JP Choksey on Tubelight's failure: Salman Khan’s presence in the film saved it to an extent; the story was a letdown towards the end

Salim Khan has called for a meeting with distributors for Tubelight's failure at the box office.
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Salman Khan's latest outing Tubelight did not manage to win hearts at the box office, despite it being an EID release. Salman then decided to compensate the heavy losses incurred by the distributors of his movie. 

Recently, according to a leading daily, Salman's father Salim Khan called for a meeting with the distributors at Galaxy Apartments. Salim will discuss and evaluate the extent of the losses suffered by them. He has also asked for a list of exhibitors to look into the possible losses because many exhibitors assumed that the movie would make box-office history and booked the film on on huge Minimum Guarantees. 

JP Choksey, Veteran Central India distributor and the one who has many times released Salman movies in the past said to a leading daily, "My office releases all the films directly through Salim Khan’s office, but it is true that Khan Sr has called for this meeting. Salim Saab felt that the distributors who had released the film needed to be compensated to some extent. It is a very noble initiative from Salman and his father and it will set a precedent to all other stars to follow."
He added, "Salman’s presence in the film saved it to an extent, but it was his submissive characterisation that went completely against his image. The story was a let down towards the end when the girl who was initially projected as Chinese, went on to reveal her real identity from Kolkata. It didn’t seem convincing."

Meanwhile, Salman is currently in Morocco where he is shooting with Katrina Kaif for Ali Abbas Zafar's Tiger Zinda Hai. Tiger Zinda Hai is slated to release on December 22, 2017.

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Sallu Bhai cannot act. Just like his ex- Katrina.

the main lead is a disaster , he can't act and when he cries he make me laugh , he is not like rohit or my name is khan , he should learns some acting with workshop and he will improve and may be he will have a good future and he will become like srk

It should be romantic film for Salman Khan to be hit

Salman Khan is the Sultan of Hindi Cinema.

This movie became flop because of salman's character portrayal..his fans love action, comedy or anything..but not a special disabled man..feels like its not salman but somebody else..

Salman is the best actor in Bollywood

Lol..u mean worst, rt?

The movie wasn't so bad but Salman's acting ruined it. He's not an actor. Period!

If a film is bad it can't be saved irrespective of who the actor is. It may work once or twice but not always.

films can be saved if bollywood just understand that story is the main hero so hire the correct person for the main role not hero but it could be a child or a woman then the story will work

Salman's is the worst part of Tubelight: Raja Sen

This KHANdaan is so fake. They are not interested to compensate the distributors, but showing like they care about the distributors.

Kabir Khan messed it up this time, the story was messy and script bad. Yes, Salman's presence can make 100crore but he also needs some help from a decent story and script.

Like every other actor , salman Khan too is an ordinary human being whose films can move from side of the equator to the other .... it's no big deal ... so I wish people would be less judgmental and more appreciative of all actors and what they bring to Indian cinema !!

This is what happens when everybody believes that salmans presence will make a film blockbuster ..and in the greediness Katrina is signing films with khans ..

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