Adnan Siddiqui, Sajal Ali, Mahira Khan: Pakistani celebs mourn the loss of Sridevi

Sridevi breathed her last on February 24, 2018, at 11 pm, in Dubai. Pakistani celebrities like Adnan Siddiqui, Mahira Khan and Ali Zafar offered their condolences on social media.
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Sridevi passed away on February 24, 2018, in Dubai owing to a cardiac arrest. Many Bollywood celebrities mourned the loss of the veteran actor on social media. 

Even Pakistani celebs came forward to offer their condolences to the late actor which included Sridevi's Mom co-stars Adnan Siddiqui and Sajal Ali, Mahira Khan, Ali Zafar and Saba Qamar amongst others.

Adnan Siddiqui: Life is so unpredictable, A lady with not just extreme talent but also a beautiful soul, Sri Devi Kapoor leaves us heavy hearted. So many memories attached while shooting 'MOM' with her, just a couple days back I met her at Boney Kapoor's nephew's wedding and who would have thought that it is the last time I'm seeing her. I'm still in a state of shock and out of words to describe my feeling! May her soul rests in eternal peace hereafter.

Sajal Ali: Lost my mom again...


Lost my mom again...

A post shared by Sajal Ali Firdous (@sajalaly) on

Mahira Khan: So grateful to have grown up and lived in the times of #Sridevi. Thank you for the movies, thank you for the magic. You shall live on forever..

Great artists.. we cry for them without ever really knowing them, we mourn them because they helped us know ourselves..

Ali Zafar: Rest in peace #Sridevi ji. You have left us with great memories of joy and tears.

Saba Qamar: R.I.P legend. We’ll miss you @sridevi.kapoor #sabaqamar #sridevi


R.I.P legend We’ll miss you @sridevi.kapoor #sabaqamar #sridevi

A post shared by Saba Qamar (@sabaqamarzaman) on

Imran Abbas: The "SADMA" of losing this ultimate superstar is heart wrenching. Her smile, beauty, acting, aura and those "NIGAAHAIN" will be missed forever.

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan: My condolences to @BoneyKapoor Ji and the Kapoor family. Deeply saddened to loose an icon like #Sridevi Ji.

Humayun Saeed: Shocked beyond words to hear about Sri Devi’s untimely death. A legendary actress whose work will continue to inspire many and forever remain cherished. May her soul rest in peace

Rest in peace, Sridevi. 

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But people on utube calling her kafir n abusing her go check..

I am amzed with these hate towards Mahira, such low life you guys are.. sick people..

Mahira is top star ,so jealousy of many,very sad trolls, mahria and her fans gives their condolences to Suri Devi 's family, RIP!

Very Audrey Hepburn-esque picture. If there is an actress to compare her to, that is who you should pick, not Meryl Streep or whomever, they even look very similar, that same sort of grace and screen presence.

Mahira share a lovely moments with Suri Devi at Maslla award, there are the pic of two talking. So, Mahira got the honor of meeting the great lady! So, all Mahira is doing is giving her respect! So, do we,RIP, the honorable ,lady!

Where's Ram Gopal Verma? Isn't he mourning the loss of his forever crush??

Did you not see the long letter he wrote dedicated to her?

Sajal wrote lost my mother again. This tweet was so painful to read. As fans we are in a huge shock and deeply hurt by sridevi demise can't imagine how hard it would be for her family especially her husband and two daughters. My heart breaks for jhanvi and khushi to loose their mom who they clearly loved so deeply. Pray to God to give boney jhanvi khushi and the entire family the strength do deal with this huge loss. May sridevi soul rest in peace

Not Pakistani public are mourning her death. She was definitely a great actress.

Not only stars but Pakistani public are also mourning her death too. She was a great actress. ( i have no idea what i wrote above, sorry.)

All Indian film viewers are morning her death.. London Mayor has also tweeted abt it and it was top news on CNN and BBC..

mahira had to upload chandini pic of all lol

Hey buddy,see a head doctor,chandini is Suri Devi's classic film ! My favorite, Mahira ,just giving her respect! Just like most Suri Devi fans, RIP , God give strength to her family! World loss a ray of sunshine !

Sridevi was a terrific performer and anyone following Indian films would know about it..

Doesn't matter if you are pakistani, indian, bengali, Chinese or whatever. Everyone is sad for her and is mourning. She was a treasure not just to bollywood but to every film industry

I really like Mahiras second message of not knowing celebs yet they shape us up to be who we are.

She treated Sajal as a daughter because during the shoot her mother passed away and they formed a close bond. She told Sajal not to worry as I am your mother now. Jhanvi treated Sajal as a sister and they were all really close. She must be so upset

Thts so nice of them..

Looks like mahira is thaking her but not sad...wt is her post is about

God trolls have lost their mind, Mahira knows her reality, stop linking her up, she had said she is only concentrating on her work,her personal life is not open to public discussion! She is only giving respect to Suri Devi ! Humza and Humayun ,sherryar are like family,and good friends,just like Marva,and feeha! Ok troll,this post is about Suri Devi !

mahiras post is about impressing her dream dad in law Rishi kapoor....she had to pic chandini lol dad will be impressed and tell son rofl....peshawar team over now chandini for sridevi rofl

You are a sick troll, this is not about MK or RK, get therapy for your sick fixation ! Mahira always gives her respect,to artists passing ! There is a pic of Mahira and Suri Devi at masala award, they are talking, in front row,so,she met her! MK with rest of the world giving their respect to a legend!

well mahira and hamza are both rooting for Peshawar team about time you trolls get over the july pr link up everyone has moved on you should too. Also for god sake this post is about artists on the sudden passing of sri devi stop using it to get your high of the day. pv plz post

Last thing mahira needs is for you to create another link up story,Mahira and humza and Ali zafar and fawad all are rooting for this team ,ok! Come back to reality, this post is about the sad passing of a legend, all pak artists,and MK are only, giving their respect ,to a legend,Suri Devi!

halo correction Fawad supports Islamabad team and ali zafar too

Saba qamar was the 1st one ,she posted this right after her death way b4 indian celebs. I got to know this news through her post .

You sound like a very intelligent person,you get your news of the world,from Saba ! lOL!

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