EXCLUSIVE: Kangana Ranaut hits back at Alia Bhatt, says ‘her existence is all about being KJo’s puppet’

A day after Alia Bhatt said she has no clue about the Manikarnika controversy, Kangana Ranaut exclusively reveals to us that she reached out to Bhatt. Read to know more.
EXCLUSIVE: Kangana Ranaut hits back at Alia Bhatt, says ‘her existence is all about being KJo’s puppet’ EXCLUSIVE: Kangana Ranaut hits back at Alia Bhatt, says ‘her existence is all about being KJo’s puppet’
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Bold and fearless are synonymous with Kangana Ranaut. She is known to make no filter statements when it comes to speaking her mind out. Be it for speaking up against the gender pay inequality or talking about nepotism, the ‘Queen’ actress never minces her words. She is audacious enough to take on anybody and her recent statement at an event speaks volume of the same. In an exclusive interview with Pinkvilla, Kangana recently spoke about how Bollywood stars, including Aamir Khan and Alia Bhatt have not praised or supported her during the release of Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi.

Reacting to the same, Alia Bhatt said, “I hope she doesn’t dislike me and I don’t think she dislikes me. I don’t think I have done anything intentionally to upset her. If I have, I will apologise to her on a personal level.” Well, we reached out to Kangana Ranaut over the same and the actress EXCLUSIVELY revealed to us everything that she spoke about with Alia Bhatt.

She said, “I reached out to Alia (Bhatt) and asked her what makes her think Manikarnika is my personal controversy, it’s a film whole nation is talking about and wondering why Bollywood is keeping quiet on such a relevant work...I asked her if I can be courteous and gracious to acknowledge her requests for encouraging relevant work that she does, why is she so scared to see my film. I suggested that she grows some spine and supports an important film about woman empowerment and nationalism...if she doesn’t have a voice of her own and her existence is all about being KJo's (Karan Johar) puppet then I don’t consider her successful...I told her if she is only focusing on earning bucks and not raise a voice, then her success has no value...hope she understands the true meaning of success and her responsibilities, Nepo gang life is simply restricted to give and take favours hope she rises above that.”  

On Thursday, during an event, Kangana Ranaut spoke about how Bollywood has ganged up against her and that she would expose each one. “Main inki waat laga dungi, ek ek ko expose karungi,” said Manikarnika actress during a media interaction.

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Kangana is the most foul mouthed actress seen

Bollywood isn’t all that nice. Not like others are so perfect, they will attack or exploit the weaker and suck up to people like Kjo. At least Kangana has the guts to call out the powerful people rather than only exploiting or attacking the less influential people, not one other person has been able to be this honest and this side is a truth that needs to be desperately told to improve the unethical behaviour in Bollywood that people like Kjo promote

At an kids event she is screeching and spewing venom. How unprofessional is that and what an awful example of how to behave.

I do not like Kangana but she said the truth. Alia cannot do anything without Karan Johar, recently there was a blind she fought with the director and called Karan to intervene because Ranveer was getting more attention than her. she is spoilt arrogant brat who deserved a big lesson.

KR praised Alia for Raazi over a phone call and got angry on alia for not doing the same. Then KR confronted her personally for being kj's puppet.period. What's the need to share all of this that happened on a personal note in a public platform? Why she always want negative attention? She needs a good advisor and PR to promote her movie in a good way

Did Bollywood stars go from house to house all over India to not watch your disastrous movie?

The public and trade want a Hit Machine partnership like Kjo and Alia. You go suck lemons.

KR and your Nepo sister Rangoli, people are watching Alia's movies no matter what slanderous labels you throw at her.

A loose cannon like Kangs has turned off the public with her drama, lies and bullying and that is why the Nation does not watch her movies including this 120 crore extravagance.

She lost her marbles cause its her 7th flop in a row.

Alia and Kjo have a very successful partnership with box office hits and who would not continue to work together in this situation? KR is jealous and mean to bully another younger actress.

Kangana is spot on. After the news gets old, paid pr of nepo gang write comments to spin the narrative.

Now that she has exhausted all her cards using the Hrithik fiasco, she is now going to do the same with the nepotism criticism until a logical debate looses all its meaning. Your film didn't perform as per your expectation, its disheartening for obvious reasons as a lot was riding on it. Move on! Why all the drama. Having said that, Yes we all know Karan influences Alia and her career choices too much and it is nothing graceful. But Alia also does deliver with her performance so its a good partnership all things considered. Ultimately film making is business, if the business is going strong, people hardly will change their approach.

ACtually u under be writing These about ur nepo kids who can’t manage without support she’s doing all that on her own and her film has performed well am a general public not a bottlicker like u

Kangnu bullied her colleagues, director, writer, driver and others. Bullying is NOT OK Pancholi's ex.

Lol this is the truth, Aalia has no skills she is surviving only because of her connections and KJO..but she should not ve said this, no need.l just focus on your work, what I say the point of talking about others, no need.. but she is Kangna, what can you do..

Look...Kjo Kangana Alia...they are all allowed to have their opinion. What is good or wrong..kangana speaks our her mind and kjo let that to others.. for example...koffee with karan. Sure they both are good in their ways. Why rating actors..abhishek b gave the best answer so far...depends on the role. Talk and ask positive things...same for Kangana etc. Spread love not negativity. Life is beautiful for each and everyone!

