Abhishek Bachchan’s epic reply to a fan who slammed daughter Aaradhya Bachchan will make your day

3 years ago  |  10.2M

We have often seen Aaradhya Bachchan accompanying mom Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and dad Abhishek Bachchan on various occasions – be it marriages, or birthday parties.

Recently, Aaradhya and Aishwarya were spotted at the Mumbai airport. The two had returned from a South Indian wedding. However, it didn’t go down well with a fan and she was quick to comment that it’s not good for a kid to miss school so often. She wrote,‘’ It was a question because she is so much traveling with her mam. Even her dad doesn’t. She goes t almost every event abroad with ash. And not always in the weekend. Come on even u should know that’s never okay to miss so much school.’’

Abhishek Bachchan being an extremely protective father could not take such comments on her daughter and hit back with a subtle reply. He wrote, ‘’Ma’am, as far as I know… Most schools are shut for the week-end. She goes to school on the weekdays. Maybe you should try it considering you spelling in your tweet.’’

Earlier during an interview, Abhishek had said,"As a parent, I am protective about my child, but if you ask me a question on her, I will surely answer it. But of course, I am possessive about Aaradhya. I would never want any harm to come her way," 

About Aaradhya, Aishwarya had earlier said in an interview with a leading daily, “Aaradhya and I have a soul connect. My day begins and ends with her. From the moment I wake up my entire perspective on the day is centred on her. Her constant presence in my life is not even something I consciously think about it. It’s just there! And I wonder how I lived before she was born. Only a parent would understand how I feel. To me my world changed the day Aaradhya was born. Everything is the same around me. But she has changed the way I look at the world. The world that I now occupy with my daughter is my reality. Everything else is a secondary.”


