5 Times Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi have won the internet with endearing reel videos of their munchkin Mehr

Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi are proud and doting parents to their baby girl Mehr. While they try their best to keep her away from media attention, their reels give us sweet glimpses of their family of 3.
5 Times Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi have won the internet with endearing reel videos of their munchkin Mehr5 Times Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi ‘reeled away’ with their munchkin Mehr and won the internet
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There are several Bollywood stars who like to keep their kids away from all the paparazzi attention and share only limited insights into their lives. Speaking of this, Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi have been extremely protective and doting for their daughter, Mehr. The star couple has ensured that they only share limited insights from their daughter's life with fans and every time, they do so, fans just can't stop gushing over Mehr. While photos have been limited, Neha and Angad have made use of the new Reels feature on Instagram to share adorable videos of their family of 3. 

From chronicling Mehr's lockdown shenanigans to their spending time with her, Neha shared several reels in the past few months that have surely left fans smitten. The cute daddy-daughter moments between Angad and Mehr too have been reeled and we'll, they surely will fill you with warm and fuzzy feelings. Among the star kids, little Mehr receives all the attention from her parents and they are perfectly reeling her life one video at a time on Instagram. 

Check out 5 reels shared by Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi of daughter Mehr:

When Neha and Angad held their little girl’s hands to help her walk baby steps

Neha and Angad shared adorable reels on their social media handles where the two were seen individually holding onto Mehr’s hands and helping her walk. The adorable moment between the parents and their child will surely make you feel all warm and fuzzy. While Neha and Mehr were seen walking hand in hand, Angad was seen trying to keep his pace slow while walking with his little girl. Isn’t that the cutest?

When Angad cuddled with his daughter to put her to sleep and then dozed off with her

The cutest moment between Mehr and her dad Angad was when the latter was trying to put her to sleep and while doing so, he himself dozed off with his daughter. The adorable moment where Angad was seen holding Mehra and dozing off is just too cute to miss. Neha did not miss recording this sweet glimpse from their lockdown times and shared it with all the fans. Well, it surely will tug at your heart!

Teaching her the importance of Independence Day

This year, on Independence Day, Neha and Angad took to reels and shared an adorable glimpse of Mehr waving the Indian National Flag. The adorable reel shows us how Neha and Angad are doing their bit to instill a sense of pride among their little one for the country. While again Neha and Angad hit Mehr’s face behind the flag, the reel of her holding the National Flag and waving it is sure to leave you inspired. 

Working out with the cutest trainer, Mehr

Neha often shares glimpses of working out at home with her cutest little trainer, Mehr. From doing squats with her daughter to sweating it out, her little one holds Neha’s hand and does it all. Neha has shared over reels how Mehr helps her in her workout and well, surely she is the cutest little company to have while working out at home!

Heading for a walk outside after some fun activities at home

Neha recently shared a reel where to keep Mehr busy at home, they were seen doing some fun activities at home like rolling the rotis, playing with water bottles and more. Post that, Neha shared a reel where Angad and she took Mehr out for a walk. The adorable video of a picture-perfect family of 3 just sums up the simple yet adorable life of Neha, Angad and their munchkin, Mehr!

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