Why does she want Amir Khan or Alia Bhat to praise her ? Is she 2
Year old that she throws a tantrum at not being praised ? What’s wrong with her ?

Alia is a very good actress but its very true that she is a puppet in the hands of KJo. But then how else can one get the cream of the scripts. Its Kjo's power and money and make directors go weak. She got the best scripts to show her talent. Do any of the outsiders get this chance even after working for 5-6 solid years?

Her self indulgence and ego made the movie a costly flop compare it to Padmavaat figures then you know what a big disaster it is.

Also , the screencount compared to Padmavat was more than double.

She needs to target biggest bolly Nepo Loudmouths Bebo, Sonam and Kajol if she wants attention.

Go cry in the corner cause your movie Flopped Kangs. Where is your laptop, phone, engagement ring?

India did not support Manikarnika so why don't you threaten and bully the public that did not go see your movie or called it crap.

Unhinged KR stop attacking other women cause you are jealous

She looks crazy spewing venom in the video

Bullying is not ok .. I’m glad Kangana is not taking it sitting down .. that’s how you deal with bullies and people who gang up .. I’m team Kangana even though I’m a big k jo fan personally

I think kangana praised raazi as per alia bhatt request of watching the movie.she expected to obtain the same support, which is not wrong.If kangana can forget the nepotism debate and say alia is the national sweetheart, alia too could say a few words in return.but forget she is two faced, fake person like her mentor.

Im sorry but Kangana is just crazy. Doesnt she get it that Bollywood wants to stay away from her cuz she is crazy? Anyone who comes in her life, she tries to destroy them. Who cares if KJo is making these youngsters flourish. Isn't that a good thing for the industry and for us because we are getting good movies? You may be an amazing actress no doubt about that, but you have a very bad personality. Sorry Kangana, but you don't have my support on this.

Kangana is not wrong by the way. Alia is KJO's puppet. I am sure Alia has no problems accepting it. Kangana spoke well of Razi when Alia asked for help. Alia did not return the favor. Kangana understandably is pissed. Alia ofcourse can choose to not return the favor. That speaks about what kind filth Alia is. That should be ok for her.

Alia and her fans have their middle finger flipped for you in their mind kangana. What she wants to do with her life , her stardom , her success and her fame is completely up to her. The definition of success for her is her own and it need not involve fighting for Kangana or any other random cause like that. You do your thing woman , let others live their life the way they think appropriate. So , fingers up for you .......

Nice....upto now only nepo kids like Sonam and Kareena had the privilege of being motormouths and non nepo had to be sheeps....nice......would have appreciated some more grace but you can't deny that you need some serious balls for such a comment!

Karma in form of kangana.she backstabbed Katrina and pull her down together with nepo baap.Now real baap of bollywood is giving her a dose of reality check which is damn true.pv post if you're not biased.

No lies detected here.

KJO has employed many self made stars like SRK, Ash, Ranveer, AB, PZ, Akki, Vicky, Rajkumar, Anushka so stop the lies Kangy.

Vicky is a star kid. PV please post.

Kangaroo is burning up as Alia has sped so far ahead of her she cant catch up. Others did not do well with the opportunities Kjo gave them including KR.

I would love to have Kjo as my mentor and make the big bucks and so successful anyday. Kangana has also acted for Dharma but that movie Flopped badly.

Alia is smart, shrewed and laughing all the way to the bank with her Crores and is at the top so unlike her. Kudos Alia.

The reason she is hitting alia is because she has been the most successful actress of bollywood in last 3 years. While kangana has delivered only flops in last 3 years. Alia is numero Uno actress while kangana will fade away in 2 years.

Diversion tactics to stop people calling out that her movie didn’t even make 100 chores at the box office yet. She is born to be a politician.

its alia's choice to whome she follows. its true that there is so much influence of Kjo in her career but she is making gold of every opportunity and she is in demand. its Kjo's or any other producer's choice to whom to cast. we cant force anybody as the money is theirs. and you can not take her success away by just saying that she is puppet or etc. she too have worked hard for this.kangna is just trying to create a picture that all the success alia got is due to kjo. kjo didnt pay nation to watch alia's movies. her movies making business and profit so she is getting the offers. kangna you claim to be a talented and self made women then digest the fact that there are more talented actress out there. calling names and badmouths people and by this getting publicity is not the success. the success is BO records. your popularity which is as much as rakhi sawant's. alia can pull the crowed to theater but you fails to do so. two film wonder women just shut up and try to focus on you mental health .

Poojs bhatt no thanks for your opinion- ab jaa daru pe ley.

Why can't Kangana Ranaut simply accept the fact that the movie is average and get on with her life without casting aspersions on others? The movie failed and Kangana was largely responsible, although some of the good aspects were also related to her. As the NDTV review pointed out: "Her belief in her ability to carry a historical saga of this scale on her shoulders is touching, even admirable. But her move into the director's seat couldn't obviously have helped the film's cause. She is everywhere, even where she isn't required. The result of the overreach is an overstretched, exaggerated drama that huffs and puffs its way through many a zone of utter redundancy." The movie's narrative is one dimensional – and one suspects Ms. Ranaut has much to do with it. Please Kangana, you are doing yourself no favours.

