Aamir Khan on losing stardom: I do get scared

Aamir Khan talks about losing stardom.
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Aamir Khan is one of the very few actors in the Indian Cinema who never gets tired of experimenting with looks for his movies. While we call it his act of perfection, Aamir, on the other hand, takes it as a necessity for an actor to undergo that transition and wear the required mask. Recently in a press interaction, Aamir Khan narrated a rather interesting tale where he confessed how the thought of losing stardom often scares him.

"I won't deny that I never get scared of losing stardom. I get very scared in fact! I remember what happened During Dangal. When I heard the story, I was extremely impressed and I knew that I have to do this film. But then I thought that I have just done Dhoom 3 and PK, and have six-packs and star-image. If I will do this film right now, then I will become old and fat. What my fans will think? I hope I don't lose my fan-following. I didn't have guts to change my image." quipped Aamir who was present here in the capital to promote his upcoming Secret Superstar.

He further said, "Mahavir is shown to be 55-year-old in the film. I am 52 in real life. So, there is less difference between us. We are too close. But my fans don't know that as they see me like I am some 30-year-old. So, I had even told the makers that I have liked the film but I will do it after 10 years when I grow a little old. They agreed to that too."

So what made him change his mind? "As a creative person what I want, I want. I was so fascinated by the story of Dangal that I ultimately decided to should go for it. When my emotional connect with the story is so strong, then I defy all logics and practicality and follow my the emotional instinct. This has happened many times with me," signs off Aamir.


Indeed he will lose it - thats the way show business is but he will go down as one of the greatest of Indian cinema - FACT!

dude you are super talented and your movies are re-watchable and loved.

srk , salman r the only superstars after rajesh khanna and amitabh bachchan , no one is truly a star.
aamir has goodwill not stardom, no one cares abt him like srk,salman fans do abt their superstar.
Aamir's following or goodwill will disappear once his movies stop doing well, which i hope never happens he has great script sense , i hope he starts a major studio and makes bollywood more successful.
but for aamir to think of himself as a star at the same level as srk and salman is prepostorous.

honestly, im not even an Aamir fan but he's made DCH and Lagaan, I cant think of any two mainstream films that are better than these two in the last two decades. Can you think of any that AB, SRK or Salman have made since 2000 that have been better?

aamir is a megastar. numbers speak for themselves.

please stop it. aamir is on top of his game at the moment.

Lol, Aamir, you ARE old. That's the thing. It's so funny how fragile a lot of these male stars egos are. Actors like the Khans are old enough to be playing the fathers of these starlets in their twenties, and yet that's the LAST thing they actually want to do--look and act in parts appropriate for their age. I want to see what happens in another 10 years when the wrinkles are heavier and romancing twenty-somethings isn't as cute. Now is the time when they should be branching out and away from the six-pack crap. You're already a legend. Leave that to the younger lot and focus on doing some legendary acting.

Pls. Aamir is not super invested in his looks or self absorbed. I wouldn't be too surprised if he has actually read a book or two on his craft and the business. That makes him stand out in this industry of narcissists,

You are no star anyway.

Nobody cares about your looks. It's not like you were some hottie in the first place that you had to worry about looking old and fat.

Aamir's ego is going through the roof.

You will never lose the stardom! You’re the legend!

Khans can never lose it

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