Shahid Kapoor on Rangoon's failure: I am sad for the film not doing well

Shahid Kapoor gets candid about Rangoon's failure and t Padmavati.
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Shahid Kapoor was in headlines after he won the Best Award at IIFA for his brilliant performance in Udta Punjab. In an interview with a leading agency, the actor revealed that he hasn't signed anything except Padmavati. 
"I have not signed anything after Padmavati and it isn't a thing to worry about. You should only worry when you are not doing a good film. "It's ok to wait and do good movies. I want to be associated with films that have good content and are entertaining at the same time," Shahid said. 
When asked to divulge more details about Sanjay Leela Bhansali's film, he said, "I am not supposed to talk much about the film. All I can say is it's an amazing cast and it is going to be a spectacular visual experience. I am having an amazing time on it. Wait for it, it's coming in November."
Ask him has Bhansali signed him in his next Tuesdays and Fridays, a light- hearted romantic comedy, Shahid said, "I read about it. But I haven't signed anything after Padmavati. So wait for an (official) announcement."
Shahid's last film was Vishal Bhardwaj's Rangoon that did not do well at the box office. Talking about it, he said, "When a film doesn't do the kind of business or get the appreciation it should get, its heartbreaking. I was fortunate that people liked me in Rangoon... Regardless of anything people have liked my work in his films. I was happy I got recognised. But I am sure when we work together again we will do something great."
"Rangoon as a film had many energies and many people. I can't take ownership of the film. I am happy my part was appreciated but I am sad for the film not doing well," Shahid said and signed off. 

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Damn I really wish I had gone to watch this film but unfortunately there weren't many cinema's playing this in my area. Still I will surely watch it on Netflix if it's there.

Rangoon is a good movie. India audience are sold to Hollywood. It's dangerous for Bollywood. Think.

Shahid = boring

In that case he will always be in the inertia of sadness,
bcoz 98%of his movies tanked at the box office.

He is either whining or taking credit or seeking attention or forcing us to look at boring pics of his wife. This guy can't do anything right.

anyone who invests in a Shahid movie should be ready for bankruptcy.

Had it been a hit, he'd be harping it is his film only

This is how it should be Shahid, more about your work and once in a blue moon about your personal life, not the other way round. On a different note, Rangoon was a great movie. You all should be proud of it, it wasn't made for the masses anyway.

He thinks that he's now a great actor. Pfft... Just because you're not doing the choclative boy roles anymore does not mean you're a great serious actor.

Another product of nepotism - survived in the industry for more than a decade without any notable performance

Shahid.. product of nepotism??? Exactly how? His mom was a classical dancer n did some supporting roles but more of a theatre person.. his dad got more recognised bcuz of shahid. He has been theatre actor all his life.. shahid had no nepotism favour. Dont just spit bs made up stories.. he struggled for long time bcuz of being super skinny guy. He didn't have a grand launch like ranbir etc his dad wasn't even much of a social person to have friends inside the industry. Shahid was in ads n music videos n bavkground dancer to karishma n aishwarya in the 90s for being part shamaks dance troupes n he got some connections thru him.. unlike nepokids who never hiven auditions or struggled n worked as background dancer.. pankaj has been in movies now more bcuz of shahid.. he was mostly raised by his mother n they lived as very middle class. Sometime which he didnt have money for gas for his bike.. so dont call him nepokid when u clearly know nothing abt him. N no notable performances?? It doesnt matter of me mentioning his "notable" performances bcuz u choose to be blind.. he lasted bcuz of patience n his talent which he has both in acting n dance which real nepokids lacks most of time..

Lol...okay I concede the point that he's not as well connected as ranbir or abhishek bachchan but compared to some others like kangana or nawazuddin, he's still much better connected, which is already saying a lot. Any connection in b'wood is valuable, even if it's a tenuous one like pankaj kapoor's. Also, you're right in that he's a good dancer but I don't think he's a good actor. He might be a better actor now than his former self but still not great even after sooo many movies. In my opinion, his only good performance to date has been haider. But yes, he's not a glaring example of nepotism like some others but perhaps a milder one...

EVERYONE has connections in the film industry. Why do you think people go to live in Mumbai? You could live in Delhi or LA even if you simply had to audition, send in tapes or reels and that's it but that's not the case, people have to move to Mumbai to network, make connections, go to events go to parties work in tvc's go to studios make friends etc. There is literally no one in the film industry that does not have connections even Preity Zinta was friends with both Bobby Deol and Farhan Akhtar who came to her house to narrate Dil Chahta Hai prior to being in films.

EXACTLY!!! He can be arrogant and full of ego now, but he is NOT a nepokid, he is even more famous than his own parents

After so long he's on news about movies. Otherwise it's about his family/gym. How refreshing this is.

He can't take ownership over Rangoon, what about his previous movies which 90% of them flopped, who should take ownership of them?

From my perspective all three were hamming.

Who cares? The movie is dead and gone

Shahid did nothing for that film; Kangana and Saif had to carry him. And I don't even think he's a bad actor, cause he was really great in Udta Punjab.

Y tok abt a debacle that happened years ago.. I think Mira and misha ke bare me btane ka stock khatam ho gya ..dats y turning to Kangana's Rangoon to get attention ... By the way thak God pv has stopped posting pics of Mira ..we are relieved that we don't have to see her now

Years ago??? Lol Rangoon released in Feb 2017, it's only July now!

These actors promote movies focusing themselves in promotions and say I can't take responsibility for failure as its a collective thing.

"I can't take ownership over the film"! I am sure he wouldn't have said this if the film was hit. Desperate moron

Seriously Shahid its high time. Take help of divine, astrophysics etc to get success while you already have fame.

You did extremely well Shahid and so did Kangana and Saif; I LOVED the movie..

Rangoon is a art film far from bolly audience but i enjoyd their great performance.

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