Aditya Seal, Anushka Ranjan open up on their bond ahead of wedding: Feeling of getting married hasn't sunk in

Updated on Nov 19, 2021 08:52 PM IST  |  298.3K
Aditya Seal and Anushka Ranjan are ready to tie the knot

Anushka Ranjan and Aditya Seal are ready to get hitched on November 21. The pair is planning a small three-day marriage including mehndi, sangeet, wedding ceremonies. The couple who has been dating for almost 4 years has been in the headlines lately since the photos from their bachelor party went viral on social media. Now, ahead of their big day, the couple spoke about their special bond and revealed why they are brimming with a lot of excitement for the upcoming wedding. 

In a chat with Bombay Times, Aditya spoke about how he and Anushka began dating. When Aditya proposed to Anushka in Paris in October 2019, they had already been dating for four years. Taking us back in time, Aditya spoke about what their first impression was of each other, and how they got together. "Initially, I felt she was too cool for me," Aditya admitted. He further added that he felt they had clicked right in the first meeting, yet he was a bit nervous to ask her out since he felt she wasn’t in his league. Aditya said, "I realised that Anushka is a very evolved lady, independent and has a deeper understanding of situations and people more than I do. She can get someone to open up easily, and I find that ability very heartwarming."

Sharing a bit on this ‘getting to know each other’ phase Anushka told the daily, "My family members are extroverts and my parents are quite larger-than-life. Aditya and I have had different upbringings and while my family is flamboyant, his family is simple and soft-spoken and not flamboyant at all. But, when we started meeting regularly, he realised that we connected as people and we both genuinely liked each other." She further went on to confess that she has "never loved so deeply."

The duo discussed how the feeling of getting married still feels a bit surreal to them. Aditya shared, "It feels like I will move in with my girfew days and embark on a new adventure. We wanted to get married sooner, but then we waited for the pandemic to get over." The Student of the Year actor previously put up in Bandra. However, after the demise of his father, he and his mother moved into an apartment in Anushka's building in order to stay closer to her family in Andheri.

Talking about the wedding plans, Anushka expressed about how she always wished for a low-key wedding. "In fact, I was not really thinking of marriage now, but my sister suggested that if not now, when?"

Aditya, picking up from the famous ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ dialogue, added "Pyar dosti hai… Anushka and I have been great friends. We share almost everything, and there is a great level of communication."

Concluding the conversation on a hopeful note, Aditya said, "This is the first good event happening in my family after I lost my father during the pandemic, and we are looking forward to this new chapter in our lives."

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