Aditya Pancholi deems the Kangana Ranaut controversy as a 'false rape case'; Says he has proof of being framed

The Kangana Ranaut-Aditya Pancholi controversy just took another ugly turn. The veteran actor reveals that he has video evidence that he's being framed.
Aditya Pancholi deems the Kangana Ranaut controversy as a 'false rape case'; says he has proof of being framedAditya Pancholi deems the Kangana Ranaut controversy as a 'false rape case'; says he has evidence against her
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The Kangana Ranaut-Aditya Pancholi controversy has just taken an ugly turn. Earlier we reported that Rangoli Chandel, Kangana Ranaut's sister, had filed an application at the Versova Police Station accusing Aditya Pancholi of exploiting and abusing the Manikarnika actress. The star's sibling accused the celebrity of abuse a decade ago. The veteran star had filed a defamation case against Kangana. While he shared his reaction with a publication earlier today, Pancholi shares more insight about his case against Kangana.

The actor, in an interaction with Zoom TV, said that the war with Kangana began back in 2017 when she said "defamatory" statements against him. Aditya and his wife had approached the court and filed a defamation case against the actress and her sister back then. And now, with the case making the headlines again, Aditya said that he was being framed by Kangana. 

"The police is doing the investigation. This is a false rape case. Kisi par false rape case karna usko frame karna kitni galat baat hai. Rangoli made an application that charged me with rape and I have made this application that I have this evidence that they are trying to frame me. The whole case is under investigation right now," he told the outlet. 

The actor also shared clips of lawyer Rizwan Siddiqui, who seems to be representing Kangana, to reveal that he was constantly contacting Aditya earlier this year. "Rizwan Siddiqui kept on calling me for five-six days then finally on January 6, 2019, I met him and during the course of the conversation, he threatened me ki agar aap kanooni daau pech karoge to hum bhi kanooni daau pech karenge. Hum aap par case karenge ki aapne rape kiya hai." 

"Kisi ke upar itna bura allegation lagana, this is the worst thing in the world and they are misusing the law. They are misusing the police aur abhi jab unko bulaya ja raha hai statement dene ke liye to nahi aarahe hai. Baaki duniya ke baare me baat cheet karni ho kisi ko gaali dena ho, poori film industry ko gaali dena ho tab to taiyaar ho jati ho, ab kyun nahi aage aarahe ho. This is such a serious matter. How can you threaten someone. This is as good as extortion that if you don't do this, I will do this. Tum apna defamation case lelo vapis.  Toh I said I will not take my case back, so they filed a false complaint that register an FIR against Aditya Pancholi for raping Kangana 14 years back," he added. 

The actor assures that the video has been verified from a forensic expert and he holds a certificate assuring that the evidence hasn't tampered. The actor added, "This is misguiding the world, this is misguiding so many people and they don't have shame. I am a family man and I have a daughter of marriageable age. This is God's grace that I recorded this conversation. Otherwise, how would I show my face to the world? I am not going to leave this, I am going to take this matter ahead. If I have to go to Supreme Court then I will do that as well."

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People who are supporting this vile woman should be ashamed of themselves. Evidences are there who is lying and threatening. Her evil witch sister who is always first to bark is hidden out of fear.

Kangana accused vikas bhal for harassing her sexually during queen still madam was all over him during the promotions and praising him. Later, after a year she was dancing with him hands and hands and seeing hugging him. She also supported him when the allegations were made on him by a woman. Why didnt she filed a complain about him?

Saanp palo par Chandaal mat palo

She and her sister both are shameless, third class, extortionists, use men. Even now, she is in Cannes as Prasoon Joshi's keep

It’s About time both the sisters are put behind bars. They putting through too many people through mental harassment; an absolute nuisance to society.

Dono behen ek number ki ghatiya aurat hai. Hope they get booked for misusing the laws

Everybody who interacts with Kangana shud keep a video or photo proof of the same. U never know when u may need the same to defend urself against the Lies of a attention parasite like her years later.

