Aayush Sharma’s next also to be produced by Salman Khan?

After making a debut in LoveYatri opposite Warina Hussain, actor Aayush Sharma will star in Salman Khan’s next that will be an action-packed massy drama. Read to know more.
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Sometimes, new debutantes in the Indian film industry end up hitting the right nerve with their performances in their first film which paves the way for a successful career in the industry. Their acting caliber impresses the who’s who of Bollywood which helps them in working their up the in the industry. This can be said about the debutante Aayush Sharma. He debuted in the movie LoveYatri which released last month. The movie was also a first for his co-star Warina Hussain and was produced by Salman Khan.

LoveYatri was a love story and ended up being the typical bollywood romantic saga. Now, sources have revealed that Aayush is all set to star in his next venture which will be a regular massy action-packed drama. Moreover, we have also learnt that Aayush’s next will also be produced by brother-in-law Salman Khan. As per DNA, “Salman (Khan) watched the film and liked Aayush’s performance and screen presence. They were discussing which film to do next, when they got hold of a script that both thought would be perfect for  the youngster. It will also be produced by Salman Khan Films.It’s an action-packed movie, which is extremely massy. Aayush has taken proper action training during his years of prep. He’s played the romantic lead in LoveYatri, so now he wanted to take up an out-and-out action film. He believes in the same concept as Salman bhai. He wants to entertain the audience and has a strategy in place. He wants to reach the interiors of India, which many actors his age have failed to cater to.” 

If this were to be true, all the training Aayush went through in preparation for his first, will end up helping him in his next venture. There were rumours of Aayush Sharma also starring in a movie titled My Punjabi Nikaah. However, that is no longer on the cards. Amidst all this, the news of his next venture being an action-drama is quite a change from his first and is also going to receive the guidance of the Bhaijaan of Bollywood, Salman Khan. 


salman khan has a pleasant face and good personality whereas aayush looks too weak to become an action hero

he looks not well nourished ,he needs to take care of himself good sleep good nutrition to appear fresh on screen he looks too exhausted and tired , hero should be strong at least in appearance on screen

not in any angle he is a hero

aayush sharma has to improve his looks. his hairstyle is not good and he does not have great screen presence like salman khan . He is good to play brother of a hero. he needs great makeover to become a hero that too an action hero is a very difficult self sabotage venture . He should consult some well wishers who give the right guidance and a reality check.and point out his defects so that he can work over his screen presence .Heros and heroines should have attractive presence on screen for commercial films otherwise they should be highly talented like naseeruddin shah, om puri etc

His debut was horrible, the guy can’t act for peanuts, that’s for sure..instead of Salman producing his next movie he can donate it to his “being human” foundation ..it’s after all for a good cause

Well atleast we all know that Arprita marriage is now guaranteed to at least last another couple of years.

Watched Loveyatri, catchy songs and all. However, the movie itself what an anti-climax!

What is next? Arpita doing Item number to add spices?

He is not even good looking to be tolerated on screen..

Another "home production" then... How predictable. Does he think he will offend Salu bhai if he worked with another production company?? Hes got his foot in the industry as planned but too scared to venture out it seems...

MOvie making is a joke to him

Of course!
And we also believed Ayush when he said that he was not sure if he wanted to be an actor. It was Salman who first suggested he should become an actor. Ayush was just randomly working out in the same gym in Mumbai that the Khans work out in, travelling all the way from Himachal. Kuch bhi! LOL
Katrina, see someone has successfully implemented your trick. Befriending the sis always works!

yeh hai kaun aur iski movies dekhega kaun bhai ??

Iski movie bhai ke 1 pratishad fans dekhenge...Arpita se shaadi ka kuch to faayda ho!!!!

Next will be arpita khan's launch

Salman must be careful or he will go bankrupt soon!

how predictable

Love how the article is trying to make out that Salman Khan has signed him for his second movie, based on his 'performance'. As if the rest of us are unaware of the fact that he is Salman Khan's brother-in-law!!

Who else will produce his movies? He has just delivered a dud. This ayush guy can be a successful TV actor specially in negative role.

Who else will produce besides salman? This dude knows how to use in-laws very well. He has no talent and keeps getting work. Nepotism zindabad.

His all films will be produced by salman.

And viewed by Arpita only.

Surprise surprise!

Who else ...

next what ?

next flop lol

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