Saif Ali Khan: Taimur Ali Khan gets written about like he’s Elvis Presley

Saif Ali Khan gets candid about Taimur Ali Khan's popularity.
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Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan's son Taimur Ali Khan has become a star since the day he was born. Whether it be his name or his adorable pictures, everybody is talking about baby Taimur. 
Talking about his son with a leading news portal is Saif who said, "Taimur gets written about like he’s Elvis before he’s even born. And so now when he’s growing up, it’s going to be really tough for us as parents to keep a level head on his shoulders and tell him, 'No, you are nothing. You haven’t achieved anything until you’ve done it on your own'."
He added, "When he’s 18, the press themselves will launch him. So where does the nepotism start? The producer is just an opportunist saying 'okay, let me market this'."
At a book launch recently, Kareena also got candid about the media attention on her son. She said, "I think times are changing and wherever we go, we get clicked, which is a part of our normal life. I want Taimur to grow as normal as possible, then why should he be treated any differently? His parents are normal, he will lead a normal life like all of us. So I am okay with the fact that media clicks his photographs; besides my Taimur is the most amazing looking child!"
Kareena also hinted that she may not embrace motherhood for the second time. The actress said, "With everyone's help, my pregnancy has just flown by. Now I think why I should go through it once again."

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I wonder he even dares to call Elvis's name in same sentence as his son! He shouldn't forget that his own wife publicises her son. If his son is Elvis the what would we call Aradhaya? PV please post.

OMG! Did he just compare his son to the legend?

Go anywhere in the world and even decades after the self-made legend’s death, just say ‘Elvis’ and everyone knows who you are talking about.

Even amongst Bollywood media fans, mentioning ‘Taimur’ does not cut it. Heck, even after saying his full name you would have to clarify whose child he is for people to understand who you are talking about.

Thats bcz of his mum.......

Well all thanks to Despo kareena pr.

he is a little mini butter ball more than elvis presley.. better than elvis and more popular this chubby little boy! look at those cheeks.. such a cutie he is

If you adopt the Kardashians policy, people will care because you are paying your PR to bombard us with stories. Pinkvilla is covered with 3-4 articles about Kareena everyday, so yeah don't feel so special about Taimur getting so much attention. He's getting that attention because you guys want it, duh!

Taimur is more famous than any celebrity child even his siblings including his upcoming actress sister, Sara!!! He must be really special!!!

Actually the media now is just cashing in on the self promotion by the stars themselves

The only way we can combat this is to no longer click on the links of star kids even though we love to hate them.

I usually likes the way he talks or comments, but isn't this a bit too much? Comparing his son to Elvis Presley, seriously? BTW, his wife publicized her pregnancy period and made it so much to be talked about and now they are doing the same thing about the kid. I really feel sad for those star kids, who miss the normal way of bringing up and the fun associated with it! I bet Reena is the only person who had done that better than any star wife, keeping herself and kids away from the so called limelight!


seems like kareena has had a negative impact on him... to many stupid comments lately.

Media coverage of useless starkids and starwives is a proof that his opinion is correct.

He is right.

Oh god please both he and kareena have foot in the mouth problem donot put your sons name and elvis Presley name in same sentence elvis is a legend and your son is just another kapoor maybe 20 years from now bollywood will actually let real talent shine than these nepo kids

He is right. If Media is so much against Nepotism, why do they cover so star kids and infants? Admit it, it helps to get them views as public is interested to know abt them! So, why shud nt a Producer also leverage the legacy? Its nothing personal, its pure business

"When he’s 18, the press themselves will launch him. So where does the nepotism start? The producer is just an opportunist saying 'okay, let me market this'." ------> What a looser...

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