She can only go to Fixed Media courts. Not Real courts. Why is she scared to attend court hearing if she did not lie in her show? She shud prove her claims

Cheap women like Kangana with loose morals are the reason real talented outsiders dont get films. Why was she in touch with him even after break up?

Kangana shud keep her sob story to herself. World know she pursued Aditya and dated him bcoz she was incompetent for bagging roles thru audition. And so wat if he slapped u for ditching him after ur success, u also abused so many people from ur driver to Adhyayan and belittled their pain.

Had she stopped stalking and chasing men after Aditya Pancholi, i wud hv given her benefit of doubt. But, the way, she stalked Ajay, Ranbir and Hrithik shamelessly and continues to do so even after getting exposed makes me wonder if she was the prepatrator in Aditya case too. I remember reading how she had called him 100 times and was after him.

Why these psycho sisters are in a silent mode? Lol scared of pancholi. They are terribly exposed.

She thought she will just defame anybody for publicity and get away. Glad that Aditya is dragging her to the courts. Hope every other star who was slandered n harassed by the two sisters do the same. Such Bullies shud be put to place.

Never feed snakes like Kangana. They grow big and bite you.

This is PR for Mental coz Fantasy moved his dates!

After misusing woman card to harass male victims, now she is misusing even women laws just to stop people from fighting against her lies. Demonic

If she did not lie,why is she threatening him to withdraw the defamation case? She wud hv gone and give proof of her claims in court.It shows she lied thru her teeth just for her film promotion. Hope every single person drag the two filthy sisters to court for defamation

Somebody just send the two sisters to a Mental asylum. Gandh macha rakhi hai

She was not minor. She was 19 years when she met him. They were even planning to buy a house together. Such was the relationship

Seeing the dumb mentality of people is regressive and sad. These are the exact reasons why indiais still a backward country and has such a bad reputation in respect to female violation.
Mob mentality people blaming a girl who was clearly a minor and vulnerable and who was manipulated by a much much older man is being trashed for going to law seeking reprieve?
Rich mafia mob sitting behind their keyboard and insinuating a blame to trash her image?
Indias law must toughen up and be equitable for women.

Victims dont come to negotiate or blackmail. Her lawyer was sent to blackmail Aditya to withdraw the defamation cases against her. If she is not lying, why does she appear in court. Charbi uttar gayi tarki buddi ki?

Stop this woman card. India dont have laws for men. What mentality are you talking about? A woman who choose to be a keep of a man double her age, use him and later accused him of rape
When he filed a case against her so she is threatening him to withdraw it. Her image is already trash by her lies, her sister and her actions. Men should be given equal rights.

If she was saying the truth, she wud hv gone when the court summoned her. But instead, she is threatening him to withdraw the case with a fake rape case. It shows that she lied on the show about her age and other things.

It is about who is right. She was neither a minor nor innocent. It takes two hands to clap. Why she did not file any complaint back then but thanked him for years? Even took money from him to buy a house? She has been tarnishing many men and women all the time just to sell her flop films. So, keep the woman card to urself

Pathetic alia , kjo, rk , hritik- see all dumb nepos - trying to get back at kangana through aditya. Sure they enjoy stabbing people from behind. These bollywood mafia's think people don't understand? They are going to fall in their own trap and get dirtier in their own mess.

Stop blaming Alia,kjo ,hrithik . Kangana PR. It's your own dirty past and lies what others has to do with it? You loves blaming and threatening people . Alia ,kjo or Hrithik didnt ask Aditya to file a case neither ask your criminal lawyer to threaten him. You are pathetic soul . You are dumb to think public will trust you again. Here comments proves people do understand your lies. Shame on kangana to lie and threaten people for a false rape case.

Kangana herself is a backstabber. She stabbed the very man who helped her get a break. Without him, she wud be begging somewhere


She wasnt a minor. Read it carefully.. he has filed a case but kangana is threatening him to withdraw other wise she will trap him in a FALSE RAPE case. See the video of her lawyer. He has a right to file the case. Stop lying and acting like a saint criminal kangana. Stop playing a woman and a victim card.

