Aamir takes a stand against a sexual Harassment and exits a film; Survivor says she is thankful

Aamir Khan's decision of stepping away from his next in the wake of the Me Too movement has been applauded by the survivor, Geetika Tyagi.
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Aamir Khan, who met the Producers’ Guild in order to discuss ways to create a safe working environment for women has opted out of his next has decided to opt out of his next project. The actor’s decision came as the result of his attention being brought to a pending case of sexual harassment against someone associated with the film. Amongst the many who have been accused in the industry, the names so far include Rajat Kapoor, Alok Nath, Vikas Bahl, Kailash Kher and so on and so forth.

Aamir, in his latest post on social media made an announcement about backing out of the film as he believes in a zero tolerance policy towards sexual misconduct. Citing the #MeToo movement as a moment to introspect as an industry and offer corrective measures against the same, though Aamir did not take any names, he, announced the decision of himself and Kiran stepping out of the project.

It is a known fact that after YRF’s Thugs Of Hindostan, Aamir Khan was supposed to co-produce Mogul with Subhash Kapoor , a biopic on Gulshan Kumar. If we join the dots, the mention here is being made about Subhash Kapoor who has a pending case of sexual harassment against him. The case was filed by actress Geetika Tyagi and we got in touch with her.

On hearing about this step taken by Aamir Khan, actress said, “This is commendable. This is the kind of support we want so that more and more women can come out and speak up. I am thankful to them for this stand.”

With the Me Too movement gaining momentum and so many people and organizations taking a strong stance against any kind of sexual harassment charges, we are sure there are many yet to come.


Aamir sheds crocodile tears for money but reality is that he is a hypocrite, womanizer and cheater

Shout out to Hrithik Roshan.....I hear he's assisting the dude on the Edit Table now too.... Jadoooooooooo

Aamir likes to play the social justice warrior. I wouldn't be surprised if he takes over the moment and makes sure the lenses are on him while he empathetically rolls tears. I can't comment about his other actions, but he had Divya Bharti removed from Darr movie because she pissed him off at a concert by not pandering to his ego. I'm sure there are others.

He is the same person who was dodging questions when Tanushree episode just resurfaced. Now that it has gained momentum, he is there to ride the wave! Kudos

I saw this video last yr, it may have happened much before that....Aamir, well played...being the perpetrator yourself, you cashed on the opportunity and turned to the side of your audiences..slow claps

maybe Aamir is an opprotunist and made this for PR, like some commentators here is writing, BUT anyway his move is very important because Aamir is one of the three 'giants' of indian cinema, and his stand is showing that #metoo has a real power. Since Salman clearly won't join it, it's SRK turn.

Let’s not forget to give credit to tanushree dutta to step up and inspire and courage others to come forward!! These big stars should have led by example but in either case thanks Amir and Kiran! Go tanushree! We stand by you

Spineless WEAK HORRIBLE man!!! This has been uploaded and known for YEARS, and he's only walking away NOW because of industry pressure, not because he actually cares! Now he will go steal another movie from a friend like he did with Hrithik and Ranbir again I bet! I can't believe I used to be a fan of his! And at least I could say he made good content, but OMG look at him STEALING movies too with this Pirates of the Caribbean, and cheating on his wife. HORRIBLE person. Honestly, probably, shadiest guy in Bollywood, his movies make most money, yet he is NEVER on top paid or richest actor list EVER. HATE. His fans will applaud him for leaving this like he's so great tho.

Aamir is con man, and his fans are lapping it up. How many women he's probably paid off...

After Imran, now him. Way to go!! Feeling so proud of Aamir and Kiran. This world needs more people like them. Both so sorted and grounded. Kudos guys!

This video was uploaded in 2014, it's not recent, meaning that Aamir only stepped down and took this stance because of pressure!

After Imran, now him. Way to go!! Feeling so proud of Aamir and Kiran. This world needs more people like them. Both so sorted and grounded. Kudos guys!

After Imran, now him. Way to go!! Feeling so proud of Aamir and Kiran. This world needs more people like them. Both so sorted and grounded. Kudos guys!

sure hope he has also "exit(ed)" from his (past) behaviour of having affairs (aka sleeping with a British journalist and not wanting to recognise the love child)

There is a big difference between having an affair that includes consent versus harrassing and abusing women...educate yourself and learn the difference....Aamir having a relationship outside of marriage has nothing to do with the me too movement

Aamir Khan is an opportunist who will ride this wave like Duke Kahanamoku. Which can only mean one thing, he's scared - this movement is gaining far more traction than expected. Let's hope it can be sustained in order to create more of a permanent impact that will translate to true safety for women.

SOOO much respect! Zero tolerance.

Yet Akshay did jolly llb2 while this was already out.

Yet Akshay did jolly llb2 while this was already out.

He’s just covering his own a**

Good move

Thank you Aamir. For always taking a stand!

Good for you Aamir but we all know you wouldn't have done this if not for the whole metoo movement and if your movie wasn't coming out.

This is Aamir Khan....love you Aamir.

Where is that spineless SRK....

Lol.. Amir khan is a con man.. Behind this smoke screen.. I wonder what he is truly truly up to.

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