Aamir Khan shares an adorable picture of son Junaid Khan & Rani Mukerji on the former's birthday

Aamir Khan wished his son Junaid Khan on the occasion of the latter's birthday in a very special manner by sharing a throwback picture of Junaid along with actress Rani Mukerji. Check out the picture shared by Aamir Khan on his Twitter account.
Aamir Khan shares an adorable picture of son Junaid Khan & Rani Mukerji on the former's birthdayAamir Khan shares an adorable picture of son Junaid Khan & Rani Mukerji on the former's birthday
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Aamir Khan is undoubtedly one of the most popular and talented actors of the Bollywood film industry. Over the past few years, Aamir has delivered some amazing movies which include 3 Idiots, Dangal, Dhoom 3, etc. The actor portrays all his assigned roles in a perfect manner because of which he is also known as Mr. Perfectionist. The actor is currently gearing up for his upcoming movie Lal Singh Chaddha. 
Aamir recently wished his son Junaid Khan in a very special manner. The actor shared a throwback picture of his son Junaid with his former Ghulam co star Rani Mukerji. The actor also added a hilarious caption along with the picture which read,'I wonder how he managed to charm Rani...  I never did.' 

Check out the picture of Junaid Khan posing with Rani Mukerji shared by Aamir Khan below:

Previously during one of his media interactions, Aamir had stated that his son Junaid is also inclined towards Bollywood. The Dangal actor further stated that Junaid has been involved with the theatre since a long time. The actor also admitted about the same in the famous talk show Koffee With Karan. 

On the work front, Aamir will be next seen in the upcoming movie Lal Singh Chaddha which happens to be a remake of the popular 1994 Hollywood movie Forrest Gump featuring Tom Hanks in the lead role. As per some reports, the actor will be losing around 20 kgs of weight for his role in the upcoming movie. The movie which has been directed by Advait Chauhan, is scheduled to be released next year. 

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Trashwarya must be burning because Aamir posted Rani's picture.

Rani never had morals to begin with.

...says Trashwarya who traded sexual favors with married man Subhash Ghai to get Taal, slept with a Muslim man Salman Khan, selfishly used an innocent man Vivek Oberoi, trapped Abhishek Bachchan to cash on his dad's Bachchan surname, and had an affair with her father-in-law Big B. That's very dignified. Trashwarya was raised with good morals and values by her trashy parents. Is there anyone else in Bollywood who can compete with Trashwarya's good morals?

Happy birthday Junsie!! Rani was always fond of him!

Ewww! Rani is looking creepily at Junaid.

Ew, these comments are wrong. Aamir is making a joke, even if it is dirty-minded, which it probably isn't, it's still a joke.

Aaww..this is such an adorable picture ! Junaid has got such a good smile. He’s good looking!

Why is everything taken the wrong way by people. It’s a sad world we live in. Rani is good friends with Aamir she knows his family too, we have laugh with people we know, what’s wrong with that. Why is everything seen dirty by dirty minded people.

If m not wrong she dated Amir Khan ?? Ghulam movie

She’s probably think cute kid and she clearly adores him, why make something else out if it.

Nice. Kudos to the Bachchans.

Rani is opportunistic woman. She dated a much married Govinda and underage boy Junaid.

Fakewarya is an opportunistic woman. She used Rajeev Mulchandani, Subhash Ghai, Salman Khan, Vivek Oberoi, Abhishek and Amitabh Bachchan to advance her career.

Shameless Rani had the audacity to even flirt with her friend Aamir's son.

Look how hungrily Rani is eyeing Aamir's teenager son.

Remember how hungrily Trashwarya used to eye a man older than her father... Amitabh Bachchan.

Pedo Rani!

Rani was always a gold-digger. Those days, she had affairs with a married man like Govinda and even a child like Junaid.

Trashwarya was always a gold digger. Those days, she had affairs with a married man like Subhash Ghai and then with Salman Khan, Vivek Oberoi, Abhishek Bachchan...and even a much older man like Amitabh Bachchan. Very dignified!

Aamir’s kids are so well brought up...there’s no sense of entitlement in them. Kudos to Aamir for not handing things to them on a platter like others...

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