Abhay Deol on debate against actors endorsing fairness creams: I am not an activist; felt I needed to speak up

Abhay Deol will now be seen in Nanu Ki Jaan. In an interview with a leading daily, the actor was asked about the debate against actors endorsing fairness creams.
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Abhay Deol, last year on Facebook, lashed out against racism prevailing in India and Bollywood's endorsement of fairness creams on social media. The actor will now be seen in Nanu Ki Jaan. In an interview with a leading daily, the actor was asked about the debate against actors endorsing fairness creams.
On this, he said, "Yes, I did. But, I am an actor. I am not an activist. I have taken a stand every now and then for issues that affect me directly and issues that affect my fraternity. But that doesn’t make me an activist and I didn’t even do that to necessarily be applauded in any way. I did it because I felt I was cornered. I felt I needed to speak up."
"With my social media posts on fairness creams, I felt really strongly that I needed to speak up about it because I think we can take baby steps. Colour and caste is engrained in our culture, but I don’t think it should be applauded or packaged and sold. If it’s there, fine. Let’s not try and encourage it. So, I did it for those reasons," added the actor.
Abhay also said, "Also, I don’t like to confront people, but I end up doing that. I don’t think that confrontation always leads to a solution. Dialogue is important and I had to learn that while I was confronting. I made a mistake. If I am to stick to my belief and if I am to stick to being who I am and my principles, I need to figure how to go about it, because there is no point if I take one approach and it yields no results. It then ends up just making whole lot of noise with no action. That doesn’t serve me any good. I am not here to create any publicity out of it but make some actual change."
"People are joining me in this cause, but they should not because I am not an activist. That’s taking away from real activists. The years that they put in for their activism and the kind of sacrifices they make for their cause, I have done none of that. I am an actor, people recognise me. I just used my celebrity status and platform to draw attention," added Deol. 
When asked that he is reluctant when it comes to being a part of mainstream media, the how did Nanu Ki Jaanu happen? On this, he said, "Yes, this is a pretty mainstream film. It is a horror-comedy and so there is a certain quirk to it, which you don’t really see in a regular mainstream movie. I always try to do middle-of-the-road cinema. Nanu Ki Jaanu is like that too. I have never wanted to be all out artistic to the level where it isolates people. I have done the non-mainstream movies too like Manorama Six Feet Under, Road the Movie and Shanghai. But largely my effort has always been to do middle-of-the-road films."
Talking about his defination of an actor, Abhay said, "I personally am attracted to characters that I can relate to. I think that’s my approach to my work and maybe that’s what is translating to the audience. For me a hero is not someone who dances like a dream, beats up the bad guy in the end and gets the girl. I always pick characters where it’s not his muscles or dance skills that help him, because not all of us can look like that. I am more like someone who’d beat up ten guys, not with his muscles, but his strategy. A lot of us want to be heroes in our own lives and do things that are in our power as ordinary people. That is what I like to showcase on screen too."
what do you have to say about his statements?

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There can be no other Abhay. Such class.

whats his next film?

Such a fine actor still nepo kids like Varun and tiger gets movies wherein they cant even act to save their life

i really love him. he is sooo cute and acts well...

Good on you Abhay but fake people like Sonam will never understand. The first thing Sonam did was to take a dig at you personally since that is all she can do

What do I have to say?? Nothing, except to make heart eyes at Abhay <3

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