Ranveer Singh: My girlfriend broke up with me in order to move onto a certain Aditya Roy Kapur

Ranveer Singh and Aditya Roy Kapur were classmates in college.
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Ranveer Singh had a ball of a time while getting interviewed by Neha Dhupia on her talk show. He spoke about his childhood love and other naughty things he indulged in during his growing years.

It came as a shocker to all when Ranveer revealed that he and Aditya Roy Kapur were classmates in college. The Befikre actor said, "So here’s the thing about Aditya, he’s always been a hotty. Even when we were 16-17. I was like this, like a preppy tight T-shirt boy from HR college. And he was like this Afro keeping hippy boy, you know, he was a fast bowler and he was all athletic and all."

He added about how a girl, with whom he was madly in love broke with him and went to Aditya. Ranveer shared, "Ya, he was like every girl’s fantasy in junior college and the girl that I was crazy about that time who is now married with a kid, so she, I was mad about her. It was a good four to five years that I was crazy over her. And then she finally broke up with me. It was in order to move onto a certain Aditya Roy Kapur."

We wonder who the girl is!

Ranveer also spoke about how he had a Sholay moment during his 10th grade. He revealed, "Yes we were in 9th-10th grade and our class room was on the last floor of the building and above us was only the terrace and it had a water tank and we’d all like chill there, it was invariably dangerous, really and we were badly reprimanded by it when teachers found out that that’s where we were hanging out, on top of a water tank on an eight storey building. But yeah, I used to scream to all the cute girls down stairs, be like yay look at me, I love it, living on the edge...what do you know?!"

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i mean i dont blame her i would pick aditya too

But Shraddha left Aditya for Farhan

I'm pretty sure Aditya is eyeing your girlfriend right now ranveer...so you win

Aahna Deol. I think it's all good thought. Ranveer even attended her wedding. And him and Aditya seem chill. Also, Ranveer you hottified. More than Aditya. So it all worked out, son! ;)

Lol, I wouldn't blame Ayana, Adi is the hottest thing that has happened to BW, if only he used it to his benefit

I really like Ranveer and ARK but I think there was no need to bring this up. The girl is married so leave her. He should understand that it will cause unnecessary hassle to the girl they both dated.

Aditya is super HOTTTT but I love Ranveer too when he's all dressed preppy and nice. ARK is super tall and wide tho, very masculine but has almost perfect facial features.

Ranveer calls himself an outsider repeatedly yet he grew up with ARK, is cousins with Sonam, was already a close friend of Shaad Ali, and hung out at parties where Shanoo Sharma of YRF was. He would be more tolerable if he was truthful. Those who grew up away from the film industry from small towns with no prior film knowledge or connections, like SRK, Kangana, PC, Akshay, Parineeti, Anushka etc are the true outsiders, this guy is a fraud. If he was honest I'd like him more

by what you are saying i dont think parineeti can be considered an outsider because priyanka was already an established actress?

True, she isn't come to think of it. Only mentioned her cos she grew up in a small town away from bolly, but she wouldn't have had access to apply to yrf for an internship if it wasn't for PC so she can't be considered either. Come to think of it, it's also much easier for ex miss worlds/universes so Ash/PC/Sush didn't have to try v hard to get a break either. Whereas someone like Kangama or Anushka had to literally start from 0

Parineeti isn't an outsider either tbh.

How can someone say it's Ahana Deol ... Has he or she been her classmate ? Weird ..by the way I find Ahana very good luking ..better looking than Esha .. bt she seems very shy ...

Ranveer is such a sweet heart!! I love his openness, down to earth attitude...not like most of the touch me not type as soon as they star in 1 movie.

I think Ranveer average look,humble nature,weird antics and clingy attitude make his girlfriends take him for granted...though he is sexy,rich and successful...

Not every man would casually admit something like this. Look at him now though. One of the most successful girls by his side and a great career.

What's the wrong with aditya?!...he has the potential to be a star but he is so lazy and careless...

That's why ranveer tolerating deepika and her antics...even Anushka didn't acknowledge him as her boyfriend...but she respect virat and very proud of him...he is nice but need to work on his self-esteem...

girl has good taste. if adi wasn't lazy then he must ahead of this jocker.

Thats why Ranveer clings to Deepika, the woman is the hottest big thing and he's really insecure..

oh god poor aditya has to deal with this foolishness. no sense of propriety or sensitivity for the people hes talking about. i dont know what his family is like but he is related to sonam and her brother. makes me think the foot in mouth syndrome is all in that family. but this makes me think all the younger actors are lowkey jealous of adityas looks. and aditya hardly even tries!

And Ahaha invited him to her wedding . Biggest irony is that he went there with Deepika . Watch on YouTube ahaaa deil's wedding DEEPIKA wore pink sari and ️Ranveer was in blue costume

I actually feel the Deol sisters have uncanny resemblances with Deepika Padukone though Padukone is hotter.

" .... I like... I was mad about her.... "

Ranveer has conveniently changed the truth just to pander gossip and attention for movie promotions. People say he is not from the Industry, yet he has known Adi since teen yrs, he is friends with 2nd gen celeb photographer Shrestha (seen in the background), knows Sonakshi since teen yrs, is cousins with the Jakhas Kapoors clan, he knew the Deols, his dads showrooms clients are still celebrities, etc.

Bcz of his dad has good money he was rich and he went to the good school .

Ranveer was never serious with her cause they were together for a few months/if not weeks, but had known each other for years. He went to her wedding for crying out loud W/ mata Deepika. She and Adi were together for good 4 years or so but she broke it off and thats when Adi took off to Hawaii for almost a year. Get your facts right.

Most selfish mans can't say bitter truth like this . Bcz of their biggest EGO! Kudos to him that he can say it .. So selfless man he is .

He is my fav young actor.

Way to stoop so low just in the name of promoting your next movie. Regardless of it being common knowledge, she is not from the industry, a gentleman would never kiss and tell. Shame.

He didn't mentioned her name at all

THAT is the point, he didn't have to after all the details he already gave away.

Wooowzaaaa 0_o

Can someone please tell me why everyone is saying that he had a tragic live story back in the days

I had no idea about his painful first love


Stop being so hyperactive

Ahana Deol

Really ? Never knew the extremely conservative Deols would even allow Ahana to have a boyfriend .

️️Ranveer and Deepika's first love was so much painful

What happened with Ranveer?

That's why they are so strong now

Don't talk about her Ranveer she is married woman -and her has a kid now . I know your first love was so painful but it's wrong U should move on from that pain

That's true After ️Rano Ahana Deol has dated with Adi

Yeah we all knew that )) and after this ranveer went to America

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