Is Abhishek Bachchan the lead of RAW post the exit of Sushant Singh Rajput?

Sushant Singh Rajput walked out of RAW — Romeo, Akbar, Walter a while back.
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A couple of months back, Sushant Singh Rajput confirmed the news that he is no more a part of the film RAW — Romeo, Akbar, Walter. The actor has several films in his kitty namely Kedarnath and Drive for which he has been shooting continuously. Thus, Sushant couldn't commit to RAW.
Now, as per a leading daily, Abhishek Bachchan has been approached to play the lead in the film. Talking about it, a source stated to the daily, "The film will now have Abhishek Bachchan playing the lead role. It’s based on true events. The director and producers feel Abhishek is perfect for the slick action-thriller."
The source further said, "Vanessa Walia, Bunty Walia’s wife, is one of the producers of the film. Bunty and Abhishek have known each other for years and are close family friends. So, when he liked the script, he okayed the film immediately."
For the role, Abhishek is getting fit for the role. The source also said, "He has to maintain a particular physique to pull off the combative action scenes. Along with that, there are a lot of chase sequences — very stylised and high octane."
A source close to the actor also said to the daily, "He never signed the film, they don’t even have proof. He just verbally offered Abhishek the film and he asked for a script narration, which never happened because Dutta is old-fashioned and doesn’t have a proper script per se. That’s when he decided to do RAW over Paltan."


UFF has the bachchan PR gone mad?? what's with these idiotic comments under every article?

He was so good in kank. He played rishie so well. Its only when people start comparing him to his dad...that is wrong of people. Every individual has its own strenths and weaknees. He is such a well brought up guy.

would be nice to see abhishek. going to be after a long time

“The director and producers feel Abhishek is perfect for the slick action-thriller."................hahahahahahahaha

He's fine but let's not over do it Bachchan PR..he wont "overtake" his contemporaries but he's good enough and he has intensity. Needs discipline though

I think in some years he will surpass his contemporaries by doing character roles

Good for Abhishek.

Seriously, him??

When there are so many young, talented, fit actors around..which could help their career instead why did they pick flopster star kid abhishek and give him a chance over and over again?? Seriously!!!

He is an underrated actor.. In fact a very good actor. It's not always about how fit the actor is

I hope his film with Parineeti does well- she needs to get back in the game and if anyone can make him act, SLB can

We know it'll be beautiful at least. Every movie gets bigger, coming off of Padmavati, SLB has to outdo himself. But is the cast finalized?

This time please don't leave the movie just before starting and that by getting your father to ring

Good luck Abhi! I think you're talented- before the trolls descend

I also believe he's talented, but unlike his contemporaries, he is always compared to his legendary father and found wanting.

That's the biggest problem. For example, Ranbir is very clearly a star outside of his parents, despite how big of stars they were. But Amitabh Bachchan is THE Bollywood Star, and Abhishek looks like him too, they're always going to be compared. I can only imagine if SRK's son becomes an actor, the audience will destroy him.

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