak about jacovic with Serbian media..... Damn those sources are Damn credible (like lol) but anyways this article is giving dp a great ength of attention and promoting dp so thanks for all the hateful comments

Interesting. I saw the news in The Sun. Not better but more than one paper is carrying the story of Deepika breaking their home as this was highly sensitive due to his wife also being pregnant at the same time.

I simply can't believe it. Going through the post makes me believe males gossips more than the females. Females are just blamed out of nothing. Females don't feel bad we have males on this category too.

Daily Mail hinted at Deepika breaking Novak's home. True or not the damage is done. I hope his pregnant wife doesn't see this news.

Lol darling you are so naive..... Deepika is not the only woman jacovic is linked to..... Jacovic is linked to numerous woman.... Just look at the previous articles written n on him..... It's common for jelena (jacovics wife) to see such articles printed about Her husband.... But jelena herself dismissed the rumors so when its not effecting jelena,ranveer or deepika why are you throwing the whole pity party when every one is happy and the news is a Damn clickbait.....

Oh plz Deepika pr your Deepika looks like his mother, just look at above pic.

Doesn't matter what true or what's not. It's what people think about Djoko now.

More than films in a year this woman has affairs with diff men.

Lol your talking as if you know her personally, so how did you exactly know she exactly had all these affairs..... Just shut it and focus on Kats life who is begging for salmans attention and doing those over enthusiastic jagga jasoos promotions or if your a PC fan focus on the fact that she's sleeping with every one in Hollywood for movie roles just like you are alleging that deepika had an affair with jacovic when its totally rubbished by jacovics wife.....

and ppl drag Katrina for dating Salman and Ranbir only .
while this trash date who ever she meet :/

Don't even start ! This kk had enough men to last her seven lifetimes !!

The trash your commenting about is one of the most popular and highly paid actress with humangous fan base.... You're comment itself shows whose the trash..... Now what i want to ask is that are all kat fan's so class less i see nasty comments posted in this comment section.... But anyways all your hate is only promoting Dp, while grabbing more attention than those over the top dud of a movie jagga jasoos promotions...... Thanks for all the hate kat fan's your truly promoting dp

Cheater Deepika

well....she loves athletic body. just observe the physical similarity between Ranbir kapoor, sidhart malya Fawad khan and Novac..she would never get over ranbir's hangover

Anathor kats fan who believes he knows dp personally... She's moved on Ranbir a long time ago.... Only person clinging to ranbir is Kats fans who always live to bash dp even though any one can make out that the article is a Damn clickbait.... Thanks kat fan's for all the hate which is giving dp a lot of publicity and attention.....

Nihar,upen,yuvraj,dhoni,ranbir,sid,ranveer,vin and now novak but deepika acts like sati-savitri and her fans seems to comment cheap on sonam,anushka,priyanka,kangana,katrina .pv post this truth.

This ex gf said nothing about an affair, just her personal opinion which is nonsense. Not being a fan of someone shouldn't make you lose common sense wnd decency without proof.

DP was all dressed up and walking in front of the photographers on purpose, it was meant to be photographed, not a secret dinner date.

I am not anyone's fan here but can't ignore this fact that Deepika's fans has been accusing Katrina of having a dark past without any concrete proof but now they say people who believe these words are dumb. with that boxer comment on Ranbir, clinging on him while he was committed, talking about having babies with a married man on a popular show and now with this... still her fans talk about others. The truth is Deepika has no differences with Priyanka with regard to committed men.

Looking at her past numerous boyfriends seems deepika like to taste different flavours.

You anti commenters are so creepy and nasty. If you believe these rumors I have a bridge in London to sell you.!

Truth is that deepika had a numerous boyfriends and she likes to change different taste. Priyanka's 1000 times better than her in talent and beauty.

Rubbish. His ex seems like a cheapie out for publicity just because they had lunch. An article had come at tht time saying Novaks girl and Dips were friends and nice to each other!

Another guy dp hooked up with for publicity

All I know is this Guy is very good looking. Much better than Ranbir kapoor.

She is with ranveer

Couple goals :P

I wonder, why always Deepika likened to another man and not Ranveer linked up rumors.......isn't it ironic that from last 1 year we hear Deepika's name associated with vin diesel , Fawad khan, Ranbir kapoor and now this gentke man...i think DP should stick with Ranbir Kapoor because both of them couldn't be 100% honest on thier relationship.

Everybody gets smitten by Deepika and her charm but this is fake lol

The real story might be that Deepika might have just thrown herself on him but just like Ranbir, he too would have kicked her ass.

