Have Vicky Kaushal and Harleen Sethi broken up?

Vicky Kaushal and Harleen Sethi have been in the news for quite some time now. And now, looks like all is not well between the two.
Have Vicky Kaushal and Harleen Sethi broken up?Have Vicky Kaushal and Harleen Sethi broken up?
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Bollywood is indeed a funny place, and while one often fails to draw the line between reel life and real life, the former has a strong effect on the latter. Actors Vicky Kaushal and Harleen Sethi were rumoured to be dating for quite some time until Vicky posted a picture with her and made his relationship insta-official. However, while he did break many hearts with the news about his relationship status, looks like the two aren't together anymore.

If one begins to join the dots, the outcome might turn out to be rather shocking. A couple of days ago, Harleen unfollowed (yes, unfollowed) Vicky and well, if that's not enough, she also liked some heartbreaking posts on Instagram, some of which were rather painful. If one comes to think of it, we can only wonder what went wrong, and if things have indeed gone for a toss between the two.


High Sir! #URI

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Both Vicky and Harleen were rumoured to be dating for a long time now, however, this comes as a rather shock to everyone as they indirectly just made it official some time back. In fact, on his episode of Koffee With Karan 6, Vicky also admitted that he is seeing someone right now and that the two are serious about each other.

Well, while the actor did break hearts with his statement, has he broken Harleen's heart too?


Having just watched their TapeCast, it's pretty obvious Vicky is enamoured with Katrina. And quite frankly, he wasn't married so I'm not mad at him. Frankly, better for him to end it quickly and cleanly if he's seriously attracted to someone else, than to cheat like a Ranbir Kapoor did and would. Painful for Harleen but she'll get over it.

Maybe Kjo planned this so that it can keep his nepo kid Vicky in the limelight

Saw this coming the time he joined kjo's gang!!

Why are likes and dislikes not working on this post?

How can it be a publicity shot? VK does not need it and Kat just ignore her. However, I'm hopeful it is a publicity shot for the sake of HS, such a sweet girl. VK, I liked and want to like but now...

If he left her just because of URI doing well, then he's trash. He dated her when they both weren't that famous, but now that he is and she isn't, he leaves her? Disgusting. Now he wants to latch on someone more famous.

Calm down guys, there's nothing between vicky and kate, it's just a publicity shot.


Why has commenting stopped on this article?

Katrina and Priyanka are official Home Wreckers of Bollywood..PV pls post

harleen is better looking&a better dancer than katrina..did he really dump her for aging kat aunty??

Bang Bang revisited.

Bang Bang all over again.

Kat is a black widow. When she dated SK his films tanked. Same with RK and now VK.

Ranbir stole Kats best friend, so Katrina’s going to steal his best friend in Sanju of course.

The way Kat shows love to Alia is just not realistic..She wants to be in good books of KJo , so doing all fake nautanki to his beti

Most men are closet or outright cheaters

Why is everyone attacking Katrina? People break up and move on. They weren’t married. And frankly, Alia and Kat were bffs while Kat doesn’t know Harleen. Also RK-Kat were living together and practically engaged for 7 years. Vicky and Harleen have been dating for what like a year or less.

Vicky is an outclass actor but doesn’t match Kat’s standards, like she dated Salman and Ranbir in the past

Damn man he is getting to date the hottest woman on this planet. So lucky yr. If I was in his place then I won't Katrina get out of bedroom

Wow there was a time when every guy in India dreamed of Katrina Kaif.She looked unattainable. I was always curios to see who will be the husband of a woman who is dream girl of nation and now may be it him....

People who have commented on this post are surely from the small villages of India. They are still stuck with the mentality that a guy and girl should be together forever. once they get into physical relationship. Dumb people here needs to realize that he didn't marry her or was not even in a live in with her. She was not his feyonce. He is an emerging superstar who have given 3 blockbusters in a row and got immense critical acclaim. The girl doesn't match his status or success. He is not cheating her. He only parted ways to be with other woman. He seems to have a huge crush on Katrina, may be he is attracted to her outer beauty like all Indian men. If he wants to be with her and if Katrina too is ready then what's the problem. They are two young and successful people and if they want to be together and they should be without giving any fuck to these villagers opinions. Post it pv i

Stay strong Harleen. Look how DP's career blossomed after RK's behavior. You will heal from this heart break.

Vicky is the hottest properly currently in Bollywood...

The temporary success has gone to his head. He can never be a superstar.

omg , i loved them as a couple , and ofcourse katrina does not deserve somebody like vicky kaushal

All of a sudden Vicky has gone down a few notches in my book. Kat is a gold digger. I wonder what VK's mom will think of her.

Vicky, Kat wants shaadi yesterday. You have to make your stamp in this industry first.

He's ugly. I don't think Bhai will pay her rent if she's dating him.

I thought something was fishy when he proposed to her on stage. He looked like he had a major crush on her.

Plastic buddhi.

Watch now Vicky's films will take a deep dive. Uff. Such a fantastic actor.

Relationships are fickle in Bollywood. Kat should just get herself a rich NRI businessman from London.

Oh Vicky, come on you can do way better. Katrina just wants to be in the limelight again. Be very careful and use protection.

Why some of you are blaming katrina instead of vicky for his actions ? I don’t care whether he was the one who actively looked to cheat or if katrina instigated, at the end of the day he is the one in the “committed”relationship and owes his gf respect

Katrina - still did not learn from karma. Home wrecker.

Home wrecker Katrina.

Please Vicky, if you are reading this, don’t do this. Harleen is a nice girl, stick to her. Be the same, don’t change.

...And this is why her victimizing herself and everyone feeling bad for her after Ranbir/Alia was such crap. She's a praying mantis

How continent to just blame the girl. What hypocrite feminism we follow. If they are dating did Katrina gunpoint him to date her, so why just blame her. Any relationship if it breaks due to a third person then the problem is not the third person but it is in the relationship. Because there was not enough love respect commitment in that relationship.

Whether he is dating harleen or not ... I really hope he didn't drop her because of Katrina... This would seriously ruin all the impression I had of him and probably from many others as well

i didnt expect this from vicky kaushal. i know its his life, but i am still going to judge him.
Kjo's Bwood got to him.

wow!!! 1 film superhit dump gf!!! kk has some issue man!!!! she needs help.

Vicky’s star is on the up and rise, of course he wants a girlfriend to suit his success.
Katrina wants a young and successful boyfriend who adores her.
This works for both of them.

Katrina is always the home wrecker!! First Deepika-Ranbir and now this!!!! Such a Bit-ch

When u dont know the truth shut ur mouth troller

Why are you blaming katrina instead of vicky for his actions ? I don’t care whether he was the one who actively looked to cheat or if katrina instigated, at the end of the day he is the one in the “committed”relationship and owes his gf respect

Katrina should shamed of herself. looser.

Welcome to Bollywood

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