KR is a confused sole she wants favours back in exchange for those she gives out ie Razzi and accuses Alia of the same.

miss kangna's anger is getting out of control because sonam's movie ELKDTL is getting so much praise and positive reviews while her didn't even get the fraction of that..so how can she digest that lol

LOL at "Nepo gang life is simply restricted to give and take favours" when at the first place she herself is angry that Alia didn't return her favour Lmao she wants alia to praise her flop film as a return favour coz she praised razi. so jango sweety u r no diff just can't stop it motormouth.

Kangana stole the material for Manikarnika from Ketan Mehta, tricked Krish into doing the donkey work, and finally took credit for everything. Now she is spending her free time attacking unrelated successful people.

WOW this woman is fearless! agree with her not ..... That’s what Bollywood is all about. kjo singal-handedly steers it, while others busy buttering him up.

Serious question, does Kangana have aspergers? Or is she really that bad at reading a room? This is not bravery, it's stupidity, childishness and yes, career suicide. Not just the film industry, think of any profession and tell me if this kind of public name-calling would be accepted in your field?

Manikarnika is no Jodha Akbar, Devdas, Mughal E Azam, Pakeeza or BajiRao Mastaani just digest that. Has not even made a fraction at the box office or in touched people's minds and hearts.

She cant stomach other people's succss.

Kangana attacks people more successful than her as she cant digest other people's success.

Here we go again. What a puerile and pathetic reaction to the failure of a film. The only person responsible for the flop is Kangana Ranaut herself who decided to usurp the role of the Director so she could place herself (the actor) right there in the centre – under the spotlight. The end result is an often-robotic heroine/protagonist who does not have a foil to make her real (or shine). This sort of self-aggrandizement and complete lack of concern for the feelings and wellbeing of others is Ms. Ranaut's downfall. She needs to take a break and spend some time on therapy and introspection.

Alia has delivered HIT movies at the end of the day compared to your 7 flops in a row which you claim you wrote and directed when you stole other people's credit.

What a puerile and pathetic reaction to the failure of a film. The only person responsible for the flop is Kangana Ranaut herself who decided to usurp the role of the Director so she could place herself (the actor) right there is the centre – under the spotlight. The end result was an often-robotic heroine who did not have a foil to make her real (or shine). This sort of self-aggrandizement and complete lack of concern for the feelings and wellbeing of others is Ms. Ranaut's downfall.

Rangoli your sister is your puppet and a product of Nepotism too.

Exactly , I've too written that in a few places.

Talent does not need to scream and shout, she is so insecure as her film is a FLOP.

Alia's box office numbers make her a good investment and you don't KR.

To call another successful woman she is jealous of a puppet shows her fake feminism.

Why is this Anti Feminist shouting and screaming at other actresses, is she jealous of their success as they are her rivals - Anu, Alia, Kat, DP, Sonam.

Is the whole Nation Kjo's puppets too as they watche Alia's movies and not yours.

The Nation put their money behind and back Alia's movies and she is a better investment than KR who is so bitter and shouts cause is enraged.

The Nation loves Alia's films over Kangana so she is jealous.

Wow, and she wonders why the Bollywood crowd has despised her behind doors. Preparing for when she starts whining about how no one will work with her in 3...2...1...

puppet alia

The Nation has not supported you Kangs not Amir, Alia and Anu.

Kangana is the Rakhi Sawant of Bollywood officially now.

I love Kangaannaaaaaa........Ali such a Dharma Puppet...same as Jhanvi

Goddamn her tongue is SHARP. Girl has some real guts. Proud of you boo. Keep slayin.

Her fans are like Kangana dated Hrithik Roshan , kangana dated Ranbir Kapoor , Kangana dated salman khan and married Amitabh Bachchan and gave birth to Abhishek. Her fans have lost it in making alternate theories.

For those saying NEPOTISM doesn't exists or nepotism cannot make you a star is downright wrong! With NEPOTISM you get work, keep getting work, then get them shoved on people's faces, keep churning mediocre talent and as a result see where bollywood is...it is only glorified by poor indians. Rest of the world gives a shit. It illegally and shamelessly steals concept, screenplay, stories, music from the western world and shamelessly puts nepo kids to act and it goes on. There is no creativity, no talent and no passion. These repo kids want to become stars, wear expensive european brands and get photographed in the airport- thats all its about. They will continue hating Kangana because she is everything they are not-and she has the courage to stand on her own two feet and give them shit!!

Bravo! Well said!

Well said !!

Wow!! Well said, couldn’t say it better!! My thoughts exactly about Bollywood..

Alia's fans must be burning hearing the truth. Deep town they know karan is shoving her down our throat since 2012! Burrrrrrn (pv post, dont be biased)

Kangana, you need to grow up. Stop picking fights with everyone. Have some class.

Dear kangana ranaut, plz insert it into your brain, like every poor student is not an intelligent student same way every rich kids are not undeserving. Today if alia is the number one actress it is because she has been the most successful actress in past 5 years.

Bollywood queen Alia bhatt will slay us once again with her performance in gully boy. It will be a big hit. Kangana is a flop actress and a 2 hit wonder.

hey bhagwan ab jerry bhi queen bo raha hai apne ko.