Yeah just the same way kat threw herself at Ranbir when he was in a relationship with dp and just the she threw herself at many men including Salman when she entered industry and she still continues to throw behind closed doors for movie roles... Lol atleats dp dates someone openly unlike kat who does all shady stuff behind closed doors while acts as Damn innocent in front of the world..... Although this article is a load of bull.... Thanks kat fan's for all amount of publicity you are bringing to Dp much love.... Post it pv pls in response to all nasty comments Kats fans put up in this section

I really dont think handsome Novak will date this woman who looks like his grandmother.

Its totally fake and by Deepika pr to keep her in news as she is in news for stupid things like stealing food on sets. She knowns she would get recognition internationally for this.

Hatts off to Ranveer man for tolerating her.

Dp always want to be popular in public and catch celebrities.

DP's PR should stop her from linking her to all these guys.. even with Vin she was all over him.. I really stopped liking her after XXX..

And here begins the promotions of padmavati.... All the best Dp love you..... Post it pv

It was obvious. If she really wanted to meet Jelena, she would have met Jelena and Novak together but no. She met with him alone in the most paparazzi filled place for the publicity

Why are people so mean to our lovely hollywood superstar deepika?

Why is she so mean, why break vin diesel's heart??

It might not be true but that girl really looks for trouble and attention. There is no way she didn't realise that having dinner twice with a famous, young married man, known for being a womaniser wouldn't create a controversy.

I guess this was a strategy to get media coverage in the US/Europe.

"iam not her fan but this is rubbish" actually means, Iam from her pr and now we are doing damage control by pretending this is fake....ohkei losers

I feel pity for deepika fans defending her, the same people who bash other actresses for no reason. Your price less princess has been exposed! People who are defending her by saying that the ex just mentioned that they would suit each other and nothing else, i hope do realise that deepika is not Jennifer Lawrence that people would randomly link her to someone, she is a pathetic pr machinery and nothing else. It clearly mentions although they are defended it by saying she is friends with jelena , jelena wasnt clearly anywhere in the picture. Point here is , she is going the kim kardashian way, no publicity is bad publicity. Im pretty sure she must be happy that this news has come out, tabloids might write a word or two about her. Feel bad for Ranveer, seems smitten by this user.ranbir kapoor would be thanking God of having gotten rid of this lady earlier. She neither is a good actress neither a good human, she has no morals whatsoever, worst with her contemporaries. My sympathies for her fans may you see her real face and love for jelena, she is far far prettier than Deepika, and hate djokovic, was my favourite, , now he is a cheater that too with the trashiest person on this entire planet.

You poor thing. You have time to write such a long comment. Get a life huh?!

Whatever this is, it is great publicity for DP! To be linked to this guy!

Doesn't work like that in Hollywood. Her career will be over before it begins.

That;s EXACTLY how it works in Hollywood. The whole Rob Pattinson - Kristen Stewart affair was cooked up by PR. Everyone here in LA knows it. Where do you live?

Well, not really. It could have been if the rumours surrounding his philandering ways were not publicised and if she was photographed with his wife too.

Her PR's initial plan failed as no one will buy into the whole "dinner friend" thing. Come on, she can't be THAT close to him if she's lived all her life on another continent. Why would a famous and successful playboy spend time with a gorgeous woman he has just befriended.

Anyway, I don't think they had an affair but something is fishy and she is playing with fire. This is not Bollywood, Deepika, the UK/US media can kill or make a career at the speed of light.

Hey kat our girl is a hottie and everyone wants her.Can you say the same for yourself ?

Katrina is sitting on Pc writing bad comments on Dp. She is writing same comments again and again. Jealous kat


What Novak's ex Lidija actually said was:“Deepika would match him better. She has her own career and he has his."

Ok kat fan's get a life and focus on Kats life and stop spewing hate in this comment section.... DP's leading a happy and successful life so chill.. This is a one year old article....

Wait a sec, so you're saying that Novak dated this Natasa chick before 2005, then started dating Jelena in 2005 and 12 years later this ex somehow knows his current mistress and thinks she would make Novak happier than Jelena? If you guys believe this rubbish, then God help your souls.

She knows Novak personally, obviously she knows more than Deepika fans. :)

Lol its quoted in the original article that jacovics ex is a publicity hungry women where all she does is talk about in media about shit she doesn't know or shit she believes she knows better than jacovics wife who rubbished the rumors, yeah all kat fan's should believe the comment of a publicity hungry ex because then they'll get a reason to post hateful comments in this section and show the world how truly jealous they are..... Keep it kat fan's you are doing a great job....

This is rubbish! Celebs know how to have affairs. She wouldn't go on in public for a dinner. As for Ranveer, if Deepika can put up with his hooking up rumors then he better put with up with these shitty ones as well.

He doesn't have

Yes, rubbish because it exposes Deepika and her fans can't believe it.

There is nothing to expose darling media has clear pic

There's a reason my high school teacher said never to put Daily Mail in our reference list lol. If we were to believe everything they say, Jennifer Aniston would be pregnant for the fourth time this year, the Kardashians have completely natural assets and Prince William and Kate were heading for divorce.

