Deepika Padukone and Irrfan's next with Vishal Bhardwaj gets a release date

Deepika Padukone and Irrfan''s next with Vishal Bhardwaj will release next year in October.
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Deepika Padukone and Irrfan will be reuniting after Piku for a film based on Mumbai's mafia. The movie is to be co-produced by Vishal Bhardwaj and KriArj Entertainment and is said to be directed by a first time director, Honey Trehan. 

The good news is that the movie has reportedly been slated to release on October 2, 2018.

The film will be based on the story ‘Femme Fatale’, which is a part of S Hussain Zaidi's novel, Mafia Queens of Mumbai. Deepika will be seen essaying the role of a feared female don Rahima Khan aka Sapna Didi who made a plan to kill don Dawood Ibrahim to avenge the death of her husband. In the process, she gets killed herself. 

According to a report in a leading daily, Deepika was doubtful about working with first-timer Honey Trehan but the script left her wowed. She will start shooting for it after Padmavati. 

Vishal Bharadwaj in a statement to the leading daily said, “Deepika had been persuading me to write the script and make a film on ‘Femme Fatale’. I’m happy that she loved the script and agreed to work with Honey on this.” 

He also added, “Irrfan is an incredible actor. I’m looking forward to the two of them coming together in this film. Honey has been with me for than 15 years. I am sure he will add interesting nuances to the script.” 

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I hope Deepika films gets crushed by varun's film. And as Ranbir haters claims that Anushka is a bigger star than Ranbir but not varun right after all varun has sucess ratio of 100%. I am just fed up of this Nepotism thing. People needs to understand that Ranbir varun and Alia are way better actors than Deepika. Deepika can never do what Alia did in udta Punjab and what varun did in Badlapur. She and Anushka became Superstars overnight by getting launched opposite srk whereas Alia has always acted will smaller stars than her. Deepika became famous for being Ranbir's gf and later ex while Anushka for being Virat's gf. They too full advantage of Nepotism. Look Alia is dating sidharth who is not a starkid. Alia bhatt has a heart of Gold And Ranbir is the best actor and best man.

Its clear that you are obsessed with Alia and only dragging others into this to bring in refuting nepotism idea into the story. You go on and on about Alia making it very clear. While you are entitles to your opinion, the majority have different ideas regarding this.

Where was the need for this rant ? This post is about dp and irrfan not alia and rk . And BTW whilst I agree that rk is a good actor alia is way overrated.


Love love love Deepika Padukone

Two flop next pv

cant wait my Deepika

LOVED piku

Sui Dhaaga will not be like Dilwale or Dishoom, it will carry good word of mouth.

Yrf+Varun+Anushka+Modi support vs DP+Irfan will be fun.

You hate it or love it but this woman is killing with her screen presence

She should do more roles like wish...waiting for this one...

Excellent! Looking forward to this movie!

This is the movie I'm most excited for next year. Sapna Didi has a fascinating story and character arc and I'm so glad to see Deepika and Irrfan reunite. They're my most underrated jodi. Hope Vishal has a great script and first time director Honey Trehan makes a memorable debut.

Looking forward to this one. hope nepotism son Varun Dhawan gets taken down by these two outsiders!

When I read it's a mafia movie, for a moment I thought it's KJo biopic lol

Quite similar to Haseena parkar story

They're totally different characters though. Haseena is Dawood's sister and she was apparently involved in her brother's illegal activities. Sapna's gangster husband died because he wanted to stop working for Dawood and Dawood killed him. That's when she decides to take revenge on him and destroy his empire in the underworld.

Oh god working with 20 years older Irfan will age Deepika on-screen. She can play these types of roles even at 40. This is her age to do some romantic modern day love stories like Yjhd or cocktail with Sid Adi and varun. I must say Anushka is quite smart she is romancing actors younger than her.

I don't think varun-Anushka pair will work because Anushka is or atleast seems to be older than varun. If you look at films where folders actress has romanced younger ones and they all are Flops like bbd,fitoor,Gunday,Anjana Anjaani,Ek mai aur ek tu, Hoti tere phase mein. And katrina, kareena and priyanka are top actress . However Deepika and kangana seems younger than Anushka as they have been paired opposite younger actors.

I hope she puts on some weight before doing this film. Right now she just looks like some random struggling model.

Yrf with varun anu are much bigger. This movie will not get enough screens. They should shift. Also because the other movie was announced first.

Deepika as Don lol ok.. isn't she a bit too model looking to play her? Wasn't Rani supposed to do this which I think is a far better choice.