REPLY 2 3 years ago
Anonymous : It's the school which shouldn't allow pupils from unnecessarily missing school unless it's for a valid reason such as health or some emergency . The writer was not being rude because education should be a priority & not all those days off are weekends .
REPLY 16 3 years ago
Anonymous : Loved it...brilliant!
REPLY 1 3 years ago
Anonymous : Dumb reply! He justified just this one occasion but that kid is all everywhere with the mom, what about those days? Besides he needs a spell checker too!
REPLY 4 3 years ago
Anonymous : When commenting on another's spelling, at least spellcheck your own tweet Abhi!!
REPLY 26 3 years ago
Anonymous : Abhi just accept it you have no control what so ever over your own child because of overprotective Aishwarya
REPLY 16 3 years ago
Anonymous : Come on people, you just need to mind your own business. Some parents here in the US choose to do home schooling. She might be taking a teacher with her to these events. Also, she's not that old that missing couple days will make a big deal.
REPLY 6 3 years ago
Anonymous : He is letting out his middle aged crisis frusteration and inferiority complex out on people who point out the obvious.
REPLY 22 3 years ago
Anonymous : Finland which has the highest education rate and happiness rate doesn't start school till kids complete seven years and even after that learning is cool and not forced until they turn teenagers. Aaradhya is only six and I'm sure she knows alphabets, numbers and few words. What more does a kid that age need to know. There is no guarantee that everyone who attends school everyday would turn into a successful person. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and many others were dropouts. Being a good human, learning basic education and doing a good job in what ever profession we chose is more important than picking on a little kid and her parents. Haters have nothing better to do that point fingers at others. How educated are these haters and why are they on twitter or pinkvilla if they are holier than thou and don't waste time out of school. It is more important for a child to be by her parents than be at full day school at this age. As Abhishek said, most private schools are off over the weekends and the parents get to decide if the child needs to be with them even if it is a weekday.
REPLY 4 3 years ago
Anonymous : What is one thing invented in Finland? Jobs, Gates etc did not complete college because they were tech whizz ahead of their peers who went on to form successful companies.....not illiterates. Companies where some of the educated and innovative people world. But keep twisting the truth if it makes you feel better.
REPLY 1 3 years ago
Anonymous : Poor Abhishek is forced to answer these since Aishwarya takes daughter everywhere. I guess he has no say in the house. Strange bachchan family. I admire Madhuri and Juhi here. Their children are nowhere to be seen.
REPLY 51 3 years ago
Anonymous : Madhuri and Juhi's children are nowhere to be seen OR nobody wants to click them?
REPLY 7 3 years ago
Anonymous : Madhuri and Juhi don't live with their inlaws. The dynamics are different and i can vouch for it since i am a working woman, daughter-in-law of a big shot industrialist and live with in-laws. I know why i carry my kids with me while still managing my business meetings and home duties. Not for everyone to understand, but thats fine. Neither aishwarya am sure nor me would care if people really understand what we have to deal with :-)
REPLY 3 3 years ago
Anonymous : well abhishek's defensiveness just goes on to show Aradhya does miss a lot of school which accompanying her mom for loong loong trips. One does not feel the need to reply, unless what they say is true and so u feel the need to justify yourself.
REPLY 52 3 years ago
Anonymous : What about bringing her daughter to Cannes? Cannes is not a weekend affair. When justifying do it properly Abhi. Wouldn't it be better if Ash replied to this question instead of her husband since she is the one who's taking her beti all over the place?
REPLY 45 3 years ago
Anonymous : Why his daughter never travels with him?? Is he not capable of taking care of her?Or his wife deliberately takes her for publicity to show herself as mother India.
REPLY 53 3 years ago
Anonymous : ‘you spelling’ - looks like Abishek needs to go to school, as well as Aaradhya. Abishek and Aishwariya need to take the blame for these attacks. They shove their kid into the limelight to remain relevant instead of keeping her out of it. You don’t hear about Madhuri or Raveena’s kids.
REPLY 63 3 years ago
Anonymous : Lame reply. We all know how much she travels.
REPLY 55 3 years ago
Anonymous : Royals and show business don't have much educations. They make money by the old fashion way, -------- they sing and dance, show up for events and get paid.
REPLY 51 3 years ago
Anonymous : Abhi's reply is really mean...considering he himself is a loser and he doesn't even seems like a supportive father and husband...failure made him so bitter...
REPLY 47 3 years ago
Anonymous : wrong ans, next time trolls will find her airport and international spotings on weekdays!!!
REPLY 38 3 years ago
Anonymous : She is their kid, why are others worried about her school attendance.
REPLY 51 3 years ago
Anonymous : Leave the kid out of the hate...
REPLY 32 3 years ago
Anonymous : Junior is a zero who should not be questioning anyone's language skills. He and his family are tamashawala.......rich but still only tamashawalla......court jesters. The person questioning most likely would be better educated than loser junior
REPLY 47 3 years ago
Anonymous : So people not that educated are tamashawallas ???
REPLY 6 3 years ago
Anonymous : If that is what you understood from my comment about tamashawalas, your logical reasoning stinks. All uneducated ones are not Tamashawals (to spell it out) some (rare) are very highly educated (Natalie Portman comes to mind) but most are only good at wearing bikinis or doing tumkas. Lets not pretend Aaradhya will be like NP ..she will be like her loser dad the rate she is being raised. She looks entitled and bratty not to mention attention seeking in an alarming way for one so young. So there !
REPLY 1 3 years ago
Anonymous : Is abhishek justifying missing schools?? Lol
REPLY 41 3 years ago
Anonymous : Weekend holidays in india. As far as my knowledge goes weekend holidays concept is for IT industry. Have they started for schl too in India? Throw some light. I'm unaware
REPLY 12 3 years ago
Anonymous : Weekend is a holiday for primary children in corporate schools.
REPLY 13 3 years ago
Anonymous : Weekends have always been a holiday for school kids ,unless they are older kids having extra lessons on a Saturday for Board Exams .
REPLY 2 3 years ago
Anonymous : What is a corporate school??
REPLY 2 3 years ago
Anonymous : He can be protective of her only online. Poor guy. Hehe
REPLY 32 3 years ago
Anonymous : What about other events during week?
REPLY 62 3 years ago