Abhishek Bachchan on pay parity: Worked in 9 films with Aishwarya, in 8 of those she got paid more than me

Abhishek Bachchan shared his views on the Me Too movement in India, pay parity and the pressure of being a Bachchan at a recent event.
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Abhishek Bachchan is busy with the shoot of Anurag Basu’s next. The actor is back after a sabbatical and has signed multiple interesting projects. Abhishek’s comeback of sorts, Manmarziyaan was loved by the audience. The actor has also signed a show on the digital platform as per reports. At a recent event, director Shoojit Sircar interviewed Abhishek Bachchan. He was asked about the pressure of being a Bachchan, family, love for sports and movies. Shoojit Sircar asked Abhishek about the Me Too movement in India and if he would be more confident now that some measures are being taken if daughter Aaradhya would want to enter the industry.

He said, “No. But before I answer that, I would like to give this some context and perspective. The two women who are close to me, my mother and my wife have worked in the industry on their own terms. They’ve never been forced to do anything they didn’t want to do. There’s a huge debate on gender parity in the film business and in other industries. I’ve worked in nine films with my wife and in eight of those, she’s got paid more than I have. The highest-paid actor in Piku was Deepika (Padukone). It’s a business and if you are a saleable actor, you get paid accordingly. You can’t be a new actress and demand to be paid the same as Shah Rukh Khan.”




Happy Birthday Wife. I love you! #MyHappyPlace

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Talking about harassment, he said that he wouldn’t be scared if Aaradhya decides to become an actress as she would know how to take care of herself. He also shared his opinion on the Me Too movement in India and said that it scares him because he feels that as a society we are not ready for it, a complete rethinking of behaviour that has passed down to us since generations. He also shared that people have to understand the enormity of what women have been living with over the years. He cited the example of him and his sister Shweta Bachchan and how they were always treated as equals. 

He added, “First we have to stop character assassination, we have to listen before we judge. I don’t know what the end game of this campaign will be; what I am sure of is that it will set people thinking and make them aware, and that’s a welcome start.”


Nepotism kids should step out in real world, fight the struggle and then comment.
He stills gets comeback chances , think about all the good actors in tv and modelling who do not have chance so struggling

As always self obsessed people who only wants to drink beat about themselves. In which world he thinks his family will be exploited? Aaradhya , her dad only cannot come close forget about others lol

He should be stupid to clarify his daughter will not face because we all know nepotism kids are safe
Again he needs to remember nepotism kids advantages

Abhishek and Aishwarya have worked together in 8 movies:

1. Dhaai Akshar Prem Ke
2. Kuch Naa Kaho
3. Dhoom 2
4 Guru
5. Bunty Aur Babli
6. Umrao Jaan
7. Sarkar Raj
8. Raavan

Rani was the heroine in Bunty Aur Babli. Aishwarya was only in the song Kajra Re where she danced semi naked with her father in law. Did she take money for it or did she do it for free?

These nepo kids are so out of touch with reality! Besides the pay of his wife or his has he even considred how much people (read women) in his own industry (non actors) get paid as compared to men? Step out your comfort zone ladla and you will know. Until then stop preaching!

Seem to me there is a whole load of people in India who hate Abhishek simply because of who he is ie a superstar’s son. He is an easy target because he is polite, well mannered and doesn’t respond to cheap behaviour. Being respectful is lacking in Asian culture but he is one of the few guys who is like a western guy with a good head on his shoulders. I’m so glad Ash married him.

So does that mean after his 9th movie onwards, he has become a bigger star than Aishwarya Rai :)))))) hahahaha

Just a guess....she got paid more than Abhishek in the initial films until around 2007 - 2009 when he got popular... and suddenly she didn't deserve to be paid more.

Dear Abhishek,
With due respect, pay parity is not about an 'average-career' actor being paid less than an actress deemed more successful (you and Aishwarya Rai in this case). Pay parity is why was Aishwarya not paid as much as, say, Hrithik at that time? Was she? It's about why Kareena, Deepika, Priyanka or even Aalia are not paid at par, if not more, with at least Hrithik or Ranbir (I think Ranveer does not command just as much yet, he should), if not the Khans. Why aren't Juhi, Madhuri or Tabu paid the same? Hell why are not those ladies even around anymore? Give it a thought? I'm sure your PR (if you have one) would be peeping around. Please let Abhi know-- One or two instances of exception do not make up for general grievances. I will spare you nepotism arrow here.
PV please post.

