After Sonu Nigam, Suchitra Krishnamoorthi courts controversy by terming Azaan lowlife and dumb

After Sonu Nigam courted controversy over the 'azaan' issue, Suchitra Krishnamoorthi on Monday found herself in a similar situation as she expressed irritation over the Muslim prayer call.
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Four months after singer Sonu Nigam courted controversy over the 'azaan' issue, actress-singer Suchitra Krishnamoorthi on Monday found herself in a similar situation as she expressed irritation over the Muslim prayer call.

"Came home at 4.45
a.m. to most aggressive/ear shattering call of 'azaan'. Nothing more lowlife and dumb than such extreme imposed religiosity," wrote the 41-year old on Twitter early Sunday morning.

Bollywood director Shekar Kapur's former wife's tweet evoked angry reactions, with the Samajwadi Party condemning her and saying "it has become a fashion to criticise azaan".

State Samajwadi Party President Abu Asim Azmi said: "Those who sing and dance till early hours, drink at 2
a.m. in parties in hotels, and sit with their arms on shoulders of strange men and talk, who have spoilt Indian culture have suddenly started criticising."

Saying that people like Nigam and Krishnamoorthi had no right to criticise '
azaan' or even tolling of temple bells, Azmi advised them to go to bed at 8 p.m. instead and get up early in the morning.

Terming her statement "irresponsible", another SP leader asked whether the prayer call was more important or her sleep.

Nigam had earlier griped over the use of loudspeakers for '
azaan', calling it "forced religiousness".

Following a storm of protests, he had shaved his head in protest after a 'fatwa' (religious edict) and a Rs 10 lakh reward announced by a Muslim leader for his scalp.

A singer, actress, painter, and philanthropist, Krishnamoorthi is remembered for her role opposite Shah Rukh Khan in the 1994 release "Kabhi Haan, Kabhi Naa".

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if you dont like it MOVE .. there's many countries without this so called "noise" ... If in a country where many people worry about where to safely find a place on foot path so they don't get killed in their sleep, how to find their food for the next day, worry about their daughters coming home safe from colleges or night outs .. YOUR annoyance is azan ... you are in the wrong country!!

As a country we must stand up and protest together for practices that ain't leading us anywhere and only spreading disharmony and hatred towards a certain religion.. Its nothing to with being a Hindu or a Muslim.. Its about what is right and what is wrong to the majority of the population living in a country.. Loud speakers must be banned.. Even during the ganapati festival.. It gets impossible to keep peace during these times..

Muslims don't need to defend their religion blindly. Loud speakers are mot allowed in so many Muslim nations but in your country muslims think it's their fundamental right to scream 5 times a day, occupy the roads for namaaz and can't tolerate a word against them.

She didn't call Azaan low life and dumb PV.the sound and noise it creates is annoying . Don't twist things to suit your low life

She seems to be one low life

Low life are the ones who force religion on others.

i dont get it...dont these rich people has air conditioned home. I hardly hear anything in the morning. and people it takes only 2 mins. and its nothing new to India. so why hurt peoples feelings like that...this azan issue is shows your upbringing. your parents didn't teach you to respect others religion. thats all....

Where I live, the Azaan goes on for hour, in high volume, early morning.

Where do you live? On mars? Coz Azan is same world over and its literally 2-3mins long.

LIve and let live yaar! U PArty do what u like without having to answer the 'samaj ke saudegaar'. Similarly let the temples and mosques and churches celebrate their God

Let them celebrate their God, but don't disturb others with their practices.

Kudos to suchitra.these loudspeakers r very should b banned.v allow loud speakers that shows how tolerant v r

Dalai Lama: There is no fortitude like patience, just as there is no destructive emotion worse than hatred. Therefore, practice patience and tolerance. We experience happiness on a sensory level that is relatively short-lived. But lasting happiness is related to our state of mind. A more peaceful world and a more peaceful century require that we rely not on weapons but on developing a widespread inner peace. Having a calm and compassionate mind enables us to use our natural intelligence more effectively.

Glad she spoke her mind..enough PC talk and bowing down to religious mafia and their so called educated supporters posting here!
I have nothing against's the high decibel/volume of the prayer at such early hours that makes it frustrating or unbearable.
The same call in softer volume and in later hours of the day would be melodious. It's the modern world, people have alarms and prayer need to wake up or bother non-muslims, patients, old and sick people..
All high volume sounds between the hours of 10pm to 7am should be restricted, and permission should be given only on special occassions

This Abu Azmi is a known terrorist sympathizer and a well know criminal, this moron should stop teaching what she should do

She'll get her 15 mins fame out of this

Religion needs to adapt to the modern world. People have alarm clocks now.

Most sensible comment

GOOGLE :Jerusalem: The Israeli government passed a new bill on Sunday that forces Muslim mosques to lower the volume of the Adhan (call for prayer).

Goolge info: In Saudi Arabia, the Ministry of Islamic Affairs banned small mosques from using loudspeakers by AL ARABIYA

Even we don't know her who is she

then educate yourself better. she was quite a popular singer and a decent actresses.were you born yesterday? or are u one of those chamchas who only know khans and kapoors?

Goolge info :Does Islam mandate that mosques should use loudspeakers?No. There is nothing in Islam that requires mosques to use loudspeakers.

Even if there are many many people praying where the last row cannot hear the person leading the prayer, there are people who repeat the leader. This creates a audible chain no matter how large the congregation is. loudspeakers at high volume that disturb sleeping babies and others.

I don't know why theses people make Sachs seen we a lot Muslim friend we will near mosque an mandir nobody have any of issues except these annoying singers

Where is my comment!!

Anything to stay revelant, what a shame i dont even know her but doing this for publicity show her level , like azaan is a new thing

She is absolutely right, nothing against prayers but if you want to do prayers, do in your own space, what's with these loud speakers. NO need to trouble people, I really hate this public display. You be religious but don't force others..

I don't understand why after so many years of co-existence with Muslims suddenly individuals are complaining about Fajr Azan. As if azan is something new happening in India.

Lady! You've got hours to sleep and evidently your sleep isn't doing anything for your beauty. Now you know what it's like to be trolled. Feel good hey?

She'll get what she deserves

The world has enough war. Don't add to it, you incompetent nobody!

This lady is a waste of space. Who cares what she thinks. Hope a mandir gets built near her and plays bhajans and rings bells the entire day!!

Deafen people with it??? This woman was probably deafend by the music at the club that the devil in her can't tolerate religion

Good luck lady for the wrath that's heading your way

Why go live in an area with mosques?? Leave the city/county. No place for intolerance

Oh well. She'll be punished. Good luck to her

So she came home at 4:30 the time of fajr...and the azaan takes what hardly 2 by 4:32 she was all dressed in bed deep asleep and got irritated by the azaan in a span of OMG 2mins!!!! Woahhhhh !!! Imposing religion eh...were they knocking on your door forcing u to the masjid or to become a Muslim? -__- so F ed up!

Ohh plz u backward mentality...Realize that such loud noise at 4 am is a nuisance that too u have to hear it 3 times in a day...Get a reality check and stop enforcing ur religion on others.....Learn to gel with other, maybe that's y u ppl are the most backward class for no reason.

Who the hell is he is to say what time she needs to go to bed! Be it be temple or church or Mosque bells or prayers, you don;t have to deafen people with it. God hears it just fine....

Somebody needs publicity.

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