4 MOJ stars who have made it BIG in the Telugu digital space

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4 MOJ stars who have made it BIG in the Telugu digital space.

‘Talent never goes to waste,’ we’ve heard this line a lot more than you think and when it comes to pursuing your dream and becoming BIG, every little talent in you helps. Talking about making it big, everyone has it in themselves; it's the little quirks within you that make you stand apart from the others. From fashion to dance, acting, offbeat humour and everything in between, you too can get popular with just a few clicks of buttons and the right platform by your side. MOJ is one of India’s fast-growing short video content platforms and it’s one of the best platforms to create content and make it big. 

If you don’t believe us, we have proof and inspiration that you too can make the most of your time and effort. You can’t complain that you do not have extra time, because we know everyone does!  Today, we’re here with 4 amazing influencers who have managed to make it big in the South industry and they are here to share their personal experiences and journey of making it BIG and getting their name recognised! 

First up, we have Bhanuu who says, ‘‘The amount of love I received from people is shown by how my following on social media has been increasing drastically. It’s just been around two years or a little more since I’ve started creating digital content .. and I was able to reach 10 million in that short period of time on the previous platform! I feel so overwhelmed by seeing this. Initially, I started doing lip sync videos just like everyone else and at a point of time one particular video of mine became very popular and from there my success story has begun and is still continuing tremendously. I turned into an influencer and I also reached the television platform now. I have been doing game shows and festive events on tv so far.  Waiting for many more successes and much more love from people’’



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Next up, we have Bunny Vox who started her journey as a MOJ star. It’s her lip sync videos that ended her making famous. Now, she’s not just in the creme de la creme of the MOJ stars list but also made her acting debut in a Telugu movie titled Vidyarthi.



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Deepika Pilli is the next influencer on our list. You’d recognise her from her famous slow motion and dancing videos on her profile. Pilli is now one of the most recognised influencers when it comes to her lip sync video. Not just that, she also works on digital content with a few TV shows appearances in her portfolio. 



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Lastly, we have Pranavi Manukonda who says, ‘‘People have many hidden talents and MOJ is one of the best platforms where you can showcase your talent. Nothing comes overnight, it took me years to grow as a creator. All you need is talent and some patience to grow in any platform. I am a creator and as well as an actress. I have done many movies as a child artist and TV shows as a lead actress.’’



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These success stories are enough to convince every young creator out there who dreams of making their name recognised in their industry. So, what are you waiting for? Head on to MOJ and open a world full of content creation! 

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