Adult film racket: 2 women victims lured, threatened by Gehana Vasisth & others, videos sold to Raj Kundra

Updated on Jul 29, 2021 11:04 AM IST  |  281.1K
Adult film racket: 2 women victims lured, threatened by Gehana Vasisth & others, videos sold to Raj Kundra

Content Warning: This article may include disturbing details for some readers

Shocking and disturbing details of how two women were lured by money, threatened and forced to shoot adult film content has now come to the fore. According to a latest report published in Mid-Day, accounts of two women victims has been detailed in which they recalled being forced and threatened into shooting adult film content. As per the report, the women were lured with money during lockdown as they were struggling to find jobs. Those named as accused are Gehana Vasisth, Rova Khan and Tanveer Khan for shooting obscene content and forcing the victims.  

One of the two women, a 25-year-old, recalled how she was driven to Madh Island in 2018 in Rova Khan's car for a film titled ‘Single Mother’. However, on reaching the spot, she was told she was too thin to play the role of a mother and was given the script of 'Bartanwali'. On reading the script, she refused to work but was allegedly told by Rova that her name and look will be changed. 

She was being offered Rs 25,000 and was uncomfortable but was convinced by another woman on set who was reportedly playing the lead actress. For one scene, the woman recalled that she was forced to go nude and was threatened with dire consequences. 

“After the threat, I agreed to do the scene after practising intimate scenes a few times while being half-naked. In the middle of this, women and men in plain clothes came into the room and said they are the police and the shooting stopped,” the woman said in her statement to the cops.

The second woman was a 20-year-old who was offered Rs 10,000 to shoot for a web series. She was told that the show belonged to Gehana Vasisth. Shooting for the same was held in Mumbai's Madh Island. As per the report, the script of this series revolved around a king and queen. One scene included 3 people telling the women that they have been waiting for her to turn 18. They would then take her into the bedroom and take turns raping her. 

However, the victim objected to the same but was threatened by Gehana Vasisth saying that Rs 10 lakh was spent on production and she would have to cough up the money if she refused to shoot. Left with no option, the woman was forced to shoot the scenes and was warned not to reveal the details to anyone. The money was then transferred to her father's account and the film was uploaded on Nuefliks, Mid-Day reported.  

In her statement to the police, the woman said, “The accused made me work in a porn film against my wishes. When I refused to work, they demanded Rs 10 lakh as damages. Then they defamed me by uploading the film on a website." 

The officials probing the case stated that over 100 such porn films have been made and uploaded on various platforms like Hotshots, Hot Hit and Nuefliks. These videos were sold to Arvind Srivastava alias Yash Thakur and Raj Kundra

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