5 best scenes from Shahid Kapoor & Mrunal Thakur’s Jersey trailer that left an impact on our minds

Published on Nov 24, 2021 01:07 AM IST  |  123.1K
5 best scenes from Shahid Kapoor & Mrunal Thakur’s Jersey trailer that left an impact on our minds
5 best scenes from Shahid Kapoor & Mrunal Thakur’s Jersey trailer that left an impact on our minds (Pic credit - YouTube)

Shahid Kapoor and Mrunal Thakur starrer Jersey’s trailer was released today and we have to admit that it stood true to the hype that the film was creating ever since it was announced. The trailer will keep you hooked on it till the end and you would want to see more once it ends. The heartwarming tale of love and cricket has already gotten an amazing response for its trailer from fans. Well, since the trailer must be fresh in your minds we thought of listing down the 5 best scenes from it according to us that has left a mark in our minds and are a few of the many reasons to look out for Jersey. 

Mrunal Thakur slapping Shahid Kapoor 

Imagine the frustration of a wife when she comes down to a point where she is forced to slap her own husband. Well, this particular scene where Shahid’s character is stealing money from his wife’s wallet and she catches him red-handed, gets her so angry that she slaps her husband in response. The reaction on Shahid’s face or the anger on Mrunal’s face makes this scene so believable. 

slap sceneShahid Kapoor screaming and venting out his frustration beside a passing train 

A man who is jobless for quite some time now and has been hearing taunts from almost everyone is bound to get frustrated. When his own wife does not understand his situation and give him that emotional comfort then the frustration reaches a point where it makes him crazy. This particular scene beautifully captures Shahid’s helplessness where he is trying to hide his scream amidst a passing train and venting out his anger and frustration. 

frustrationShahid Kapoor & Pankaj Kapur sharing the screen space 

It is always a pleasure to watch the talented father-son duo sharing the screen space. Well, in Jersey too we will see Shahid and Pankaj sharing the screen space. In one particular scene from the trailer, Shahid can be seen hugging Pankaj and it is indeed an emotional one.

shahid pankajShahid Kapoor expressing his biggest fear to Mrunal Thakur 

 No one is more helpless than a father who does not have money to fulfil his son’s wish. Shahid is exactly in this situation when he does not have money to buy his son’s birthday gift who has asked for a jersey from him. In this particular scene, Shahid is expressing his biggest fear to his wife that he does not want his son to see him in a way that others see him. 

shahid fear

Shahid Kapoor’s entry into the cricket ground 

The scene where Shahid Kapoor is making an entry into the cricket ground with the crowd hooting and cheering for him indeed makes him look like a real-life cricketer. 

shahid entryNow if you have seen the trailer, tell us which is your favourite scene from it. 

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