Actor Umesh Kamat gets wrongly associated with Raj Kundra: It has led to immense mental agony

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Actor Umesh Kamat gets wrongly associated with Raj Kundra (Image credit: Umesh Kamat Instagram)

Marathi actor Umesh Kamat fell prey to being wrongly associated with Raj Kundra in the pornography case after certain media outlets used his photos to present their report. Another person namely, Umesh Kamat, who is reportedly the former PA of Raj Kundra is deemed as one of the key conspirators in the publication of adult films via online applications. However, the wrong association of actor Umesh Kamat with Raj Kundra’s former PA led to massive confusion among the actor’s fans, close friends and family. 

On Thursday Umesh took to his Instagram space to share, “Today, I went through a very outrageous experience of irresponsible journalism. In the search of one Umesh Kamat alleged to be involved in the recent Raj Kundra case, my name was picked up recklessly out of nowhere and associated with the case without any verification of facts. Maybe the media doesn’t realise but this single irresponsible incident has led to immense mental agony and irresponsible damage to my image. My pictures were irresponsibly used”. 

“Within no time, I and my family were flooded with calls and questions coming from all over the country, just because someone was in a haste to get a scoop and wasn’t professional enough to verify the facts. Huge damage has been done! I shall pursue the necessary legal remedies against the respective channels. I have therefore immediately taken to social media, to clarify that the person by name “UMESH KAMAT” alleged to be involved in the Raj Kundra case is not me. I request you all to take note of the same and not fall for the absolutely false and negligent news coverage. I am sure I have your support.” he concluded.

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Talking about the same, Umesh Kamat told the Times of India, “It’s such an irresponsible thing to do! I was shooting for my show Ajunahi Barsat Ahe last evening and my phone wasn’t with me. Our director started getting calls after people saw my photos with the news. When I checked my phone, there were so many messages about this. How hard is it to call up and verify things? The person by the name Umesh Kamat, alleged to be involved in the Raj Kundra case, is not me!”

On the professional front, the actor currently features in the Marathi sho, Ajunahi Barsat Ahe. He has essayed notable roles in several Marathi films including Time Please, A Playing Ghost, Smile Please and more.

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