Only few actresses can pull off being as innocent as naina or as metro sexual as veronica or a strong working woman as piku or as a bar dancer as mohini or a good south indian girl as menamma or a strong headed girl as leela or a mistress as mastani or future queen padmavati or a bad ass sapna didi. She perfectly fits into roles as strong indipendent women or a bubbly naive girl. Just love deepika's characters in all her movies they are damn memorable. Pls post it pv.

I love this pairing so much but DP seems like such a miscast. If she actually manages to pull of powerful and strong I'll be very impressed

Ok katrina. :p

Nah ! its Alia !

Nah ! its peecee !

Will she have a single release in 2018 too. ? Can she just stop acting in xxx series and rejecting good roles like sauna biopic, kalpana chawla biopic etc. She is already the best actress of bollywood after Madhuri dixit if she chooses films like these instead of xxx then she can become a legendary actress like Nargis Dutt and Madhbala.

She's lost that entirely. She's gotten the worst at choosing movies. What legend? She was overshadowed by PC in Bajirao, had like 3 lines and an annoying character in Happy New Year, Tamasha completely belonged to Ranbir, and of course, XXX. She has so much more potential.

In the times when most of the movies are flopping, Varun has given hits consistently. That's why trade guys love him and he will have their support in this clash as well.

Talk about varun and consistency and think about DISHOOM. Even varun can't save a movie if the story is bad. Huge star cast couldn't save dilwale just like it couldn't save DISHOOM (varun, John abraham, Jacqueline starrer). If the story appeals to the audience then only it will survive at box office. Period. Post it pv.

Talk about consistency of varun and think about DISHOOM lol. I personally belive if the story is appealing to audience then the movie will take off. Huge star cast couldn't save dilwale and neither could it save DISHOOM(varun, John abraham, Jacqueline starrer). If audience don't like the story even varun can't save it. Period. Post it pv.

Bollywood hasn't learn a lesson even big films of big stars getting tank badly at the box office. Clash will only make the situation worst. Sadly media and few haters will make it about Dp vs Anushka. Few people bash Dp for releasing Bm with Dilwale as if she was the producer and director. Above all YRF always play dirty. Adi even didn't spare her best friend Kajol when Ajay Srk clashed in 2012. Vb should shift coz YRF announced the date first. Post it please pv

I like this pair and both actors, but it might be a miscast unless the script is written well for DP. Anushka is my favorite actress, but I really hate Varun. Tough call for me; I'm a Dippy AND Anu Fangirl.

Film isn't sounding good hopefully it is good. Sarabjit was a fantastic film but people didn't like it as it was about a failed attempt by a woman and this film is too. However plus point is that Film has Deepika who is young and can actunlike that old Aishwarya.

Wow will Anushka and Deepika film clash at box office. I mean now we will come to know who has more starpower although Anushka has taken more risks than Deepika while doing Nh10 and phillauri and now even pari Deepika has never starred in an offbeat film like this where her co-stars are not Superstars. However Anushka is a more natural and phenomenal actress compared to Deepika who is not a natural actress.

Seriously? Anushka and RISKS? She got 3 film deal with YRF and if not for BBB with then newcomer Ranveer she wold not have been in Bollywood. Where as DP had no film deal with anyone and had to wait for 4-5 years to get critical acclaim with Cocktail. Anushka said that she is in Bollywood because of hard work and talent. She has 300 Cr film with the Khans PK, Sultan. ADHM was a hit due to Ranbir-Aishwarya Jodi. NH10, Phillauri, Pari are all her productions were she is the only face that we see alot. Whereas DP got roles like Leela, Naina, Mastani, Piku with her hard work and the producers had trust in her. DP(and Alia too) even rejected a role against SRK which eventually Anushka had to take cause she knows without the KHans and YRF she is nothing. Anushka's dialogue delivery is very fast and her laugh and face is irritating.

But Anushka picks GOOD roles. She doesn't just pick movies for the actors, her roles matter. PK and Sultan had substantial female leads critical to the plot, unlike Bhaijaan and Dhoom 3. All her productions are risks, she tries genres no one else does, and what's wrong with her being the main face? It's her company! No one complains about guys being their main characters in their own movies.

Anushka just isn't versatile for me. Apart from NH10 and Bombay Velvet (where she was overshadowed by Raveena with just 1 song), she's always been playing light hearted, bubbly girls. She puts too much of her own personality in her roles and that might be why they all seem bubbly.