Kangana has mental issues. Kangana whose puppet are you?? and who do you copy? Manikarnika is not your baby , you are right she is not your chachi... Alia is a fine actress and Hrithik is a superb actor.. Kangana: You cannot have this kind of diction and be a good actress. she needs to polish her diaologue delivery

She forgot that she got her break from the Bhatts and therefore she could get out of a toxic relationship with the gunda married man Pancholi.

Kangana is acting like she has made Mughal-e-azam or something. Manikarnika was a BAD film. It might have had a good message, but that doesn't change the fact that was a headache-inducingly bad film and no one said anything because there was nothing nice to say.

Soty hit, highway avg, 2 states blockbuster, hskd hit, her film with Shahid in 2015 was below avg, Kapoor and sons superhit, UP hit, dear Zindagi below avg, bkd blockbuster, raazi blockbuster that's her track record. I don't need to say anything more

Poor puppet. Cant have work outside dharma.

She is the same woman who called Deepika cunning for texting her for her parties. She is the same woman who said anushka's role in sultan is below her standard. She is the same woman who belittle actress working opposite khans, she made fun of Katrina and said that she gets movies only because she is good looking. She claimed that all the leading ladies are afraid of her because they are mediocre. This woman don't know how to respect other women who have worked so hard. Abhisekh bacchan is the best example that a father or godfather cannot make you a superstar. It is audience who makes you a star be it an alia bhatt or a Katrina Kaif or even sunny leone or a newcomer like Sara.

People praising DP, she plays it really safe. Without answering questions and acting goody goody. People in industry should promote Manikarnika for the msg it sends to girls in the country...they are fake liberals...all are good for nothing busy making money by dancing in shadis..

Deepika has a level of maturity neither of them have..yet i hope. Deepika leads by example and Kangana has a potty mouth that goes off on alternative facts. She needs a fact checker every time she opens her mouth

Alia does not know that Kangana dated her boyfriend, Ranbir Kapoor once. Both had a liason too. Even in KWK with Ranveer, Ranbir was obsessed with Kangana more than once. It is about time, Kangana exposes Ranbir Kapoor

Lol. Kangana sent nude pics to him and he rejected her. Showed them to people and laughed at her which is why industry made a laughing stock of her. That is why she started this nepotism bullshit. Don’t start kangana dated him bs now. Sending nude pics is of dating. You know what it is

Lol. Kangana sent nude pics to him and he rejected her. Showed them to people and laughed at her which is why industry made a laughing stock of her. That is why she started this nepotism bullshit. Don’t start kangana dated him bs now. Sending nude pics is of dating. You know what it is

And why the hell should we care about what you think #kangana

There is a limit to how far Kangana can go after taking credit for a film that is essentially Ketan Mehta's idea and Krish's direction.

I'm so glad Kangana said this! I just saw some interview of Alia promoting Gully boy n she's rude with so much attitude. She behaves like a spoil brat someone needs to put her in place.

Now I can actually imagine karan the one having threads and Alia being puppet as actual puppet shows. Funny !!

Lol finally someone says the truth. Go Kangana!!!

I like you Kangana!!

Actors like this is why Deepika Padukone Singh is loved, respected and appreciated, She is classy beautiful and talented and humble. First to give media respect always and handles her own battles. Thank you Kangana for proving fans why we love Deepika :)

Not a fan of Kangana but she is absolutely right about this

Not able to like this statement may be some issue in PV. Not a fan of Kangana. But this can be seen by audience as well all her movies are by Dharma or by source of KJO

Kangana is going to Drain The Swamp !!!!!!!

DP fans - KJo braught Alia with DP to prove Alia is number 1 not DP.

For me, hatred for Alia (Nepo kid and Kjo) is 1000 times more than Kangana.
Kangana will get away in few years but nepotism??? Would it ever stop? Every 4th or 5th indian wants to be an actor but they wont be able to survive in Bollywood just because of NEPO KIDS

Oh common honey, better have this hatered for reservation system of India. Bollywood starkids are like stsc from rich families who are given preference over the talented and really deserving general candidates aka outsiders. At least alia bhatt is a good actress unlike the doctors and others professionals produced by this dumb reservation system who are so bad at their profession and yet hold the highest positions. They are the reason why India is still a backward country. Because here talent and hardwork have no value.

This is so true. Well said. Kangana will Be gone tomorrow but nepotism will work against outsiders.

Alia is the sweetheart of the country. So the whole country is nepotism and didn’t watch kangana’s movie. One day she says she doesn’t need support and says “Khud ko promote karle to bahot ho gaya “ , next day she says she called and blasted Alia. Till she is put on medication she will continue being a nuisance

Ok Kangana,Alia is KjS puppet. Why are you getting urself into a tizzy? Ppl dont want to support you. You cant force them. Get this into ur head.

True. It's not like anyone owes her anything. Why is she so indignant. Oh wait. Publicity.

Dear Ms Bhatt,

I don't understand why people fail to acknowledge your hardwork and persistence. Just because a privileged individual had it easy at some point doesn't mean that they didn't have their own struggles. I am sorry that that Ms. "RanOut" is so bitter and self-centered that she fails to recognize you are more than what she claims you to be. Please continue to make us proud.

A woman who refuses to let one woman put another woman down.

looks like KJO posted this

"RanOut" also is a woman !

Has Alia foind a cure for cancer or eradicated poverty or stood yo for women in the industry. She

thank u papa !