I'm almost sure this is just rubbish.

Lol.You said 10 times the same thing, it only shows that this story can be a possibility.

She is searching for a rich famous popular guy like Vin and Novak who can keep her in news so that she can dump RS.

She always date rich guys like Dhoni, Yuvi, sid, Rk,vin and now novak. She used to date nihar and upen but dumped as soon as she got break. She will dump RS too.

Hahaha Ranveer is rich and handsome more.than ugly Rk and novak

And she is one of the heighest paid actress in the world ...so plz

Good joke. Hahahahaha

Didn't know Forbes was a comedy website *thinking emoji*

Good joke. Hahahahaha. PV post it

This padukone is so characterless.

Katrina fans are believing it but if this was about katrina they wouldn't have believe it.

Just imagine if it was about katrina then Cheapika fans would have behaved now since it is about their fav Cheapika then its wrong blah blah blah. Dirty people always show Double standard.

Lol!!! Look at these people in the comment section claiming they are not Deepika's fans but still support her. But in reality they are her fans. If this was about Katrina or Priyanka, Deepika's fans would have called them names. Now what happened? Isn't this the same Deepika who claimed Katrina broke her relationship with Ranbir. She too turned out be a cheater. It's not hard for me to believe considering how she behaves in public with men. Saying things like how she finds Ranbir's boxers cute or how she imagines to have babies with Vin or how she was drooling and falling over Vin during Xxx promotions. Now Deepika, her PR and her fans will go in damage control mode by disliking all the comments that are against her (including mine) and making sure the likes in the comments that favour her are more. Lol!!! Pinkvilla lets see if you post this

DP's PR intentionally released this pics for keeping her in news ..but her fans are denying

LOL at PC fans trying too defame Deepika! Really?

Ranveer needs to dump her for his self-respect. DP is disgusting.

Some jealous soul who cannot be happy seeing recent Ranveer birthday pictures with Deepika came up with this fake story.

Deepika can never cheat on her partner.

That's what delusional Deepika fans think.

How would his ex girlfriend know about his current affair? The original source said that she's publicity hungry and they're right. This is clearly a load of nonsense.

Lol. What rubbish is this.

For Deepika fans, this is rubbish because it exposes Deepika. They would believe it if it was about Katrina, Priyanka and Kangana.

Let's face it, those three haven't exactly had clean personal lives. I can kind of....KIND OF understand that. Deepika's been with just one single man in the last four years. And anyway, you have to admit this is rubbish. This story just screams gossip.

One single man??? Lol.. She's been openly flirting with Ranbir, Vin, Novak in the last four years.

So what ! flirting with someone does not mean that you are with him/her. Besides flirting is quite healthy normal and natural. Tell you what.....its the ones who pretend to be quiet and shy in public are the ones having affairs behind closed doors!!

Lol. This is how I see it. Deepika would do anything to get publicity. Since Virat and Anushka always get publicity for their relationship, and her PR relationship with Ranveer was becoming boring, and she had just met Novak, she thought of dating a sportsman too, lol. But it didn't last long. Poor DP.

Yaaar it was her PR spreading rumors for Padmavati promotions as talking points.

Brah, Deepika is friends with both Novak and his wife. Also, why are they hanging out at a big restaurant if they were having an affair? Cheaters are more discrete than that. This all doesn't add up at all.

She is NOT friends with the wife. She met Novak first and tried to befriend the wife during Wimbeldon. She met Novak at the Nice Guy restraunt after he snuck out of a Lakers game after halftime and his wife was not there.

If I recall correctly, Deepika had invited both of them for lunch after that Wimbledon game.

Did you see the invitation card?

Lol waiting for all kat fan's to start bashing dp... This is 1 year old news which is rubbished by jelena (jacovics wife) before you stew your hate in the comments section think around this point that you'll look like fools and jealous tards if you start hating 1 year old gossip rubbished by jacovics wife.... Just focus on Kats life becoz DP's very happy and successful in her own career and life.... Post it pv pls

PV, did you know that Deepika is friends with both Novak and his wife Jelena? There are pics of Deepika hanging out with both of them. I doubt this affair is true.

Let me introduce you to the concept of friendship with the opposite sex. Maybe google it sometime.

I like how you guys are taking Daily Mail so seriously. Even Daily Mail doesn't take Daily Mail seriously.

Yes indeed . I am from the UK when this tale broke out a few days ago & latched on to the previous lunch story . The man was married when the comment came out , it's not the place of an ex girlfriend to comment .It was not said seriously too. If anything Deepika should sue the pants off the DM.

Deepika lacks dignity to do that. Ash sued a foreign news agency when some rumours about her life got published, because she knew it was rubbish. Deepika knows this story isn't rubbish.