Taali dono hath se bachti hai , He didn't forced her or threaten her. It was her choice . Why she slept with a man of her fathers age? Kangana is not a saint. She is evil.

Repeating a lie will not make it a fact. There is more than enough proof of her own old interviews that reveal that she met him at the age of 18 years and dating after 1 year.

After dating for 3 years and 14 years later, they realized? Wat a mockery of laws. Why is the coward hiding from appearing in courts and using such dirty ways to bully others? Fartbag for a reason

Stalker must hv sent him nudes too but unlike others, he did not call cops but fell into the trap

After 14 years, she suddenly remembered she was minor. Who is she fooling? Even back then, she told many times that she dated him when she was 19 yrs.

Kangana and her sister have gone mad totally. Day by day both are getting disgusting and disturbing as well. I think we should ignore their foolish activities and so called comments.

I was really having sympathy for aditya. Felt really bad of all of kanganas “accusations” n then he said “. I am a family man and I have a daughter of marriageable age.“ and then i suddenly couldnt beliveve anything he said!

Aditya and Kangana were dating each other. It was not rape. And she lied about her age. Everyone knows she was atleast 19 years when she dated him.

Had Kangana not met him, she wud hv still be standing for audition given her ugly face, no dancing talent and totli dialogue delivery. It was Aditya who got her photosession done and took her to all the directors and got her a Big Banner Break with Mahesh Bhatt. He and Mahesh gave a Huge hit Saathi way back then and shared a friendly relation. She is the most ungrateful snake

Both sisters and their lawyer shud be sent to a Zoo

Why him? Everyone from Alia to Kjo to HR to Deepika shud file criminal defamation case against her. Wat does she think? She will simply abuse Big stars for attention for her film promotions and get away? She and her sisters shud pay for their crimes

She says she was abused while mocking when Adhyayan said she abused him. She deserves all the brickbats

She is the biggest liar on the planet. She cud lie abt an entire affair, then she can lie about anything. She was openly painting the town red with Aditya for 4 long years as his girlfriend

When someone remains in a relationship for 4-5 years , what rape ? Everyone sees through her and yes , if she has the guts then let her go to a court of law on Pancholi , on Hrithik or on anyone else. She never does that because of course there is no legal standing to all the shady things she has done in life. She just talks shit and her sister tweets BS for staying relevant.

He was in live in relationship with Kangana for five years. Kangana was 18 years old when they started their relationship. That was not rape as Kangana was not minor at that time according to Indian law.

Do you understand what "rape" means? It does not mean having sex with a minor. It means having sex without consent.

Kangna was 21 when she met Aditiya. Did you see KRK last year video?

This is getting really dirty now ..keep your matters to yourself and deal with them before making it public all the time..

Psycho Rangoli is silent over this matter. WAH . She is always first to attack within few mins. Why is she silent now? Because she cant mess up with this man as he has some solid evidences and knows something about these evil sisters what no one else do.

How much money Aditya Pancholi took to bring this matter up freshly? He is broke and been used by Alia gang to bring kangana down. It won't work. Congress is not there to support bollywood in their ill handlings any more. So simmer down. PV Pls Post.

How much money Kangana has given you to accuse Alia and her gang? How is he bringing her down? he is speaking the truth.

comments here really shows the mob culture of the country. he has done the same to other girls too yet they want him free because of one Kangana. My god.

Your comment shows the cheap mentality of this culture. Kangana has wronged so many men and harassed them too. How can you support a bully?

This says something really really bad about the community in India. I don't like Kangana but i still think he should be jailed for what he has done to so so many others and look what his son did. Apple did not fall very far from the tree. Beware.

Kangana should be jailed for what she has done to so many men and look what her sister did.

Veteran Bollywood actor???

