7 Years Of Khoobsurat: Revisit 5 cute moments between Sonam Kapoor and Fawad Khan from the film

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7 Years Of Khoobsurat: Revisit 5 cute moments between Sonam Kapoor and Fawad Khan from the film
7 Years Of Khoobsurat: Revisit 5 cute moments between Sonam Kapoor and Fawad Khan from the film

Khoobsurat, the 2014 film starring Fawad Khan and Sonam Kapoor, clocks 7 years today. The romantic-comedy showcases the love story of Dr Mili Chakravarti, played by Sonam, who finds herself as a guest at a royal household where she bumps into Prince Vikram, essayed by Fawad. When the world of a fun-loving, full of life Mili collides with the world of the uptight Prince Vikram, the magic of love blossoms. Directed by Shashanka Ghosh, Khoobsurat managed to impress the audiences when it released in 2014. 

The sweet chemistry between the leads played by Sonam and Fawad, and the tadka of comedy added by Kirron Kher managed to leave a lasting impression in the hearts of the audiences. Even performances by Ratna Pathak Shah and Aamir Raza Husain were loved. Khoobsurat continues to remain special due to various reasons and as it turns 7 today, we take you back to the 5 cute moments between Dr Mili and Prince Vikram that remain as evergreen as this romantic comedy.

1. When Mili accidentally sleeps in Prince Vikram's room


One of the earliest moments in the film when Mili and Prince Vikram meet for the first time is when she accidentally walks into his room instead of hers and sleeps in the bed while he's sleeping. The surprise and bafflement that comes after they discover the mishap not only makes you laugh but also leaves you with butterflies in your bellies. Mili even ends up blurting to  Vikram that he doesn't look like a 'Prince' and it leaves him absolutely confused. 

2. When Prince chills over wine with Mili


Another cute moment between the leads is witnessed when Mili is able to get through to the stubborn king and make him exercise. Prince Vikram goes to meet Mili, who is chilling on the roof with a bottle of wine. She asks him to sit with her enjoy the wine and he agrees. They both get chatty about each other's love lives and we see the friendship growing between the characters. It is the first ice breaker moment in Mili and Vikram's story and well, quite an endearing one. 

3. When Prince Vikram helps Mili in skeet shooting


Later in the film, Fawad and Sonam aka Vikram and Mili travel to meet the King of Surajgarh Palace. During the road trip, a lot of goofy moments take place between Mili and Vikram. But the cutest one happens when they reach the Palace and the King invites them to join him for skeet shooting. Mili tries to lift the rifle and shoot but is unable to. It is then that we see Vikram stepping in and we get to witness the first moment of closeness between them. Even the King notices the intimacy and asks, "Aap dono ke beech kuch chal rha hai?" and this leaves both of them surprised. 

4. When he rescues her from kidnappers and they share the first kiss


While returning from Surajgarh Palace, by a fluke, Mili gets kidnapped by local thugs while she heads to give an audition. However, the kidnappers call Prince Vikram and eventually, he saves the day. What happens next is probably the cutest moment of all where Mili and Vikram share their first kiss after overcoming a tense situation. The chemistry between the leads was bang on and hence, it remains a memorable cute moment from Khoobsurat. 

5. Sleepover at Surajgarh Palace


Towards the latter half of the film, Vikram and Mili once again find themselves in the company of the King of Surajgarh. They end up spending the night at the palace after a night of drinks with the King. In her inebriated state, Mili ends up blurting to an equally drunk Vikram that she gets "gande" thoughts when she sees him and well, he too repeats the same in his head. Post it, it is clear that the two are in love with each other, just not ready to accept it. 

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