Aditi Rao Hydari: I could be uniquely myself and that would be my strength

Actress Aditi Rao Hydari says she has reached a stage in her career where she no longer wants to be what everyone else expects her to be.
Aditi Rao Hydari: I could be uniquely myself and that would be my strengthAditi Rao Hydari: I could be uniquely myself and that would be my strength
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"It was one of the biggest challenges to get to a point where I understood that I didn't have to be a factory-manufactured prototype of what I'm expected to be. I could be uniquely myself and that would be my strength. I think the day I understood this, everything became happy and effortless for me," Aditi told IANS.

Born in Hyderabad and brought up in Delhi, Aditi made her debut with Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra's "Delhi-6" and went on to work in Hindi and Southern film industry.

While talking about the film industry, she pointed out how people give a lot of priority to images and perception.

"I've always felt the priority of investment is in images and perception. I wish we would invest more in talent and content. It's changing now but as a fan I'd love to watch fewer ‘curated projects' and more ‘cinema'," she said.

On the acting front, Aditi will be seen in the Tamil film "Psycho". It is a psychological thriller directed by Mysskin.



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Sharing her shooting experience, she said: "It was tough shooting the film, one of the most challenging and exhausting films I have done, physically and mentally. Mysskin sir has made pathbreaking cinema and he is on the wishlist of many actors. I was thrilled to have worked with him."

She also shared how she manages working in Bollywood and down south simultaneously.

"It's hectic but I love it being hectic. I'm a fully charged Duracell battery cell and I love being on set in front of the camera, being directed by someone who pushes me. It's my happy place. I find it cathartic. The time between action and cut is magic. I have to work doubly hard on languages I don't know. I travel like crazy, juggling all the work. But if I love something and want to do something, I do it. Also, I never want any boundary to come in my way -- interms of language, religion, or gender. A good director is a good director, a good film is a good film, and an engaging story is engaging in any language because it makes you feel, and feelings have no boundaries," Aditi said.

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