Adhm was hit due to Ranbir-Aish Jodi ? Just like Yjhd was hit due to Ranbir-kalki jodi. After like Aish even talking is much better looking than Deepika. Why can't you Deepika fans digest anyone's sucess. People after watching the film were saying how Anushka's role was the best one in film and how stupid was Ranbir's character and plz Anushka is a far better actress than non actress like Aish and Deepika. Go and watch phillauri how terrific she is as a performer. Deepika is older than Anushka and has now past her prime but Anushka's best time is yet to come. And Anu gets films from yrf because of her hard work and good nature whereas Deepika got popular as Ranbir's girlfriend. Yrf have worked with Deepika once and maybe they might have not liked her so they don't offer her film.

I personally am neutral about anushka I don't hate her and i don't love her either. Thet main reason she was casted in yrf film is because she had an affair with Aditya chopra and it's a open secret in the industry that's why they signed the three film deal. Adi chopra even went against kjo and casted anushka in the film. And that's how anushka survived in industry against Nepotism or else she would have been done in industry after that mediocre movie rab ne bana di jodi.

Ran ne bana di Jodi was a smashing hit. It clashed with Ghajini. And it is better than Om shanti om. Of course it's story was silly but so does was of Om shanti om. Let's admit that good films don't do good in India for ex phillauri was way better than Bkb nonsense. Phillauri was a new film whereas Bkb was a typical masala film full of over acting.

Rab ne bana di jodi didn't do much for anushka her expressions look wooden in most part of the movie. What brought any recognition to anushkas career or saved her career was band baja barat. I personally loved om shanti om it's a iconic movie and agian that's my perspective, just like you may prefer rab ne bana di jodi. Many people till date watch om shanti om and it's also being remade in Japan.

Om shanti Om and iconic ? How ? I mean it is typical bollywood nonsense with punah janam story of two people where srk is taking revenge for his past birth born with same face and in same place and his new girlfriend looks exactly like his crush of past birth. And there is also a ghost taking revenge. Well such type of nonsense works wonders for bollywood low IQ audience. I bet this kind of film will never be made in Hollywood. As for Rnbdj it's story too is annoying but it can't be compared to Om shanti om crap. I still love Rnbdj because Anushka's character was so strong and equal to srk unlike oso which was all about srk. Anushka looked so innocent and so pure. She expressed her sadness with her eyes. It is her career's best performance In fact it was so hard to believe a 20 years old debutant was acting in such a classy was that even today Deepika , katrina, Aishwarya can't act..

If Anushka was so great then why no one called her after RNBDJ? DP had to act 2 different roles and she did them quite well. She even got award. Anushka got hit due to BBB(newcomer Ranveer did better acting) SRK recommended for JTHJ(1st offered to DP) Anushka 1st rejected then accepted PK cause she knew PK will be her easy 300 CR film. Her acting in Bombay Velvet proved she has zero chemistry with Ranbir. She then took Sultan (offered to Kangana and DP) Again easy 300 Cr. ADHM was more talked for Fawad and Aishwarya-Ranbir parts. Even Anushka knows it cause she had to explain in her interview that she is the actress of that film over and over again. Her production films are average cause they are produced at minimal cost. Even Jagga Jasoos, Rangoon will be hits if they were produced like that. Now she has accepted a role against SRK again (rejected by both DP and Alia cause they are busy with other films) Proving she is here only cause of YRF and Khans

Again read my comment clearly i said according to my perspective. No matter how non sensible the movie is oso is an iconic movie and more over we can't expect much sense in Bollywood movie and oso comes under a different jouner (social fantasy + romance) just like we see few rebirth and time travel movies in Hollywood,and will you now start bashing all people who enjoy Hollywood social fantasy movie lover's, who enjoy time travel or movies based on magic etc as low Iq people as theses movies are also not practical in real life. You might hate oso because it's a Bollywood social fantasy movie if the same concept of rebirth and revenge was produced in some big budget Hollywood movie with all special effects you would love it and you wouldn't bash the movie lovers as low iq people as that's the jouner of the movie. To me anushkas most memorable performance till date will be her role as shruti kakkad in band baja barat. You writing a comment cant change people's perspective i still feel anushka expression looks wooden and not as comfortable on screen as she today is. And again you stating that either DP or ash can't act just shows that you're a anushka fan so i can't and don't want to change your opinion on acting abilities of other actress.

who cares

No matter with whose film this movie clashes with if the content is good then audience will accept it, just like they accepted bajirao mastani over dilwale. But their might be a drop in both the films collections. Personally I'll prefer DP's movie.

Two power house performers. Deepika and Irrfan were superb in Piku and I can't wait to watch their next film.

Varun movie in 29 September .

Varun anushka's movie on make in india is releasing on same day. Not a good idea to clash with varun in his current form. Post it please.

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