Yet your comment is running another woman (Kangana). Hypocrite much?

Now Mahesh Bhatt should speak up against Kangana. What she really is- expose her. Kya keh payegi ye Mahesh Bhatt ko?

Kangana watched raazi after it became a hit and had the press interview her..so she could use it later? sure seems like it

Sanju also was a hit because of so much hulla created by bollywood mafia and all of them projecting rk as the beat thing ever. A medicocre propaganda movie at best and yet being promoted so much

It is sad how mich promotion uri has received from industry folks. Alia too has been posting regularly about it. The film has serious flaws and yet the popularity and support it has seen from bollywood gang is astounding. Uri was direct competition for Manikarnika. While Manikarnika received no talk from bollywood , Uri was talked about nom stop. It must be distressinh

Uri was released 2 weeks ago and kangana's film was released on Republic Day holiday so how was it unfair ? Stop lying kangana PR.

gully boy is creating a lot of hype and will take away her acreens next week and the lifetime collection of her film will be set, it’s no wonder she’s freaking out and teying to stir up interest. Her film at best will recover costs, she really messed up the pr on this film. It should have done better

Kangy is gone crazy...been that way for a while now. But Alia is indeed KJOs puppet!

No matter what, Alia is successful than u kangana. Her talent took her this far. Unlike u kangana have talent with no humility. Loser kangana

Why Victim card again ... no one is supporting Manikarnika movie does not mean they are not with Jhansi ki Rani .. it just means that they do not want to associate with Kangana and controversies .. and Kangana is just Me.. Me and Me... High time she realizes Film is a team effort

Alia is indeed existing solely because of Kjo, like KAt is due to Salman. Take away their godfathers and they are done.

However, Kangana is very courageous to be calling out Kjo's nepotism, or Alia playing second fiddle to Kjo, which is ridiculed by BW aswell like Ash said it sometime ago, DP on KWK hamper reacted, every guest on KWK says Alia and Ranbir as their ranked 1 actors, so it is known to all. But given Alia is also Mahesh's kid, Kangana didnt stop at calling her out. Respect

I want hear her thoughts on srk, aamir, salman, akshay, ajay, ranbir, kat, anushka. Common kangana let us hear it

Alia owes Kjo everything - she knows it and even says it interviews. He hands her everything, movies, boyfriends, mentors.

BUT for someone who is claiming to revere Jhansi Ki Rani, very low of Kangana to constantly belittle other women. It just looks like publicity now, and in poor taste.

Neither fan of Alia nor denying nepotism privilege she has but will never support this kind of cheap unreasonable attack . Alia doesn't owe her anything. h

Kangana is so true!Nothing in wrong what she says

No surprise she used foul tone for RaniLaxmibai By calling her "wo meri chachi hai kya"

Used most iconic character of history to break her flop streak, stole idea from ketan mehta stole credit from krish
Ended up making it an Flop


Yeah but she wasn’t dependent on them her entire career

This is so true. Everything handed to Alia on platter. Not only Alia but today’s many new actors are Karan’s puppet. This guy is so toxic. His PR are a again defending his actions. Kangana is not perfect but this time she hit nail on head. Never seen any other actresses in Bollywood who get such a luxury treatment like Alia. Even madhuri and sridevi had to struggle to get on top. PV pls

Kangana threw a bait and Alia picked it! I don’t blame her..every year there’s a new victim of her bait! The bait doesn’t change but still these ppl keep falling for it!

Keeping digging that grave deeper. The deeper it is, the harder it'd be to climb out of it. Psychotic woman!

The grave? Manikarnika did well without the Bollywood nepo brigade. She’ll win her fourth NA, and has three more movies out in the next two years. She’s fine.

Very well said Kangana. Alia I hope will see some things here and rise above if there is any truth to it that she feels inwardly. Situation can be tense, but there are valuable lessons to be learned in criticism. Kangana, am just worried...that you don't stoop down to the level of some others, and don't get ill carrying resentments (it eats one up inside) and drive others away in your projected anger that may be taken wrongly. Just work for your inner happiness (as you do), while keeping an inclusive vibe. Being honest is a wonderful thing and working for change so boldly extremely admirable (you are my hero) but temper it a little. No am not talking about diluting the truth. We don't know about another person's detailed life and personality, feelings and emotions and their journey, just as many may be wrong about judging your life and personality and journey as well. May all your endeavors reach their mark. Wishing you so much success, love, health, and happiness Kangana. Love love love you! Please post PV..

Never seen Kangana supporting any movie. She said nothing about Raazi. Why she expects so much. Alia should have ignored her like rest of bollywood

You can search in youtube kangana watched Alia’s movie Raazi and she praised her work too

But I agree alia is not a self made actress and she is a part of a very biased part (kjo clan) of the industry where everything works in her favor to be successful. But Kangana is just vile for saying the way she did. Alia is not a puppet she is just very privileged and gets her way because the industry wants to see her successful. Her movies did good because of content not Alia herself.

I'm not a fan of either and don't condone the things Kangana says/does, but she is right about Alia being a puppet and the nepo gang. All star kids that do decently well then join Karan's camp and become overrated and overhyped. Alia, Varun, Ranbir, Vicky(unfortunately), and others are good examples of decent talent that thanks to Karan are extremely overrated,overhyped and put on a pedestal.
PV, please post.

when Kangu was busy attacking Deepika 2 years ago for absolutely no reason at all, the rest of bollywood fandom were rubbing their hands in glee.ab bhugato.

