Aamir Khan: Anyone who has the ability to pull the crowd in theatres deserves a bigger share of money

Aamir Khan talks about gender inequality.
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Gender Inequality has always been of significant concern in B-Town. And many actors have often come forward to voice their opinions on the same. Joining the bandwagon we have Mr.Perfectionist Aamir Khan, who has raised some strong points on the patriarchal mindset of people and feels that every artist is entitled to get an equal pay cheque.
Seen here in the capital to promote his upcoming movie- Secret Superstar, Aamir Khan revealed how he is gladly willing to pay more to his female co-star provided she is able to fill more seats for a film. 
Aamir, who shares a smaller screen space in Secret Superstar with respect to his co-star Zaira Wasim, was asked if he was paid lesser than Zaira, to which he explains, "Anyone who has the ability to pull the crowd in theatres deserves a bigger share of money.. So the day when Zaira is able to fill more seats than me there's no doubt in my mind that she'll be paid more. And that is not going to be determined because of her sex. That will happen as per the market.
Understanding the gravity of gender inequality, he reveals that he would never be paid less because he never takes the money upfront. "In films, there are two levels of payments that we have. One is for the work that you are doing. And what I am doing is equal to any other actor. They all should be paid the same amount. Similarly, I feel technicians should also be paid equal to actors.The other aspect is that there are just two or three people in the team (of a film) who can pull people in the theatres. The others can't do the same. That's what we describe as stardom. " says, Aamir.
The 52-year old actor describes what it means to pay an artist from an economic point of view. "It does not matter to me if you are male or female or an animal. But, if you benefit me as a producer I am ready to pay you more. I have genuinely felt and I have been saying this often, everyone's contribution is equal. whether you're an actor or an actress or a production designer or a DOP or an editor."
The Ghajini actor also feels that we're moving in the right direction and there's no gender inequality sustaining in the film industry. "I feel industry doesn't differentiate on the basis of gender. If we look at a film crew we will see a lot of women doing important jobs. My wife (Kiran Rao) is a director, Reema Kagti and Farah Khan are also there and they are not looked at any differently from a male director. Their gender is not important. We have equal status, in terms of gender, when it comes to a film crew," quips Aamir.
Directed by Advait Chandan, "Secret Superstar" is slated to release on October 19.


Here comes the feminist brigade - according to many women here, the women should be paid per the clicks they give on a article. You have to be efficient at the box office. No one is going to pay you for how many times you were caught with your boyfriend... duh!

Ranbir is overpaid by this standard (he is overpaid by any standard) but which ranbir-deepika movie did anyone watch actually waiting for deepikas scenes?

Tamasha for her, for sure. Yeh Jawaani fir the pairing

So hes saying if anyone has ever proven the ability to pull crowds without help of costar they should be paid higher. Then vidya balan and kangana ranaut should be the highest paid actresses.

He made sensible remarks. I agree with Aamir.

Unless you write good equally weighted roles for the female lead as you do for the male lead, they won't be able to pull the audience to the cinema halls.

I agree although how do we decide that, for example in a Deepika-SRK or a Deepika-Ranbir movie, I am actually going to watch Deepika. Do I vote somewhere to make sure that gets noted?

didn't he say in another interview he thinks actors and technicians should receive the same enumerations. confused much!

I'm sorry but I agree with him. The day a female actor can pull crowds to watch her film, then they should be paid higher. That's why Kangana despite her drama is one of the highest paid actresses as she had proved her ability to pull crowds with Queen and TWM 1 & 2.

Yeah it wasn’t the good films or scripts that did that. I guess that’s why every other film of hers in the lead was not a disaster.

I was agreeing until u mentioned Kangana lol

he's right! this is why the industry is in trouble

So you expect now they keep a voting meter at ticket counter to measure who pulls more crowd and then decide the remuneration.. Weird!!

Only smart guy who never makes idiotic statements

I agree, since he is able to attract audiences means, producers earn more money, and they profit. Even when tubelight failed, it still earned more than hut movies of other actors.

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