Aamir Khan to produce a 7 part Mahabharat series; here's the role he will play

While Thugs of Hindostan is still raking in some success, Aamir Khan will soon be kickstarting his next project Mahabharat. Here are the latest developments about the 7 part series.
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Aamir Khan's Thugs of Hindostan has opened up to a mixed response, and though it did not turn out to be the magnum opus it is touted to be, there is nothing that stops Mr. perfectionist from getting back to work. After the box office collection from the first two days of the film, it did not fair as good as was expected out of it. Having said that, the actor will now be moving on to his next project, one that has been in the news for some time now, his magnum opus, Mahabharat. 

There are developments pertaining to the series that have come to fore, and according to the latest reports, Aamir will be flying off to the USA to ideate and write the adaptation along with his core team. It will be a seven-week long journey that he'll be taking. Since Mahabharat will be a web series, it has been broken down into seven parts, and that's how it'll release. Apart from the above developments, the reports also confirm that Aamir will be seen donning the role of Lord Krishna. If that is just not enough, each of the seven parts will see a different director helm the season.



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The reports further suggested how Aamir is looking to get an all new cast for the series, which in turn will keep it away from the popularity that established actors already enjoy. With all of the above developments, looks like Mahabharat is going to be massive not just for the fans, but also for the actor himself.

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cast Kajol!

Don’t think given the current Hindu nationalist sentiment in Indian and Aamir’s Anti Hindu stand via movies this is a good move by him. It can land him into some big shit. If people weren’t ready to see a rajput queen being a Muslim dictators obsession can you imagine a anti Hindu Muslim actor playing the main Hindu god. They will drive him out of this country and his wish of leaving India will come true. Time is going against him anyway. He better tread carefully.

Hell no yaar, don't use our beloved lord Krishna to make box office hit and money. You got away with insulting our god's in pk, but not anymore. I want Rajamouli to make a movie on lord krishna and not you. It seems like only Rajamouli gets, how to make a historical movie and it will be perfect.

Lord Krishna was no Lilliput. Aamir is unfit to play the great character.

I am a Hindu but not religious at all and even I got sort of irked at how freely they poked fun at Hindus in PK but steered clear of doing the same level of mockery for Islam given that both religions(in fact, all religions) have all got their fair share of utter nonsensical rituals etc. But they would not DARE to do the same to Islam. I LOVE how tolerant Hindus are with all this. I do not want the rabid Right Wing Hinduvta folks to change that attitude and tolerance of the majority of Hindus. Instead of thinking let's also become violent and take revenge for any insult to Hinduism like other religions do, I really hope Hindus keep continuing their tolerant behavior and do not succumb to the right wingers - the whole world can mock and criticize but the incredible, ancient, accommodating religion that is true Hinduism will never be diminished by any of this. Same way let Aamir make the series and play Krishna - I continue to hope the majority of Hindus will smile and let it be - do not resort to violence and let down your high standards.

Aamir has already made fun of Hindu religion in PK, he will do the same with this project, it is better if he makes films on his own religion Islam, guess he does not have guts to do that.

I wont venture into Muslim Aamir making Mahabharat, as it all boils down to good people whatever the religion. However, I can see this webseries will be an epic failure coz Aamir as Shri Krishna is a joke! Seriously, I know Aamir wants the best part but he is NOT fit for it, all Indian TV/movie characters failed at Ramayan/Mahabharat. Ramanand Sagar and BR Chopra made such highly quality and excellent, authentic series that all these other people with their own twist and tales fail to even become average, let alone above average. Waste of time and money. Esp. with the atheist concept he brought in PK and I guess he is one himself, he just wont be able to understand the deeper nuances of each of Mahabharat's character, let alone Shri Krishna's. Unfortunately he'll become a laughing stock, lol. However, I do look forward to him making a movie on Prophet Mohammad, given the reality, I dare him to do that LOL!

This time he better be careful. He got away with 1 part movie PK. Here he is making 7 parts. Hope he has think thru what could happen if first few series got into religious controversy. I bet if he had made fun of allah, we would have witnessed world war 3. PV pls post.