Kangana Ranaut is as much a disappointment as her movie is. NOTHING good comes out of self-importance and malice. She has been carrying a great deal of bitterness with her for years and now she is throwing it around.

Same can be said about Karan Johar. He is so evil, ruthless and play with peoples emotions like it’s not a big deal. If kangana is not normal , same can be said about Karan. This queen also has lots of issues.

Waiting for Kangan to spill the real tea on Alia’s pervert boyfriend. He has used Deepika, Katrina, and many others like tissue papers. Yet, the whole industry has put such man on a pedestal!!

Awesome!!! Not a fan of Kangana but I do support her 100% on this!

This is being done to serve as a bait for the nepo gang to get to kangana. we can see through this game. PV post.

Kangana spoke the UNSPOKEN truth! Alia Bhatt is Karan Johar’s puppet and he is only using her because she is currently doing well. If she wasn’t, then he will snoop around other successful actresses. He is shameless and she is his puppet. Sooner she realizes this truth...the better for her!

Exactly Kangana has done good to alia by making her realise what she is showing for herself.kjo is no-one's.as soon as alia gives flop he will dump her like sid.alia should realise it now it would save her from getting doomed.

It takes spacial talent to get flopped film on such a topic with 3400+ screen and 3 weeks run.
Period dramas does wonders at BO, Specially overseas but this film made gigantic 15cr which is less then day one of same genre

It's Kangana's reputation which has hurt this film.

After faking the success parties pushing PR articles with foolish economics explained.
Now she lashes out at bollywood when she knows she has doomed the film.

Asking for support from industry after saying disrespectful statements for whole industry

Never taking responsibility

Alia should just stay quiet like dp. Never wrestle with pigs, both get dirty and the pig likes it.

Ha Ha ha....Pseudo intellectual Pooja Bhatt must be regretting attacking Kangana . Kangana has hit back where it hurts....Alia .
Kangana kills two birds with one stone. ....Alia and KJ.
BTW Alia is way overrated. She's a decent actor but because Bollywood standard is so low with Nepotism and because Alia is King of Nepotism's golden goose ...she's overhyped .
I am so glad Kangana is exposing the sewer that is Bollywood.

Yes true statement,

Bitter truth

We love Alia. She is an actress and focused on her work. Kangana is just a mischief maker. Whom does this hullabaloo help apart from herself ? Her movie is not a national cause for everyone to come out on roads. Unbearable cow.

Egotistical and Arrogant Kangana with her loudmouth threats again.

The Public REJECTED Manikarnika not Alia, Amir, Anu, Kat so stop blaming Bollywood.

People who care about the art of movie making and wanted to fight nepotism are people like Anurag Kashyap. They set up their own production house. They collaborated with script writers , directors and actors not from the Bollywood families. Anurag did work with Mahie , Kalkie , Huma and also was a key in bringing Nawazuddin up to the front line. Kangana is a verbal warrior and she hasn’t done anything at all for the upliftment of Indian cinema so far. She is angry because the A listers don’t give her importance.

The same Anurag Kashyap took Ranbir Kapoor for Bombay Velvet. It is all about economics.

Kangs destroyed a potential Hit movie to rubbish and wants to blame others now but she needs to blame herself and take responsibility and blame the public too.

Pubic made Alia a star not anyone else. The Nation has made her movies hits. Get over your self KR.

Alia needs Karan to survive???? Her sister pooja was also an actress and KJO didn’t exist then. Alia’s family is one of the biggies in movie business.if not Karan someone else would have mentored her and she would still be what she is. She dedicated her life to her work in last so many years and Kangana dedicated her life to fabricate stories and asking for national importance to her personal issues. Sitting there and talking bad about famous people is not working towards any cause or fighting anything. Disgraceful woman really

yes Alia needs Karan to survive. If not Karan she'd start her career with Bhatts b grade movies. Shraddha was lucky with Ashiqui 2 which was a good movie but other than that Bhatts didn't make any nice movie in last 15 years. She'd start and finish her career very soon because actors who start with Bhatts movies are not getting sucsess, John, Bipasha and Kangana are exceptions. And what is pooja Bhatt doing now and how could she help Alia? by casting her in Jism 3?

Bang on, omg i love the reponse which was brutally honest.Alia lives and survives on karan support, she needs Karan for everything, from movies to bf.MY poor RK who is left with no choice.stop harassing him, you two idiots.

Kangana had a liason with Ranbir Kapoor. So, Alia shud not think she is something special. Hope Kangana exposes the Kapoor kid

And Kangana existence is bcoz of her spreading of legs.

I am not a big fan of Alia too but nobody can take away her talent. If only you could be successful by being Karan’s puppet, everyone would be no 1 actor. Ali’s is a supremely talented actress. It’s sad how a woman is bringing down another woman. I hope more actresses shut her up

If you are sitting there and spewing venom at other famous and successful people then we don’t call it success Kangana. If you want to make a change then set up your own talent management firm , make movie and launch new talents. Don’t sit there and demand people should do this or that to give you importance.

She might be mad but this is true. Dharma and YRF wants to be the ones to run BW! KR is an obsticle for them.