Kangana & her chandalni sister are stretching things too far. They have problem against anyone & everyone which can't be true. They always want to play victim card & then abuse others. She shouldn't be given so much attention

Sau chuhe khane billi chali haj ko, is the story of this Ahole, PV please post this.. This guy and his son should be in Jail..Hope Kangana teaches him a good lesson..

Even a crap person like Aditya Pancholi seems like a saint near Kangana.

A minor cannot have consensual sex, it’s still a crime. He was at least 20 some years older than her at that time. Pathetic losers, him and his son.

She was 21 when she met Aditiya. Did you see KRK video? According to her own interviews she was in Delhi girls hostel for couple of years before meeting Aditiya. NO girls hostel will allow a 15 year old girl.

She was not a minor and was atleast 19 years when she met him. And she loves stalking those who are far older than her like Ajay, Sanjay, Salman, Hrithik etc. So it is not a big deal for her.

Minors can have a consensual sex. Its common . Pathetic kangana and her evil sister.

Kangana trapped him, slept her way to get into Bollywood , make connections, looted his money and then left Aditya accusing him for rape and exploitation. Shame on her. This woman deserves to be in jail.

I havet seen a more disgusting woman than kangana....she will rot in hell

Men need to be heard as well. Kangana has wrong many men and women but played a victim/woman card and fools supports her. How can 1000 people be wrong and one kangana is right?

This woman and her hormonal sister should go to jail.

Why shud anyone sympathise with her for something she did consensually and in a give and take way for her benefit? She even took money from him to buy house and surgery. Has she shown any sympathy for those she abused from Adhyayan to poor driver to directors to costars to writers to the men she stalked and abused just for publicity? She deserves to be punished big time for making a mockery of the laws

She has really misused her woman card too much. Wat a piece of shit she is

Aditya shud finish the Evil he created. She has really harassed many persons with her lies and criminal acts

Kangana is a manipulative , lying person. Aditya is also no good but here he seems right.

Disgusting to see how people will support him knowing Kangana isn't the only one he violated . :(

Bcoz Kangana also violated many others and continues to do so without any remorse.

Why did she not file case back then? Even invited him to her premiere years later

Good send her to jail for lying. stalking, defaming, and harassing.

Both are loser idiots!

Pls Aditya. Pls. Dont stop. Show everyone what a liar Kangana is. She needs to be taught a good lesson

In this case, Kangana is wrong. When the affair was all done and dusted, there was no need to talk about it by taking names.

Aditya is a nasty man -no doubts here ,but Kangana chased the bigger Bollywood fish and failed when she came to Mumbai and then deliberately ran after small fry Aditya .Kangana says her concerned dad slapped her for living with the married father Aditya and she slapped Daddy right back. It was a toxic relationship,he was damn wrong in living with her and using her ,but she used him too. He helped her when Rangoli had the acid attack .They are BOTH responsible for what happened.

This guy and his son need to be sent away to prison and stay there for life.

Good.. teach those disgusting sisters a lesson. They think they can play the female victim card with everyone and do and say anything they want. They should know that not everyone will take it.

This time kangana is going to jail

Idont like kangana at all but when it comes to aditya vs kangana, i will support kangana completely. what kind of perv will exploit a 16 year old.(even if she consented to it, it would still be a crime)

and his wife was a bystander for this.

hope he goes to jail.

She was clearly above 20 years. She used and dumped

provide proofs he exploit her. She said and you trust her lies. She wasn't that a kid. she slept with him and allow him to get benefits. Its not a crime but mutual decision. Hope she goes to jail

children including teenagers decision cant be called consent for obvious reason.

This guy is beyond perv. such a lovely wife and he chases older teenagers. he has to pay for crime one day.

Kangana's crime is stalking hrithik - for that they usually just provide restraining order.

If she was 16 when he met Aditya in mumbai then at what age Delhi girl hostel kept her for 3 years? They don't let minors in. At what age she finished her 10th standard in science and biology before running away from home to go Delhi and do modeling?

Ok Kangana is a horrible person, what about the others you violetted!!

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