Aamir Khan puts up a birthday post for actress Sunny Leone; check it out

Aamir Khan posted a really sweet birthday wish on his social media story for actress Sunny Leone
News,aamir khan,Sunny LeoneAamir Khan puts up a birthday post for actress Sunny Leone; check it out
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Sunny Leone celebrated her 38th birthday on Monday, 13th May. She spent her special with day husband Daniel Weber and their three kids Nisha, Asher and Noah. Her husband also penned an adorable message for her calling her the “sexiest woman” ever. He posted three pictures on social media with different text written on each. The first one had them posing, which said “The way people see you.” The second was of Sunny fixing his shirt, which had the text “The way I see you.” And the third was a family photo which said “Who you really are.”

Another special birthday post that Sunny got was from Aamir Khan. The actor posted a really sweet birthday wish on his social media story. We are sure this message is going to make Sunny smile ear to ear. The reason behind this is that Sunny holds a lot of respect for the actor in her heart. A few years ago, an interviewer had asked the actress some controversial questions about her past and Aamir Khan had supported Sunny by saying that he would be happy to work with her as he has no problems with her “past”.

The post says: “Dear sunnyleone, wishing you a very happy birthday. Hope you had a great day. Wishing you a great year ahead, and many happy returns of this very special day. Love, a.”

We are still waiting for the actress to reply, but we are sure she will be delighted to see Aamir Khan’s post.

On the work front, Sunny will next be seen in the Tamil historical period drama and war film Veeramadevi written and directed by Vadivudaiyan.


Thats quite nice of Amir

i like that he tries to reach out to her when the rest of the industry really ostracizes her. very sweet of him!

Aamir! There were days when he used to promote Kangana !
He dint promote Manikarnika.

Now he is wishing Sunny Leone ( BTW I admire her conducts ).
And tomorrow he will forget her too...

Kangana is unstable. One day she wants to latch onto someone and use them for promoting herself and the next day turns and abuses them for promoting herself again. Amir and rest of Bollywood keeps away from her psycho highness.

I've been following Sunny since my highschool friends in Canada said omg there's a brown porn actress. And from the very beginning I saw glimpses of her face and was like wow why did she do this she has the face to be a star. Then I started following her as a person wondering all the time what kind of Indian person does this. Then she joined the show and won the hearts of many in India, I was shocked India was so progressive but somewhere still I also felt this woman is very nice and lovely inside because some innocence was showing through I remember how I justified her actions "oh she only did girl on girl stuff, oh she only did shoots with her husband" and eventually when I saw her documentary I really got to understand how she did what she did. She really was lost, from such a small town and without thinking. I feel for her and everything that happened. I respect her, ultimately I think she did what she had to do and wouldn't be who she was today without that, her life was a real journey and I think she is ultimately a very kind hearted and lovely woman, who just went through a rough upbringing. I see my sister in her really I don't mean that in a weird way. She's lovely and warm to look at and I think she's nice.

I do like Aamir for this, makes me proud of him.

Aww that’s sweet of him, they should do a film together, will make a nice pair

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