KanganaRanaut is such a hypocrite .. She refused to sign an affidavit supporting deepikapadukone in the padmavat controversy but now is abusing aliaa for not speaking out against a controversy which Kangana herself created, for some cheap publicity..

ha ha ha I love Kangana for this. She said what we all are thinking about Alia and I'm sure bollywood people have same thoughts about KJ and Alia but they'll never talk about it. Kangana doesn't afraid of anyone and I like that about her. Bollywood was ignoring Manikarnika and it is obvious. Whenever there is a new trailer then all these actors/actresses starting praise the trailer and the cast but here no one has anything to tell about Manikarnika trailer which was amazing. Just see how these fake people were praising Sonam's ek ladki ko dekha but the movie is a huge flop

Boycott #gullyboy. If u really want to watch wait for pirated copy. These people need to taste their own medicine

The only actress she will NEVER have a fight with is Priyanka. Because she knows Priyanka is a fighter and nothing bogs her down.

Aalia ko ghanta fark nahi padta... Whatever Kangana think about her doesn't even matter, because people make the actor stars not any production house.
She really need to focus on herself rather than seeking attention for those statements.
Completely gone crazy!!!

Hey kangana...kam shabdo mein bs itna hi kehna h ki you are just like our respected PM SH. NARENDERA MODI JI. .. Bekhof,nidar aur imandaar. You are a true talent ...All the very best.

KJO makes movies with industry kids and they work with him. It’s their business dealing and together if they delivery great movies peopl watch them. Do we sit and dictate whom the Tatas or Ambanis should employ in the top posts to run their business ? Rich people have as much rights as poor people in a democracy for god’s sake. You know how Kangana can do something about it ? By setting up a management firm and by offering opportunities to talents all over the country. But she isn’t interested in fighting nepotism or favoritism at all. She wants to pick fight with big people and thats all she cares for. In her own movie she chops off other’s good work to focus on herself. Her own movie she reduced it to a flop though it had all the potential of becoming a blockbuster. She is too self centered to fight for any cause. Just a stepping stone to enter politics later in life.

She is becoming rubbish now... too much negativity...she should grow up first

I agree that kanchana is brilliant as an actor in manikarnika. But did the film showed us the true story or just a part of the story? Major and important roles of the history were cut out almost totally in the film. I personally don't support the film.. so now kangana will bully me too??

well she's totally right about alia, but she needs to understand that she cant keep blasting people.
cinema is team work - and she is only scaring people away from herself - thats not going to help her career in any way

Facts are facts..either you like kangana or not..she just stated the obvious...go kangana expose this Nepo gang..!

I am not a fan of kangna neither aalia, but I agree and disagree with kangna, If Aalia or any bollywood people didn't praise your work their choice let audience decide hows your work? With second statemnt that aalia is Kjo puppet so true out of 14 films of aalia she did 12 films with dharma so she is puppet and Aishwarya rai said in a classy way with faridoon that aalia is lucky she is getting work easily and work come on her lap. So the like of parineeti shradha Sanya Malhotra tapsee pannu didn't get good work.

I don't understand why Kangana needs Bollywood support? Their support doesn't make a film successful. Just be confident KANGI

pooja bhatt supported director krish and thst is why liar kangana is after ali@ bhatt.

Choosing beggar. Alia tried to say something nice about Kangana after Kangana attacked her for no reason. Kangana is now demanding that Alia see her bizarre film and go around praising it.

Kangana you are such a great artist. Pls do not be hostile and condescending. Speak the truth, but with Humility. Trust, you’ll have more support from people. But arrogance will not be appreciated even by your fans.

It is very obvious. The movie has not done well and she is unhappy.

Kangana & Hyde

Kangana pls expose Alia's Kapoor boyfriend who had a fling with you. That will hurt the Nepotism King n his puppet more.

It will hurt Deepika n her Kapoor worship more. Ek teer se teen nishaana

Kangana should expose Alia boyfriend who hit on her and had a fling with. She should say she rejected the Kapoor boy who Alia is not dating lol

He never had a fling with kangana. It was in her vivid imagination like her imaginary relationship with hrithik. Rk exposed her PR who said she n rk are new bffs

He never had a fling with kangana. It was in her vivid imagination like her imaginary relationship with hrithik.

Raazi didn’t need Kangana’s support. I haven’t even read Kangana saying anything about the movie when it was released. If she saw the movie and liked it so did million others. Kangana is abominable if she is talking this rubbish to anyone in the industry.Just because someone gets along with people and have friends in the industry you are jealous and call them names ? Mannerless woman.

hahahahaha!!! FINALLY! Finally someone had the GUTS to say what every bollywood actor/actress feels abt Alia! Kudos to Queen Kangana!!

So called touch bearer of feminism is bashing women like always. Be it Alia, deepika, suzzane, mithali, vikas ex wife, women commission and Katrina. Rip feminisim

What Kangana is doing is bullying. She is determined to get people involved in her life positively or negatively. Alia doesn’t have to prove her success or failure to anyone. Not everyone is here to play politics. Imagine someone as brash as Kangana calling and spewing venom at someone like Alia. Let Alia live her life without aspiring to battle it out with anyone. Can not understand kangana’s immature and high school girl behavior. Alia did the mistake of commenting on it once. She won’t henceforth I hope.

