5 years of Neerja: Here are 5 powerful scenes that Sonam Kapoor nailed playing India’s braveheart

Published on Feb 19, 2021 01:58 AM IST  |  653.9K
5 years of Neerja: Here are 5 powerful scenes that Sonam Kapoor nailed playing India’s braveheart

Neerja, a film that narrated the heroic journey of India’s braveheart Neerja Bhanot, marks its 5th year today. The airhostess laid her life in her quest to save hundreds of passengers on the hijacked Pan Am 73. Saving 359 innocent souls as the head purser, the lady stands as a bold and empowering icon for young girls. The tear jerker having Sonam Kapoor in the lead role has managed to strike all the right chords with audiences. In case you haven't watched the movie already these scenes will make you believe why you shouldn't miss out on this one.

Mother’s speech:

Actress Shabana Azmi played the role of Rama Bhanot. Her speech for her brave daughter made everyone reach out for a box of tissues. Leaving audiences teary eyed, the film’s director had also revealed that filming the scene was the most difficult part about the film. 

Neerja’s motto:

Neerja, apart from being bold, was also easy-going when it came to enjoying life. The bubbly girl as played by Sonam, would be seen dancing playfully in the film’s opening scene. In another, she tells a taxi driver that life shouldn't be long but worthy. These small instances told us a lot about Neerja’s perspective on life.

Neerja’s goodbye:

Neerja was strong not just in her professional battles but also in her personal struggles. Coming from an abusive marriage, she fought through it and came out a survivor. Her relationship with Jaideep, played by Shekhar Ravjiani, proves that despite failing once, she didn’t give up on love.

Neerja's calmness:

Despite being in grave danger of her life, Neerja remained calm through the trying hours. Neerja finished all her duties as was expected of her as the head purser. She remained calm throughout the flight and even managed to gain the trust of hijackers with her stability.

Last Moment:

Till the very end, Neerja was on her toes. In the film we see Sonam entering the plane one last time to help the little kid get out safely. Until the very end, the braveheart risked her life to save every passenger she could.

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