Go back to school and learn to read English and understand what Abhishek said. He clearly mentioned that Deepika was paid more for Piku because she gets the audience to buy a ticket to watch her performances and similarly those who bring in box office numbers are paid more. He clearly said, you can’t expect a new comer girl to be paid as much as SRK as the numbers are not brought in by them. He also said he wishes there is more correction in the pay packages for women. Looks like you are a jealous hater who starts writing filth without reading the article

I admire Abhishek because he is a good human and a wonderful son, father, husband, son in law, brother and friend. He respects all. Success and failure happens to all, but it is important to remain good. Stay blessed Abhi, and I totally agree with what he said

Not only is he a flop actor, he's also a complete idiot. Why is this man thrust into our faces all the time? Jerk

You are the one clicking on all of the posts and leaving comments. No one forced you to open articles of Abhishek and Aishwarya. It is obvious that you are obsessed by them. If you do not like them, you will ignore them. It is only when you are obsessed that you will read and comment on their posts, that too you keep writing continuous comments. It tells us how jobless you are. Abhishek and Aishwarya have films to work on, they own sports teams, a lot of real estate, shares and other businesses too. They also keep them selves involved in charity work and give a helping hand to many noble causes. Stop your jealousy and go visit a doctor for help

Just because someone posts a comment on an article about this flop couple doesn't mean they are jealous and obsessed. Why anyone would be jealous of this flop actor and his arrogant psycho wife? The only things Abhi-Ash keep themselves busy with are fighting with people... Abhishek fights with people on Twitter and Aishwarya fights with people on Pinkvilla. An article about Sara Ali Khan and Ranbir Kapoor received 200+ comments in one day. An article about Abhishek and Aishwarya receives 30 comments and you think you're something special.

This guy is insufferable and as smart as a ton of bricks. Talentless creep.

Hate to say this but maybe he should ask his wife about subash guai and also since he's less successful than his wife naturally he'd be paid less even Salman was paid less than Madhuri in HAHK because at the time she was more successful than him and same with Sri devi who was paid more than her male costars, it's not like aish was paid more than Hrithik..BTW in what film was he paid more?

Ur not in the game so pay parity is out of topic. And this story of yours getting paid less is true in every movie of yes irrespective of the actress

Again this is not 90's stop living in 90's

And that one movie is probably Bunty and Babli

If it was not for that surname, Ash wouldn’t have even acted with Abhi. She’s such a smart and calculative lady.

Hate to say this but maybe he should ask his wife about subash guai and also since he's less successful than his wife naturally he'd be paid less even Salman was paid less than Madhuri in HAHK because at the time she was more successful than him and same with Sri devi who was paid more than her male costars, it's not like aish was paid more than Hrithik..BTW in what film was he paid more?

She's a smaller star than you now. You will get more pay than her in Gulab Jamun.

Your daughter will obviously won't face what girls from a non-filmy family faces. He sounds so dumb these days. Aishwarya's effect

He does have a point in gender pay gap in the industry, even in Padmaavat, Deepika was paid more than Shahid Kapoor and Ranveer Singh. If you are bankable actor or actress, that can bring in the crowd, you do get paid more even an actress. Deepika is an example of that, she got paid more than an actor that has been in the industry for almost 2 decades and one of the talented young actors in the industry, all because her name brings in the crowd and she is the number one actress that has proven her worth, and allows her to have demands.

AB jr is such a gentleman, he respects all the women in his life- mother, wife, sister and daughter. However his career does or does not do, he is a good person and that’s what matters.

It's a big deal for AB Jr to even admit he got less money than his wife. Plenty of actors refuse movies where the lady gets paid more than them . He may not be among the hottest actors of the day , but he definitely is one of the rare nice ones.

Not so nice- just a loser. Talentless insufferable "actor" coasting through life on other's coattails.

Before passing harsh comments stop and think about the person and why they act a certain way. This is a man who will find it difficult - if not impossible- to stand next to his superstar dad .His mother is one of the most natural actresses of her time ,the missus carries her own aura . Success and "niceness" are 2 entirely separate things as some of the most powerful Indian stars are d***s in real life .

I think with all Abhi faults, he never gave me the insecurity vibes from him. Some films like Kuch Naa Kaho were also released before they got together, it just shows amn that just seems fair and knows who the bigger star is.

Insecurity & concern for his own career may well exist deep down inside but he deals with it better than most men in the same position . I agree remuneration should be based on Box Office returns , while AB Sr was excellent in Piku ( as well as Irfan ,Moshumi Chatterjee & all the supporting cast) , DP's presence gave it a modern commercial vibe which definitely helped the movie .

Abhishek, just because your mum and wife didn't 'suffer' sexual harassment in the industry, it doesn't mean others haven't. If your lovely daughter decides to enter the industry, she will likely be protected from such harassment due to her surname. Other girls/women don't have that 'protection'. They become soft targets. Please be aware of this Abhishek

Junior is someone who is a total waste of oxygen. His response clearly shows lack of any awareness. His mother has been humiliated most by her husband and his father. And his father most likely is the biggest sexual predator. Does he know for a fact that Aishwarya was not exploited? Or that his daughter will be safe from predators? He know nothing and he is nothing.

all in the family. hope you have a joint act.

yes... we knew you are a flop actor, why would they pay you more than her?

Shocking that in the one film he got paid same or more

And that movie is Bunty aur Babli where she only had a cameo!

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