Katrina doesn't look good to talk about dignity. Dp knows that is rubbish but kat only you think its true. If Dp will sue you will say oh she needs publicity. Why didn't you sue stardust for leak ibiza pics oh wait you know it was your Pr post it

Only PV takes them so seriously. Remember how they made such a big deal about them calling Deepika a Bollywood blunder?

She said he might be happier with DP. Where is the hint of an affair? Am I blind or something?

How the heck would that ex even know Deepika? I'm calling BS on this one.

Deepika is such a loser

Deepika aunty's wrinkled face

is there any girl from bollywood really like this PR queen deepika?from Kareena,anushka,kangana,sonama,priyanka,katrina..

The influence deepika has in indian media is unimaginable..her ivs with rajeev masand,anupama aunty ,priya gupta and many are proof...thats you read negative about katrina,priyanka and anushka but not a single one about deepika saint..she pays them .she is such a calculative person

Ok, even I don't like Dp, but are y'all seriously believing Daily Mail and a gossipy ex? Talk about reaching.

yeahh, I'm not buying this. If they were cheating, why would they have gone out to a huge restaurant like The Nice Guy where most hollywood celebs go and paparazzi hide out? Plus, Novak even waved to the paps lol. I doubt they're that stupid.

Deepika was awkward, looking down and hiding her face though

I'm not that fond of Deepika, but even I'll admit this is rubbish.

Anyone would want to be with Deepika she's the it girl. This source didn't say they had an affair he probably likes her and you can't blame him ;)

Look how Deepika fans are not believing this. But they will believe everything about Katrina, Priyanka, Kangana, Sonam.

You seriously believe this? You think a world famous sports star would go to a restaurant popular with Hollywood stars, wave to the paps and then cheat on his wife? I'm not a DP fan, but this is clearly just gossip.

Excuse me ! Did you just say hollywood star ? LMAO I hope it was a joke as it made me laugh hard. No one knows her in hollywood. Poor thing cant speak hollywood's language with correct accent at first place forget about being star.

Umm, read my comment properly. I never said Deepika's a Hollywood star. I said the restaurant is popular with Hollywood stars, as in Hollywood stars have gone there. Selena Gomez, Jessica Alba, Taylor Swift, Drake, Justin Bieber, the Kardashians, etc. have been photographed at that place.

The Daily Mail said that ex is "a publicity-loving ex who seems to spend half her life posing in a swimsuit and the other half gossiping about Djokovic's marriage with Serbian reporters."

You really think that's reliable, PV? I bet she has never even met Deepika.

Are you seriously calling Daily Mail a credible source? They're known for their yellow journalism and baseless gossip.

Deepika is following Priyanka's path. Compare these two wannabes with Aish and Kareena.

And her fans call Katrina with inappropriate words. First Vin, now this. How can her justify this?

Glad her true colors are finally coming out.


Karma karma karma

deepika can go to any extent to stay relevent

But where the hint?

Gosh ! This woman. This is why I personally do not like her.
PS : I'm no one's fan in BW, I enjoy watching only good movies.

She doesn't say he had an affair. She is just suggesting that he would be much happier with someone like DP. To be honest, any guy would be happy with DP. She is so loving and caring.

I hope he has a better choice. Jelena is so much better!

The Sun (UK) and Tennis World are talking about her too not just Daily Mail

Maine life main itna bada clickbait nahi dekha

What rubbish!


Ab yhi din dekhna baki reh gya tha. I am done with her now.

one word: clickbait

Great clickbait, PV. This is one year old news. We all know Deepika's just friends with Novak and she knows his wife too.

Get the popcorn out. It's going to blow up...1, 2, 3...

That's why she started to roaming around with Ranveer?!...

I don't think her comment necessarily points to an affair. He may be happy dating her, but she may have rejected him.

Nah, he was already married when he met DP for dinner, it was just a PR photo op .

Oh dear! Makes me lose respect for both Ranveer and DP.

And here she wants to have babies with vin disel and date Ranveer and in control of Ranbir

wow leave the guy alone

his ex-girlfriend is saying that and not his wife? that's fishy. Deepika is friends with both Jelena and Novak. Just cz she went to have dinner with him in 2016 doesn't mean they had an affair! As a matter of fact both Jelena and Novak have come put saying that it isn't true, why didn't you also included that PINKVILLA? and FYI, daily mail is known for being one of the most shittiest sites, if you want to spread rumors the make sure you use reliable sources.

Indian actresses so far only went after Indian married men. She's gone international. So proud.

I saw the pictures Daily Mail posted and Deepika's face looks like she got caught red handed on that date with Novak

It's directly from the ex itself so wow deepika making India proud

DP pretends to be such an introvert innocent lass when she's actually pretty chaalu when it comes to guys! I pity Ranveer

deepika is everything but not a cheater

his wife is deepikas friend also after that dinner she went to srilanka with ranveer so no

where is the hint