This is a clever marketing tactic for Alia's movie. The goal is to implicate Kangana and instigate the nepo gang against her. Now like chain reactions, all holy cows of nepotsim will take to social media to voice their opinion and concern. Their selective voice on issue like me too and women empowerment is amusing.

Get a life woman.

The way Kangana cries for BW attention, it seems like she wants to be KJo's puppet!

Go goo Kangana exactly! she is nothing except kjo puppet, he gives to her the best scripts and movies, the otherwise these uglyy actress would be a zero!no personality,no looks,ordinary brainless nepo kid.

true that ! not able to like ur comment

Well said Kangna ma'am ur the queen and always gonna be and I love ur straight statements Alia is Nthg is front of u she is just a bag of fake things and useless mind. And yes she's a puppet and she deserves to be tht

Jealous kangana.

alia tried to be gracious towards her and told media she would apologise though she had nothing to apologise for...this woman responds with such vile remarks..mahesh bhatt would be regretting launching this snake

Karan Johar has supported many others but no other actor could match up to what Alia has achieved. Alia is a brilliant actress and she has proved in movies like Highway, Udta Punjab, Dear Zindagi and Raazi. Kangana seems to be obsessed with Karan Johar.

I like Kangana and the Bollywood gang have been very obvious in ignoring her and I can understand how left out and bullied she must feel. This is just awful. However, she can do with a little bit diplomacy esp. she should not talk about a personal conversation she has with co actors without their permission, that’s not a good thing and will not help her cause. Just saying, easy to say hiding behind an anonymous tag I know but I really do want this girl to succeed so just dishing out some advice, if it ever reaches her!
In North India, a huge discriminating exists for people who come from a non- English speaking household. The treatment of Kangana by Bollywood is a very fine example of this ( amongst other things) and I applaud her for speaking her mind and exposing this horrible mindset we Indian seem to have).
All in all, still kudos to the girl. Just wish, as she grows older, she learns to be better with her words. Not be over diplomatic, be herself but just watch it so she doesn’t end up harming her own prospects and peace of mind.

Wow Kangana calls herself a feminist yet bashes Alia, Deepika or just any other actresses whenever she has the chance. Look her Kangana, Alia is a product of nepotism but you cannot deny the talent she has. Plus, she has the ability to pull audience to watch her movies too which your movie failed to do. Now put the blame for the failure of your film on yourself and not the people in the industry. Take some responsibility instead of dragging other people all the time.

Alia is AVERAGE period ! She does not pull in crowds but the Dharma name behind her does! Pls don’t insult talent like this

Okay Karan Johar makes films for Alia Bhatt these days, he always casts friends' kids. But I have a question like every one else why cannot Karan do what he wants to do? Also Alia never said anything bad on Kangana, how is Kangana bullying her seen as an act of bravery?

Kangana is so jealous of Alia success. She is dying to be a part of kjo gang.

Manikarnika is not about woman empowerment. Kangana is again playing a woman card.

Thank god someone said it!

Yes alia is Karan Johar's puppet..everyone knows it.. But kangana openly said it

I mean everyone knows alia bhatt is Karan johar's puppet...just that kangana told it openly.. I don't find it as a shocking statement... I always thought alia didn't have her own way of doing things.. Whether it's her debut,acting or dressing, signing the film.. Everything spoon fed... One thing she has is buttering

Bang on Kangana

hahaha Love you Kangana!

Kangana is absolutely right! Aalia is really Karan’s puppet!

Mahesh Bhatt's daughter is not spineless but smart enough to get along with the leaders in the industry.

The Nation prefers to watch Alia and think she is a good actress that is why they pay money to go see her films make them 100cr. You bitterness is showing Kangs.

The public is the one choosing Alia over Kangy. The public's favourite is Alia. Her movies rake in more moolah than Kangy who sounds bitter and angry all the time.

She is paying the Bhatts for launching her. Such an ungrateful evil. Alia will go higher and higher psycho. Sorry Deepika and Hrithik for hating u two all this while cause of this woman

Kangana is right

SO so true Kangana! At least somebody had to voice out. Alia is so overrated. Nepo kids begging for meaty roles over bollywood. There are so many awesome talents who don't get notice at all. Great going kangana!

She called and said all this to Alia..but she dint say what was alia’s response? And who calls and insults somebody like this if this is what she told her.

bang on!!! lol go girllll

bang on !

She has gone mad. I hope her career dies a slow, agonising death. Good riddance!

and yours never started !

I wonder what Mahesh Bhatt think about this?...
I think kangana spends her time reading PV or she is the one who post all this comments about alia the puppet,nepotism,starkids,kjo gang...

Thank U Kangna Ji.. Hamare Mann Me Jo Rehta Hai, Woh Sab Kuch Jo Hum Bol Na Chahte Hai Par Mann Me Hi Rakhte hai woh sab kuch aap bol jaati hai.. jo karna hai kar lo i DON'T LIKE alia bhatt...

For once she spoke right.. someone had to say this about Alia who is just shoved down the throats everywhere.

Seriously guys are mocking her by writing EXCLUSIVELY with caps...we all know that kangana has no life just waiting for your calls...

Oh Gosh, this over the top nationalism and patriotism is getting on our nerves.

Thank God finally kangana said this golden words...she was burning...I hope she is happy now...