Aamir is not the right age with the physical attributes to play a warrior like Krishna (which is a difficult role to pull off at the best of times) . In the Bhagawat Puranas the character is not depicted as 'perfect' (this is no monogamous 'Maryada Purushuttam' of the previous 'stick to the rules' Rama avatar).This avatar is the rule breaker with the somewhat Machiavellian personality . Above all Krishna (as well as Draupadi) is dark with the word 'Krishna' itself meaning 'dark skinned' which is why he was considered attractive. Whoever plays Krishna will have to comprehend the duality , monistic 'Oneness of God' (not monotheistic) , pantheistic nature of Hinduism - a fact Aamir didn't catch in his PK.

THat is such an insightful comment, Joe. I was just focused on how annoying he'd be and yes, physically inappropriate as Krishna. Moreover, I have been so pissed off by so many "secular" movie stars and celebrities bashing hindu mythology as a way of undoing real or perceived Islamophobia. And Amir has been less than polite in his recent remark about Diwali. And it pains me because I love religious mythology and hindu mythology is fascinating and up there, in my mind, with Roman, Greek and Norse mythologies for its sheer complexity and fascinating story-telling. I think the one to make the Mahabharat needs to have that fascination for the mythology within it, sort of like the late BR Chopra had, which is why his TV series remains amazing. I still watch it, and am surprised by how well it has aged and dismayed by how little it is celebrated in popular culture. But maybe Amir's attempt will bring it back into the right light. ONe can always hope :-)

The difference between the Hindu tradition & other world myths is that the latter all belong to extinct religions . Hinduism started off in the Vedic Age followed by the Puranic Age which encouraged debates questioning everything written in the Vedic Age .The religion picked up ideas and traditions locally and you were free to agree /disagree logically -far from the madness of today's hate filled RSS types. There is a reason for the religion's survival all through the ages which is mainly due it's ability to adapt and change according to the times ! The original Mahabharat of the Puranas is quite hard hitting and explosive where nobody is very good or very bad -just normal human beings . Aamir was the weakest link of the Dhoom series to follow John & Hrithik ,he will not be right choice here too.

Wow. Great intelligent comment. Thank you.

Please No ..You need break Aamir

This man is so full of himself...and his success made believe that he can play any role..or worst he believes he is God or somthing...
Though I am not Hindu myself but I always thought that young srk will perfect for Krishna role but he is old now and terrible actor too..as for people who still complain about pk,its not aamir fault...he didnt write or direct it...its weird no one blaming hirani...or the Hindus who didnt boycott that movie...

Crocodile Aamir who sheds fake tears can make films on Mohammad. He better stay out of Indian mythology, Vedas, Upanishads and our epics Ramayana and Mahabharata

Totally agree..they downgraded the hindu religion in PK..here also they will do the same

I am a Hindu and do not want a Muslim playing the role of lord Krishna. Aamir made fun of my religion in PK and got away, this time he can’t. Ask him to make fun of his own religion, make movies about his prophet and act in it. We don’t need hypocrites like him making films or preaching here

I agree with you. I want RajaMouli to make a film or many films on Mahabharat. There are better actors than Aamir, who can be a part of the film, like Hrithik, Ranveer, Rana and Prabhas

Bollywood doesnt care abt Hindu sentiments...all the time they make fun of Hindu rituals in their movie...ask them to do it to some other religion and then lets see what happens then

Yes I agree with you. I dont want cheap Bollywood to malign something as sacred as Mahabharat.

He has already washed his hands off Thugs. Time to move on..

Aamir's unbeaten reign at the box office has come to an end. He has to start fresh on a new slate now.

Well he has given many duds like mela, Mann, mangal pandey, And now thug.

Hope he does not mess it up like Thugs.

Lol, Aamir as Krishna? He's better off playing a father role again and casting a big crew of young newcomers.

No, cannot see Aamir khan playing the quintessential lord Krishna.He can give voice over, other than that he shouldn't be playing any. To think about it Sikhandi will be right character for him. He will play it to perfection.

THat is so insightful. Yes, Shikhandi would be the only role he could play, if at all. Great comment!

Smart man! He is looking at the next big thing in the future and web series seems to be getting there. He’s trying to dominate that part of the industry as well. Toh failing is a big disappointment tho

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